Crafting the Perfect #EventHashtag

Event Planners, we know you’ve heard time and time again, integrating social media into your event is one of the best ways to create buzz and interaction among attendees and online viewers. Using an event hashtag to lasso up all the conversations, shared photos, tweets, etc. centered around your event is the best way to collect and organize content into one location. We’ve already given you some tips on placing hashtags around your event space so your guests interact with them.  But then, it hits you. What the heck am I going to name my hashtag?

Certainly you can come up with something more creative than #EventNameYear. Okay, we’ll leave it as plan B. But don’t give up on coming up with a creative and engaging hashtag for your event before considering the following:


What’s the Goal of your Event?

Is this a fundraiser with a goal of raising a certain amount of money? Creating the hashtag to reflect this goal can constantly keep it in the face of your attendees in a subtle way (win.) For example, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital hosts events all over the country with the catchy, #FTK hashtag, meaning “For the Kids”. The goal of the event is translated into 3 simple letters, easy enough for anyone to understand and engage with.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Remember that tweets can only hold 140 characters, and those can be precious when crafting a thought that still needs to include the hashtag. Avoid making your hashtag a mouthful for your sake and your guests.

Reflect the Mood of the Event

If the event is for party people and is not so serious, make the hashtag something clever! Rhyming and alliterations are a go-to way to get creative. This strategy in crafting an event hashtag is typically seen in the wedding space, but who’s to say it can’t be utilized for product launches, internal meetings and so on. If you can stay on-brand and sprinkle some humor into your event’s content, you’ve immediately set yourself apart from the next company.

Do your Research

It is very unlikely you’re the first person to use the event hashtag you have in mind. Most likely, the hashtag has been used for a past event or general conversation, but don’t panic. Search the hashtag across social channels and see what arises from the depths of Twitter. If the hashtag is not tied to a competing event, inappropriate content, or is has not been used in a year or two, you’re in the clear. Own it.


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The “Do it Yourself” (DIY) trend may seem like the best idea when planning an event, but is it always the right decision? Event planners have the option to choose the DIY path for an event when it not only ensures that it will embody the vision, but it will also help avoid extra costs of purchasing something from a vendor.

We’ve all been there, scrolling through Pinterest in order to find aesthetic inspirations. But that perfectly done centerpiece and creative swag bags might be more labor intensive and costly than they appear on the perfect Pinterest world.

Don’t get us wrong, the East of Ellie team LOVES getting inspired on Pinterest and we also love a good DIY project. However, it’s important to stay realistic and figure out what should be a DIY or a buy? Ask yourself these questions:


Is it REALLY saving you money?

In the event planner world, nothing is truer than TIME = MONEY. When it is crunch time and you are down to the wire finishing tasks and granting the last minute wishes of your client, you would sell your soul to have that vendor take those awards off your hands.


Is it a REALISTIC project?

It’s crucial to not overextend yourself and also to not overestimate your crafting abilities. Choosing to take on one DIY project for a large event and two or three for a smaller event might be the best decision. It’s a great way to add a personal touch, ensure your vision is being met, but without burying yourself in a pile of arts and crafts. May we remind you, this is not yo’ job.


Is there SOMEONE ELSE that can achieve your vision?

You may not be able to find a vendor that can easily do what you’re looking for which immediately makes you want to give up and DIY. However, sometimes you might get lucky and find someone who can create exactly what you need at a price you can pay. For our Nashville Inspired Internal Meeting for Beaute Prestige International, we found an Etsy seller who was able to print on real vinyl records. She had access to cheap records and already had templates setup for printing perfection. Now, THAT was worth the vendor take over. We got exactly what we wanted and didn’t have to DIY.

As event planners, we have to be able to devote our time to all of our clients needs which means making the decision of taking on the “fun” DIY projects or passing along to another lucky soul who gets to hand create that custom confetti for us.

Need the pros who have lived through a Pinterest Fail or two and knows what’s worth it to DIY or buy? Let us know what you have in mind at

What do Event Planners Actually Do?

EOE’s Marketing & Events Manager, Cindy, here. I’ve come to a conclusion. This may seem a bit dramatic, but over the past couple years I’ve realized:

People don’t know what event planners do.

Of course, this is a generalization. Most people don’t know what event planners do. In the grand scheme of professions, we don’t necessarily know what a ton of others do on a day to day basis unless they are our spouses, parents, closest friends, etc. But, there has been an alarming difference in response from when I told people I worked as a marketing associate to now working as a corporate event planner.

When I told those I was a Marketing Associate, I was asked what industry, what I focus on, and that’s about it. All good.

Now as a corporate event planner, my job has an extreme amount of parallels with being a marketing associate, yet I am greeted with the same dreaded phrase every. single. time. “Ohh, how FUN! That must just be SO fun.”

In fact, one time someone actually said “Oh, I forgot you’re, like, a little event planner.” As if I giggled and frolicked all day in a land of magical flowers and linens. Yeah, right.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some days, my job is a blast. I crave creativity and making things look good, and event planning allows me to do that. But to be greeted by what comes off as lack of respect as the main summary of what others think of my career every time is just getting old. So today, I’m here to let you know what we at East of Ellie, and corporate event planners around the globe, do.

  1. We convince CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies to spend thousands on our ideas.
  2. We stand up in front of 15 board members and present to get them well, on board.
  3. Its our job to bring together the finance team, marketing team, sales team and more teams then you would think actually exist inside a Corporation, and with no scuffling.
  4. We wear all hats.  We are strategists, we are the visionaries, we are the excel spreadsheet and project planning gurus, we are the fortune tellers who can anticipate anything that could possibly go wrong and have a plan in place, we remember details about events that no normal human ever would.
  5. We are small business owners.
  6. We become financial advisors as we tackle excel spreadsheets containing budgets for situation a, b, c and so on.
  7. Hard labor? Yeah, you can find us on ladders while in heels. No seriously, we have videos to prove it.
  8. We are asked daily to fix things. There is always something broken, always a fire drill always a last minute presentation update, rendering to be completed before a big meeting.  We live our lives as Chicken Little. Any email in your inbox can be urgent.
  9. We’re always on it.  No such thing as no.  Ever had a deadline or a task at work that was actually impossible?  We do – but we figure it out. It doesn’t matter if its Sunday, it doesn’t matter if it’s 10pm.  Not sure how, but every time we do.
  10. We leave our events with our legs numb, our eyes red and our stomachs empty.  We are always the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. We say no thank you and watch crab cakes just walk on by.  Our glass of wine will have to wait until we return home.  We run to grab that thing our client needs from the 4th floor even though our legs stopped moving the day before.  

With all that being said,  there is no way I would EVER do anything else.  But if you are wondering where I am at 9:00am the day after an event – don’t – because I am in my bed fast asleep, dreaming about the next one. 

Are Balloons Making a Comeback?

As kids, balloons were fun.  The sky was the limit.  You could have different colors, shapes, cartoon characters, and even designs.  They were the highlight of any birthday party, and if you got a really good balloon, it would even stay inflated for a whole week – maybe more.  But for us at events?  Balloons, for years, have been a big party no – no.  I mean they are fun – let’s face it – but they are a bit frowned upon in many Corporate circles.  Recently, it seems as though these childhood favorites are floating their way back into the events world.  

Here are some examples of balloons that were not just acceptable, but sought after at events.

Presidential Nominations – We’ve all seen the memes of Bill and Hillary Clinton playing with the balloons as they came down from the Convention Center sky.  The last thing we would ever consider decorating a stage or ceiling with is a bunch of balloons, but we have to admit, this kind of rocked.  

Wedding Photos – Although we are not wedding planners, we are loving all these amazing photos with couples who are holding all sorts of different types of balloons. Love balloons, balloons with tassels, you name it – it’s being photographed.  And frankly, it looks great.

Social Event Props – Ironically enough we are seeing balloons show up everywhere on the party scene.  From decorating a pool at the Hamptons, to chairs shaped out of balloons.  To make these inflatable wonders more sophisticated, planners are taking a monochromatic approach. Like the all white you see in the pool.

Pipe and Drape Replacements – We have to admit it.  We worked with an amazing client this past May and took over their manufacturing warehouse to host their 50th Anniversary celebration.  They wanted balloons.  It’s hard to tell a client no, so we agreed reluctantly and moved forward with procuring them.  When they showed up, we were able to take them and actually block off an area of the warehouse that wasn’t so pretty, by creating a semi balloon wall.  Instant pipe and drape! It was just a little more color and a lot more fun.

How are you using balloons at your events?  Looking for event planners who know a lot about classy and fun all at the same time?  Contact us today at  For more great event ideas and photos follow us on Instagram @eastofellie.

How Planning a Successful Event is like Winning an Olympic Gold Medal

Here I am, on my couch watching prime time olympics waiting for my favorite event to come on – Women’s Gymnastics. This is arguably one of the most entertaining events of the olympics, and it brings me back to my days when I was 12 years old flipping around in a leotard myself. You saw our post on PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: HOW EVENT PLANNING IS OUR PERFORMANCE SPORT and relating executing an event flawlessly to winning the olympics is really quite simple:


Most olympic athletes prep their entire lives for the olympics and the intense training happens in the four years between each summer olympic games. Just like them, our entire lives we have been gaining skills that have turned us into true event planners, but really prep for our event four (okay, months not years) prior to the event. Olympians and planners alike – this part of the process in winning the gold is the MOST crucial. Without a solid game plan and mental preparation for the pressure, anyone can crack during the big day.



Time to assemble the team. A few weeks out from the big event, we make event teams from the best of the best! Registration, Sponsorship Lead, Stage Director, and more! These might as well be their own events within the games. Find those who can shine at each position, but can also pull their own to win the team gold, not just individual!



The stage is set, the heat of the lights, the roar of the crowd (or cocktail drinkers) are upon us! Time to execute everything you have planned and practiced.


Victory Song

For the U.S. olympians, the National Anthem is played as the nation’s flag is proudly raised from the floor after scoring gold. For event planners, take a moment to appreciate your victory moment! Whether you bust out a move walking by the dance floor at the end of the night or jam out in your car on the way home, take a moment to reflect on all the hard work. The next event (or olympics) will be here before we know it!


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Tenting 101

Although we are indeed corporate event planners, we tend to plan most events in not-so conventional spaces. Delivering legendary events means thinking out of the box and thinking custom. Therefore, we absolutely love a good tent! Hopefully you read our previous blog post Pros and Cons of Hosting Events In or Around the Home and were inspired to host your own soiree, or you found an awesome venue to utilize the outdoor space instead of staying inside. Whichever space fits for your type of event – tents can handle it all. But, where to start?

1. Choose your type of tent

Wait, there’s more than one kind of giant tent? Indeed there is! Aren’t options great to have?

Sailcloth Tents
Sailcloth tents offer a crisp, clean look with a lightweight fabric perfect for events where style is priority. As members of the coastal Northeast – we’re definitely a fan of this style.

Century Style
Century Tents offer high peaks, and sweeping ceilings. This style tent does need to be staked to the ground, so you’ll need to consider a little extra real estate to include around the perimeter of your tent footprint.

Framed Tent
Want to ditch the center poles that come down from the ceiling and obstruct floor space? Framed Tents are for you. These tents come with options for clear or classic colored ceilings.

2. Choose your “extras”

When you see a gorgeous photo of an event-ready tent, you’re probably looking at a wood floor installation, custom lighting, maybe even fabric draping, etc. The sad truth is that these do not magically come with the tent. Extra’s can add up and be EXPENSIVE. So, depending on your budget, you may not be able to afford to install floor throughout the entire space or cover up those aluminum poles with gorgeous fabric. Either way, manage your client’s expectation to work them into the budget sooner than later. We do however ALWAYS recommend having removable “walls” to protect the interior from rain, bugs and whatever else mother nature wants to throw at you. Sure, a light drizzle won’t ruin anyone’s dinner without them, but in heavy rain and 30mph+ winds, we were really happy about having them at a past event.

3. Pull Permits

Event planning is all about avoiding disaster on the big day, and making sure you are all covered on your permits & inspections is crucial. This is something overlooked by many but can completely ruin your event by the officials shutting it down. Please, please, don’t let this happen to you or your client. From electrical, to fire retardant materials, rules on candles and more, each of these is regulated by local government in each city/town. Talk with your tent rental company, local permit department, or any vendors ahead of time about everything you plan on executing so there are no day of issues.

4. Party On!

Congrats! You’ve passed Tent 101. Creating an event in essentially a blank canvas layout customized to your liking can be a ton of work but the end result will be so satisfying to both you and your client.

Looking for event planners that have mastered the art of planning an event in a tent? You’ve found the right team. Contact us today and let’s get planning!

Cheers to Nashville!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.07.33 PM

Have you ever watched that show Scandal?  If you have you know all about Olivia Pope and her Gladiators.  If you haven’t – basically (minus some more salacious content) let’s just say she fixes stuff. In a BIG way.  One of our favorite jobs as event planners – the one that makes most of the populations skin crawl – is finding solutions to insane requests.  At EOE we make a game out of it.  It’s almost more fun than it should be, and Nashville was no exception.

Event planning 101 will teach you that every well-organized event should include a run sheet that outlines what should be happening during each minute of the event. Whether a speech should run from 9:01-9:23pm, or food should be put out from 7:35-7:46pm, every second should be accounted for in order to remain organized.

In addition to the run sheets for an event, we keep tabs on our own “behind the scenes” run sheet as the craziest of moments go down. You may remember our version of this for our Nestle Waters event, and we’re back to let you in on the behind the scenes of our Nashville event!


Day 1: Travel Day

12:02pm: Repackage 72 vinyl records using paper towels.  Yes, we carried these onto the plane to get them to Nashville safely.  And yes, that bag was not the easiest to get up in the overhead bin.

8:47pm: Arrival in Nashville. Cindy tells rental car staff she ordered the Maserati. This lasted for an entertaining total of 5 seconds.

9:14pm: Cindy and Em decide to do a quick drive by of the venue since they had never actually seen it in person. SO MUCH TRAFFIC in Nashville due to a Blake Shelton concert (classic) that Cindy drops Emily off to secret spy on the location. Success. We’ve mastered the art of booking venue’s without ever seeing them. Now where is Cindy?  Fast forward 15 minutes where Emily walks all over Nashville looking for the rental car and Cindy Kapp.

9:45pm: Bedtime. Big Day of prepping tomorrow!


Day 2: Prep Day

8:00am: Up and at ‘em! Time to meet with our hotel representative to ensure room drops and all accommodations are ready to roll.

9:01am: Time to gather 61 packages that were shipped to the hotel. Perfumes, Lotions, Cosmetics, Popcorn bag carrying trays, signature trench coats, you name it, the client sent it.

9:02am: Trying not to faint in the presence of so many amazing products from Burberry, Hermes, Ferragamo, and more. (enter praise emoji here)

9:30am: Starbucks run. Shocker.

11:17am: Cindy and Em begin assembling our attendee’s welcome cosmetic boxes! Special touches are what we’re all about. Each attendee deserves a perfectly assembled surprise for their arrival.

12:45pm: Em continues tying black bows on each and every special lunch menu. Cindy continues on the cosmetic boxes because, despite being a former cheerleader, bows are not her strong suit.

2:55pm: Realize there is no way we are going to get all this stuff from the hotel to the venue a mile away.  Hello Mr. Mover Company?  Please help.


Day 3: Event Day #1

8:00am: Setup day.  Let’s get those movers and let’s get over to the venue.

The whole day consists of lots of moving, maneuvering, setting up, and stair climbing.  By 5pm it’s time to get back to the hotel and get these party people on a bus.

5:30pm: Attempt to corral 60 people onto two different busses.  

6:28pm: Emily works the crowd and chats with each team captain to find out what live karaoke song their group is performing (more on that later).  Emily learns people are bringing smoke machines and confetti – all strictly prohibited in our venue.  Emily then makes a joke out of it and asks the President of BPI North America if he has any live animals as part of this teams performance.  Emily realizes she made a poor life choice.  President starts to text her about getting live Elephants.  This goes on for the rest of the evening.  

10:07pm: Emily and Cindy pose in front of famous Nashville sign.  Cindy attempts to pose Emily.  Cindy fails.


Day 4: Event Day #2

7am: Event day is off with a bang – the party has begun.

12:07pm: Cindy runs to Toys ‘R’ Us to purchase an inflatable Alligator, Whole Foods to pick up medicine for a guest, and the fancy gift shop in the Omni Hotel for award prizes. All spur of the moment requests for our client are what we are hired to handle – and we must admit, we thrive off last minute challenges!

1:34pm: Time for caterers to pass out popcorn in the not-so-sturdy customized Burberry Bags, a few fall over in the kitchen, but no problem, we already made extra. Remember, Plan A is a luxury and a myth and we’re always ready for Plan B.

7:09pm: One karaoke team requests fake handcuffs and fake guns only 1 hour before karaoke is set to begin. Challenge accepted. Luckily, we were located in cowboy-boot-honky-tonk USA, but these items were harder to find than expected! After running down Broadway, Cindy eventually found them. Again with the last minute challenges.

8:10pm: Karaoke begins and the guests are having an absolute blast. High Fives all around.

And those are our highlights of behind the scenes craziness! Want an event where you can delegate the crazy? That’s what we do. Say Hi!


Why We Loved the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria Secret fashion show is a highly anticipated event that happens annually on live TV.  Each year there are certain elements of the show that crowds have come to expect.  We are not just talking about the amazing models.  As an events team we go gaga over event ideas that make any annual event special.  Here is why we loved the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

1) Wings, wings and more wings:  The beginning of the show, and how it has run historically, is this grand march of models wearing Victoria Secrets infamous wings.  This year, 47 models all wore different styles of hand made wings throughout the show.  Why do we love this?  Wings is a key branding element of this fashion icon.  Using the wings on the VS Angels is just another reinforcement of how strong their branding really is.

2) Behind the Scenes: During the show there was a lot of previews and sneak peaks back stage.  It showed the fun and playful side of the event along with the stress and hustle that goes along with producing an event like this.

3) Celebrity:  Victoria Secret not only used celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande as performers in the show, they were also wearing their product.  Who doesn’t want to buy lingerie that you just saw Taylor Swift in?

4) The Digital Cat Walk:  Wow, wow and more wow.  This is an event planners dream.  Their digital floor was nothing short of amazing.  It allowed for show producers to flawlessly execute key decor changes while the models were mid walk.  It also cut down on serious costs for set design and timelines for production.  Kudos VS.

Check out our Pinterest board to see some of our favorite event elements and looks from the 2014 show.

Tips from a Planner: How to make your Thanksgiving Holiday Less Stressful

Ready or not, here come the holidays.  No matter what – this time of year is stressful.  Even for some of the most organized people in this universe, life can get overwhelming.  Quickly.

What tricks do event planners have to help combat the holiday stress?  Here are some tips from our founder and Senior Managing Partner Emily Chalk.  Here’s to having an almost stress free holiday.

1. PLAN ahead: Take advantage of that half day of work the day before the feast and get a plan in place.  I try to take the full day off before a big holiday or a personal event just to give myself time to focus.  One of the biggest causes of stress is when you feel you are getting pulled in multiple directions.  Take the time for yourself and for your sanity to sit down and organize.

2. Write EVERYTHING down:  One of my favorite planner moves is to make lists with check boxes.   It keeps you focused and you have a sense of accomplishment when you complete a task.  You can also use post it notes – but if you are me your whole house will be covered in them, which is a little counter-productive.

3. The devil is in the details:  As the old saying goes – but my… my… my… is it true.  Organize all the details you can in advance – fold napkins, place your centerpiece on the table or vacuum the spare room two days before guests arrive.  It’s all this last minute stuff that will get you every time.

4. Take a minute and think:  Be thoughtful in your decisions to avoid extra work on your holiday.  Simple check points like not using your expensive China on the kids table will keep you from a big headache when you are in the middle of your day-of holiday tasks.

5. Get, um… anal:  I often say to my clients, “It’s not anal if it helps you do your job.”  This is true.  My dear friend and esteemed colleague Nicole Freeman inspired me at a cooking class we went to this past weekend where she took being hyper-organized to a whole new and glorious level.  She said “The day before my guests arrive I put together a list that includes time tables.  This way I know when I have time for other tasks – whether they be work or personal.”  Nicole manages her time by creating a chart that blocks off the time each Thanksgiving item will take to cook.  “Being able to see my day visually, and not overcommitting my kitchen related resources gives me a sense of peace. Whether that is real or not is to be determined.” Nicole, I’ll be at your house when the Brussels Sprouts are ready.  3pm next Thursday?

From all of us at EOE we wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Need a Thanksgiving day planner?  Give us a call – JUST KIDDING (we have to draw the line somewhere).

For more tips and inspiration to keep your Turkey Day organized (any stylish) check out our Pinterest board.

Why Emma Watson and the HeForShe Campaign is a Game Changer

UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, delivered an amazing and memorable speech during the HeForShe Special Event at United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 20, 2014.  This event kicked-off the HeForShe Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, a campaign that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half for the benefit of all.  You may have noticed the speech being shared in all your social media channels, and here is our take on why Emma Watson and the Heforshe campaign is a game changer.

  1. The Right Ambassador: Emma Watson, the self described “girl from Harry Potter” was appointed the be a Goodwill Ambassador only 6 months ago, joining a long line of celebrities to take this role from Charlize Theron to Nicole Kidman. She has a degree from Brown University and has the passion and dedication for equal rights to be an ideal celebrity for this role.  She is also a celebrity that Generation Y can get behind and relate to, given her popularity starting in 1999 with the series of Harry Potter movies.
  2.  Clear Call to Action: In Emma’s speech, and also on the website, you are given a very clear call to action. Boys come help your girls and girls come help your boys, or as they put it “ a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity…”
  3. Everyone Can Get Involved:  Getting involved in this movement isn’t isolated to any one demographic.  People big or small, young or old, regardless of location, income or political views can all grasp the message HeForShe is communicating and take action.
  4. Clear and Simple Social Media:  Agencies such as Ogilvy NY have teamed up with the UN Foundation to help bring this concept to market.  Social media plans include shareable Facebook assets and videos, hashtags, etc.  Be on the look out for these in your feed over the coming months.
  5. Shows Tangible Results:  The HeForShe website gives you an active tally of people getting involved – even by country.  It’s easy for users to see the impact their support has on the greater good. Take the time to check out this great cause and get involved.

Kudos to the UN Foundation for Women for this great partnership and worthy cause.  To see more from HeForShe or to see other cause related campaigns, check out our Pinterest board.  To watch the video from Emma’s speech, click here.

Meet our 2014 Summer Intern!

Yet again it’s that time at the EOE office where we bid a-dew to our 2013 interns – Mallory and Cindy you will certainly be missed – and welcome our fabulous 2014 intern.  It’s my pleasure to welcome Sarah Minch to the team who will be here socialin’ away this summer.  

Sarah Minch

Sarah Minch is a senior at Mercyhurst University, in Erie, Pennsylvania. She chose Mercyhurst for its broad curriculum, small class sizes, engaged professors and a guarantee at hands on learning experiences in every major, especially being undeclared entering freshman year. Sarah’s interest in creating approaches to reach target audiences, and how to break down demographics led her to majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Marketing. Her interest in social media has grown while spending time on the latest trending sites. Also, working in the Mercyhurst Public Relations Department in the Spring 2014, Sarah enjoyed learning how to use different social media sites to reach desired audiences. Sarah also works to promote the campaign, Fresh Face Forward, which spreads awareness about dangerous chemicals in cosmetic products, through social media outlets on the Mercyhurst campus.

Sarah found EOE on an internship website and wanted to learn more about cause marketing, strategic planning approaches and how EOE became what it is today. Sarah also plays on the university’s Women’s lacrosse team, enjoys spending hours on Pinterest, watching numerous television series on Netflix and the most recent Marvel movies, reading, lifeguarding at the town pool and spending time with family, friends and her dog, Jenny. She’s looking forward to spending this summer at EOE.

To learn more about Sarah check out her LinkedIN profile!

Summer Tent Inspirations

Untitled2With summer just around the corner, outdoor events are a must. But, what about a backup plan? Adding a unique tent to an otherwise basic event can make all the difference. The use of tents can further indulge guests into the theme. Below are some of our favorite tent inspirations from BizBash to make your next outdoor event more memorable.


The Grand Marakesh from Raj Tents is a perfect example for a theme. Moroccan theme comes to life under this tent with silk drapes, area rugs and chandlers.  While sitting on plush cushions at low tables enjoy the splash of color around you.


This tent is great for an event that starts midday and ends later in the night. The Savannah Series Tents, by Sperry Fabric Architecture, allows for natural lighting during the day and indoor lighting that project further from the tent giving guests the chance to enjoy themselves even longer.


Not sure if the outdoor terrain is equip for a tent? The Flex Tent, from Flex Tent Company, can brave any landscape challenge. From wrapping around trees to dodging boulders, the flex tent can adjust to uneven surfaces and comes in different colors and designs to match any event theme.

To find more tents to incorporate into an outdoor event, see our Pinterest Board! Not sure of what tent to choose? Ask us, we can help choose one for an upcoming event.

Special thanks for BizBash for their great tent feature that inspired this post!

How to Execute a Bold Event Theme

It’s no secret that bold colors and in your face style event props have been a huge trend in 2014.  It takes one dynamic idea to build an event theme around.  We’ve done Andy Warhol Inspired Events, events around a Perrier bottle, and so much more.  Question is, what makes a bold idea successful?  Here are our tips and tricks on how to execute when given a theme that begs to be bold.

1. Play up the drama – Drama can be good and bad depending on what context you are using it in.  In events, drama needs to come from small touches that play into a larger theme.  If it is everywhere it can get overwhelming for guests and look kitschy. 

2. Consistency is key – It’s vital to have the theme carried throughout the experience.  Using color and patterns is an easy way to execute this.  Think about the small touches that will make your event unique – like food and beverage and decor.  How can your theme tie in and surprise and delight your guests?

3.  Get your guests to interact – A theme can come up short if your guests don’t have the chance to fully interact with it.  Think about how the boldness can be incorporated into the guests experience and/or be shared in social media.  We’ve consolidated some great ideas on our Pinterest board with Unexpected Branding at Events.

Overall if your event is consistent and well executed your guests will get the chance to really enjoy your event.  For some of our favorite bold events in 2014 check out our Pinterest board.  Contact us to learn more about how we can create a bold event for you!

Unexpected Summer Cocktails

As you begin to plan your events for this summer, consider stepping up your drink menu to something that will surprise your guests.  At EOE, we don’t do anything that just touches on ordinary and simply pleases guests, we want to bring the WOW factor into every part of your event. A fun and unique cocktail menu is a perfect way to get any party started and if executed perfectly can be a memorable part of your event. See our list of unexpected summer cocktails including our signature EOE yellow drink!

1.   Cranberry Ginger Vanilla Margarita with Sugared Cranberries

This drink can be prepared for any season. The cranberries hint at autumn, while ginger and vanilla flavors bring in the winter season, and who doesn’t love a margarita in the summer!

2.   Watermelon Malibu Surf

If this drink doesn’t drift your mind off into a tropical oasis, we don’t know what will. Fresh fruit blended with coconut cream and rum is perfect for any summer event. We love how these are garnished with miniature watermelon wedges!

3.   Popsicle Cocktails

We love how creative and fun these cocktails look! For a light spritzer drink; combine equal parts champagne and ginger ale. For a fruity and stronger cocktail, add 3 parts ginger ale to 1 part white rum or vodka. Add the popsicles to either version right before serving and watch them dissolve as guests enjoy!

4.   Chili Cucumber Margarita

For guests that want to try a refreshing drink with a kick, the Chili Cucumber Margarita is sure to satisfy. Combining fresh cucumber, lime juice with tequila, triple sec, and cayenne pepper will have you feeling like you’re at an authentic Mexican fiesta!

5.   EOE’s Hard Lemonade

Our obsession with the color yellow continues with our own signature drink. Okay, so we didn’t have time to create our own recipe, but the Food Network helped us out. Instead of buying pre-bottled hard lemonade, taking the time to create this cocktail from scratch will make all the difference.  Fresh lemon, hints of lime, and vanilla flavored vodka is a perfect summer drink to celebrate all of EOE’s success!

Have you ever created your own unique signature cocktail? See our Pinterest board for more ideas on unique summer cocktails to take your summer event to the next level!

Graduation EOE Style

The beginning of May means the beginning of graduation parties. College grads around the country are finishing up their finals and begin their transition into real careers and independent lives. After completing 16 years of schooling, we believe that is definitely a reason to celebrate. Most have already had their high school graduation parties but we believe this celebration calls to kick it up a notch. Since this is a celebration of closing the chapter of adolescent life and entering the young adult one, it’s time to throw an event as equally exciting.

The Guest List –Deciding whether this will be a small family event or a sendoff bash with all of your fellow grads can pull the event in different directions completely. Then again if your family still parties like they are in college, you can easily mix the two groups together! Once the approximate number of guests is set, an appropriate venue can be chosen.

The Venue – The best venues to use for any springtime event is one that allows guests to utilize indoor and outdoor space. If it is a 70 degree sunny day, nobody will want to be cooped up inside, but in case of a torrential downpour, a guaranteed indoor space is ideal. Choose a venue that is appropriate for the amount of guests you anticipate on attending; too big of an event space can lack intimacy and interaction, and too small can have your guests feeling cramped and unhappy.

Picking the Date – Since many of your friends will be graduating and throwing parties of their own, coordinate dates with your closest friends. Nobody wants to pick and choose which graduation event to attend between friendships. Avoid drama and hurt feelings at all costs!

Décor – Remember, we are out-doing your high school grad event, so no more tacky “Class of 2014” banners on the walls. Step your décor up a notch with creative DIY ideas shown on our Pinterest board here.

Food & Drinks – Though you may have been purchasing cheap alcohol and fast food during for most of your college career, entering adulthood means beginning to appreciate higher quality drinks and food. Meet with the bartender of your venue ahead of time and impress your guests with signature cocktails and classy drinks. Getting the event catered from a great local restaurant can alleviate stress and ensure a great meal that won’t leave your guests hungry!

Congratulations to all graduates of the Class of 2014! A special Congrats to our own grads, Cindy Kapp and Mallory Walsh! We hope your event is as successful as your future!

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