The “Do it Yourself” (DIY) trend may seem like the best idea when planning an event, but is it always the right decision? Event planners have the option to choose the DIY path for an event when it not only ensures that it will embody the vision, but it will also help avoid extra costs of purchasing something from a vendor.

We’ve all been there, scrolling through Pinterest in order to find aesthetic inspirations. But that perfectly done centerpiece and creative swag bags might be more labor intensive and costly than they appear on the perfect Pinterest world.

Don’t get us wrong, the East of Ellie team LOVES getting inspired on Pinterest and we also love a good DIY project. However, it’s important to stay realistic and figure out what should be a DIY or a buy? Ask yourself these questions:


Is it REALLY saving you money?

In the event planner world, nothing is truer than TIME = MONEY. When it is crunch time and you are down to the wire finishing tasks and granting the last minute wishes of your client, you would sell your soul to have that vendor take those awards off your hands.


Is it a REALISTIC project?

It’s crucial to not overextend yourself and also to not overestimate your crafting abilities. Choosing to take on one DIY project for a large event and two or three for a smaller event might be the best decision. It’s a great way to add a personal touch, ensure your vision is being met, but without burying yourself in a pile of arts and crafts. May we remind you, this is not yo’ job.


Is there SOMEONE ELSE that can achieve your vision?

You may not be able to find a vendor that can easily do what you’re looking for which immediately makes you want to give up and DIY. However, sometimes you might get lucky and find someone who can create exactly what you need at a price you can pay. For our Nashville Inspired Internal Meeting for Beaute Prestige International, we found an Etsy seller who was able to print on real vinyl records. She had access to cheap records and already had templates setup for printing perfection. Now, THAT was worth the vendor take over. We got exactly what we wanted and didn’t have to DIY.

As event planners, we have to be able to devote our time to all of our clients needs which means making the decision of taking on the “fun” DIY projects or passing along to another lucky soul who gets to hand create that custom confetti for us.

Need the pros who have lived through a Pinterest Fail or two and knows what’s worth it to DIY or buy? Let us know what you have in mind at


Fabulously executed events don’t always have to happen at expensive venues that involve lots of travel and accommodations. Depending on how the size and layout of your property, events can be held in or outside the home. This location option boasts advantages and disadvantages that range across the spectrum of event planning. To simplify your decision, we’ve laid out why this could be beneficial, but also recognizing some of its drawbacks so there are no unwanted surprises.


Convenience of Travel

One of the most obvious reasons you should have your event at home is so that you don’t have to go anywhere! All site reviews, design meetings, and of course the actual event all come to you and your home. In some cases, your guests are people that live relatively close to you which makes the venue location easy for them to locate. Guests that live out of town also now have the option to stay in your home which will avoid costly hotel fees. Keeping your guests happy is extremely important to the success of your event.

Familiarity with Setting

You see your home every single day, so unlike a venue that you have visited once or twice, you couldn’t be more familiar with your own venue space! Though measurements eventually need to be taken, you have a general idea of whats going to work and where.

Easier Access to Amenities

Usage of storage in a basement, extra bedrooms, a kitchen, your personal wine cellar, or a even pool are just a few of the amenities that are not common in other venue spaces. At your home, these conveniences are only a few steps away and could be a great element that adds to the flow of your event.

Warmer Atmosphere

Using a home or an outdoor space can supply your event with a warmer, more intimate feeling. If this type of setting makes sense for your event, you may want to consider your home as a venue choice. Simple characteristics such as a fireplace or comfortable couches that already exist in your home can make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Can be Planned Quickly with Any Date of your Choice

Popular venues can be booked out for months, so if your events calls for shorter notice, using your home as a venue may be the way to go.

Weather Proof

Hot and humid summer day with a 5pm thunderstorm? Sounds like typical unpredictable weather. Even if your event is planned outside of your home, you can always temporarily host your guests inside of your home until the weather clears up.


Potential Damage/Clean up:

Accidents can easily happen at events whether caused from guests or vendors. Be sure that the proper precautions are taking to protect valuable or sentimental items in your home.

Liability to Guests & Vendors looking into some extra insurance may ease some of your stress of having an event in your home.


Most neighbors should be okay with you hosting an event as long as it is kept appropriate. However, it is a good idea to give them a heads up about what is going on so they feel as comfortable as possible during the celebration.

Limited Parking

Although every home is different, chances are you don’t have parking spaces for all guests in front of your home. Unless you want your front yard to turn into a parking lot, hire valet to handle this aspect of the event.

The grey zone, these each hold pros and cons.


PRO: Choose whichever vendor you want. This option gives you unlimited options for all the elements of your event.

CON: If you are not an events expert, finding the best vendors could be timely and expensive.


PRO: Hosting your own event can be inexpensive, a venue is one of the priciest elements of an event.

CON: Warning! It can however turn into a larger expense than you expected. After renting chairs, tables, sound equipment, etc. (that are already included in venue pricing) it can add up quickly.

Blank Slate

PRO: Since you are starting with a blank slate, every single aspect of your event design is up to you. Imagine the possibilities!

CON: Most homes are not set up to be event locations. It could be a lot of effort to transform a home or backyard into a functional event space.

We love events because they are so versatile when it comes to designing them based on their purpose. If you feel like hosting the event in or around your home would be beneficial to your guests and objective, we say go for it! We’ve planned successful events in our clients homes, and yours can be next. Call us today and Let’s Get Planning (
203) 548 9054.

Top Cities to Host Your Branded Event

Time and time again our clients ask us to wow them with a new venue or event concept that’s out of the box.  Of course, our main objective at EOE is to create legendary events customized to our client’s vision. No matter the size of your budget or audience, leaving your guests with a memorable impression is important  – so for fun at the EOE offices we host brainstorming sessions and dream up some pie in the sky style event locations and cities to keep in our secret vault. We are letting some of our secret location obsessions out of the bag just for you.  Here’s our list of our favorite cities that we want you to take a look at.

  1.    New York, New York– This may seem a little straightforward, but is it certainly one of the most underrated places to hold an event. New York City is designed with nooks and crannies that you never believe existed, like 501 Union and Tribeca Rooftop. These spaces are unique, and hidden among the concrete jungle, and they’re waiting for your event.885179_146678078832393_1087703752_o-1190x793


  1.  San Francisco, California-This leading, traditional, city of California has been the hub of social living for the past decade. The expanding population, and great appreciation for tourism is what makes this city perfect for hosting legendary events. Some of our favorites that we have found are the San Francisco Ferry Building and a Celebrity Cruise’s ship docked in San Francisco bay called the DreamBoat. The ship holds over 150,000 people, and custom creates your company’s logo for the pool on their party deck.


Source: Lori Paladino Photography

  1.  Chicago, Illinois– While we can all agree what waterfront venues are the go-to for “spectacular events” we’ve found some for you in the MidwestFrom the City Winery, to The River Roast. These venues are known for their traditional architecture, and gorgeous city views. Many headquarters for Fortune 500 companies are located in the Midwest, so why not plan an event close to home that will make your company the talk of the town?

city-winery River-Roast-Private-Events-07

  1.  Miami, Florida – If your company likes warm weather mixed in with their innovations then you should check out Miami as a possible city for your event. The Temple House is a mix of clean slate, with technology and possibilities. With a large blank space you can customize this venue to be as enthusiastic as your brand. And who doesn’t like warm weather?



Have you ever been to a venue that absolutely stunned you? We would love it add it to our list! See our Pinterest board for more examples of what our little event planner minds dream about at night.

How To Survive the 5th Most Stressful Job in America


Our team at EOE will be the first ones to tell you that working for a small event planning agency is not your typical 9-5 job. Forbes recently published that Event Planning is the 5th most stressful job in the country with a stress level of almost 50%. We are constantly on the move for our clients whether we’re rounding up samples, venue hunting, or in meetings. When it comes to the day of the event, event planners will most likely be on their feet for hours on end. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love what we do. We would rather be hustling around the city than sitting down all day every day – but success in this career field comes with being prepared.

Here are our tips on to survive the unpredictable hours of the event planner:

  1. Communication: With your client, with your team, and with your vendors. This will reduce the chance of any unwanted meeting surprises that you were unprepared for. When setting up a contract with your client, ensure that you are both on the same page as to how much you need each other to plan your event in detail. Some clients may want a weekly meeting with you to ensure they are kept in the loop of all aspects of the event, while others need a simple email only when they are needed. Open communication is crucial for keeping your work hours manageable and efficient.
  2. Organization: Today’s technology gives you no excuse when it comes to organizing your schedule on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Set alerts for your meetings and write everything down in your calendars to ensure you don’t double book a meeting or completely forget about one. This includes important dates to your event such as payment dates for vendors, cutoff dates for hotel room blocks, or RSVP deadlines.
  3. Take a Mental Health Minute:  This is one of the most important ones on our list.  At EOE we understand the importance of taking a mental break – a couple of games of Candy Crush, a few minutes on Facebook, whatever works for you.  Problem is, planners suffer from what we like to call shiny things syndrome.  Next thing you know your 10 minutes break turns into 30. Don’t let precious work time get eaten up by procrastination. During deadlines, every minute counts!
  4. Don’t Overbook: Event planners have a tendency to try to over-balance work and life. During busy times this can lead to burnout. As people pleasers it’s our first instinct to say yes, take on that extra task, grab a quick drink or try to hit those extra gym classes. Do what you need to do to keep your body and mind healthy, but don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily.
  5. Coffee IV : Sometimes, you don’t have the option to stop working until the job is done. It’s not uncommon to find one of us at the office way before 9am or way after 5pm to ensure that our client is satisfied. We often find ourselves wishing an IV of coffee is a real thing.  Multiple trips to Starbucks per day are a must for us!
  6. Ask for Help: Event planners have a ‘can do’ attitude which many times will be not only their biggest asset but their greatest downfall.  Delegate where you can. Ask someone to walk your dog during a busy day of meetings, or have your laundry dropped off instead of doing it yourself. The more you delegate in work and in life the more feasible things will feel.
  7. Celebrate: Congratulations! You’ve worked your butt off for months to plan an event and have executed it perfectly. Now take some time to relax and reflect, get a massage, take a long bubble bath, whatever you need to do in order to feel refreshed. Event planners need to keep themselves sane somehow!

Check out our Pinterest board for items that every event planner needs to tackle this job!

Ellie Tells All, How to Cater to Your Valentine

Create a unique experience based on the personality of your Valentine

0f362f12796f0a2a56158f80c67d8793Any great event is personalized down to the last detail.  As event planners, it’s our job to completely tailor the experience to what our client (or their audience) would thoroughly enjoy. Planning for your Valentine’s Day is no different. 

Knowing the brand (or person) you’re planning for is key to throwing the most successful event possible.   In events, the experience is not a one size fits all. They need to be customized, and our favorite method to cracking a brand’s code and figuring out that experience is personifying the brand.  If this brand was human, what car would they drive?  Where is their local hangout on a Friday?  What’s their favorite food? Someone who will take a hot dog any time, any day, will not enjoy the same experience as someone who prefers duck confit.  

Humanizing something that can seem so overwhelming can really simplify all the moving pieces. When a company does branding right, you’ll find they naturally fit together.   So what does this have to do with Valentine’s Day? Planning your Valentine’s day experience, whether it be an action filled date, anti-Valentine’s day bash or even a chic gal-entines celebration is taking the same idea we use for branding and applying it to our personal relationships.  Remember who you’re planning your Valentine’s Day with, and cater to their needs.  It sounds simple, but when done well it will take another February 14th to a fun filled night they will never forget – and that’s what we strive for in our events! Here are some suggestions based on personalities for your special someone.

1. For the spontaneous– The spontaneous person will appreciate straying from the norm, like eating ice cream for breakfast, or taking the day off from work to do something you both love.  Clients and Valentine’s alike, if they are spontaneous it’s now on you to think out of the box.  They want something that lives up to all their past adventures!  

2. For the traditional– Much like a brand, your traditional Valentine will appreciate the flowers, chocolates and dinner you’ve planned.  Keep it romantic and classic.  The best events are ones that express the client’s message.  If your message to your Valentine is “I Love you” then show them that by creating a romantic date or gift.  A traditional brand OR Valentine appreciates sticking to the status quo.

3. For the Low Key– We’ve had a client in the past who wasn’t even a fan of the idea of an event for him.  Our client was Nestle Waters North America and the man of the hour was retiring and he wanted it to be low-key.  We met in the middle, and hosted the event in the backyard of his home in order to make him feel, well, at home.  An event for 250 is tough to keep “intimate” but by keeping it so personal to the retiree, he was able to enjoy his celebration in a way he felt comfortable.  Now, we’ve all heard the “I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day” and know its nothing but a trap.  Most likely, your Valentine does want to celebrate, but an extravagant gift or over the top date is just not necessary for them to enjoy the holiday.  Something personalized and thoughtful is all the low-key Valentine needs to be satisfied.


Just like East of Ellie caters each event to the needs of the client, we want you to cater to whoever you choose to spend Valentine’s day with. The details make all the difference. Happy Celebrating!


Photo by Brooke Courtney Photography via Walk in Love

Larger Than Life Branding At Events

Is less always more? These companies believe the opposite of the old saying when it comes to their branding at events. With so many companies competing for engagement and exposure from attendees, their branding keeps getting creatively bigger and better, and it’s working. How could you possibly ignore a shoe box the size of a home, or a grocery cart that looks more like a monster truck? We sure couldn’t.

See our favorite ways brands went after exposure and engagement at events:


Giant blow up beach balls are nothing new to festival or concert settings, but this giant version does so much more than expose HP’s logo. To meet its “make memories last” initiative, “the ball had an integrated HD camera and it was able to take photos and videos, bringing a whole new perspective to the event while retaining the digital aspect through broadcasting photos in real-time onto the stage and via live stream, as well as uploading them onto social media for fans to connect and engage.”*


Tents are not revolutionary to the outdoor event space either, but molding a classic tent to match your brand and product is genius. Attendees won’t be able to resist finding out what’s in this giant shoebox, which is exactly what Adidas wants.


When Xbox’s consumers use their product, they are transported to worlds beyond their imagination. So to live up to what Xbox offers its consumers, they have to give their best shot at creating a stage that challenges reality.


The television hit, “Guy’s Grocery Games”, is an extreme version of grocery shopping, so taking their branding to the extreme as well was no surprise. This giant grocery cart resembled more of a monster truck with mini versions surrounding for engagement. Photo: Nadia Chaudhury/BizBash


And of course, we couldn’t forget about the event we’ve been working on all summer. At Consoles launch event the venue in Nob Hill, San Francisco provided the perfect opportunity to make a visual impact in a big way. These 9 ft panels took hours to assemble perfectly – but the impact was priceless.

Inspired by these big name brands but still not sure how to execute so that it makes sense for you? Lets chat! Contact Us. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board here.

*Branding Magazine 



Amazon Prime Day’s Event Promotion


prime dayCongratulations Amazon on your 20th birthday!  We would be lying if we said we didn’t use Amazon Prime for A LOT of last minute event needs and even to buy Advil and paper towels when our office is too busy to even step out for a quick Target run.

Although Amazon took a hit for their Prime Day, it was a good lesson for marketers and the trending social media was definitely entertaining (to say the least).  Don’t worry Amazon, we still love you.

Let’s use Amazon’s Prime Day as a case study.  We focus on hosting events in person, but who is to say that an event can’t be online? Looking at Prime Day we can see that an event doesn’t have to be in person to have a significant impact on your brand.

Here’s what us party people and event marketers learned from Prime Day:

1. It sucks when you don’t meet customers expectations

We’ve had our fair share of whoopsies in the events world, so we know first hand that when an event doesn’t live up to what you’ve promised, you are going to hear about it. Amazon discounts were deceptively minor or SO good that they sold out by the time you had a chance to click on the product.  Another issue was that there were not enough products to get excited about.  Many consumers referred to the sale as a garage sale, or like cleaning out stuff from under your kitchen sink.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.39.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.38.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.40.44 PM

2. Devil is in the details

The Prime Day landing page that displayed current deals, discount availability timeframes, and how much inventory was left was inaccurate.  The page that promoted upcoming discounts was outdated, so it was promoting sold out merchandise.  No bueno.  One of the most important things in events is making sure everything is accurate.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.47.17 PM


3. Be prepared to communicate

Any big event is going to have social media coverage, whether positive or negative.  Do what you can to make it positive.  Have your social media tweeters ready to engage and make the most out of the situation.

4. Keep tabs on your competition

Amazon’s Prime Day was matched by retailers including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, so people who lost interest in Amazon’s sale could find what they were looking for with no membership required.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.39.40 PM

As event planners, promotion is a huge part of executing a successful event.  With Amazon marketing Prime Day the way they were, people were obviously let down – Black Friday is a pretty high standard.  Social media beat up the online retailer and hashtags were trending like #UnhappyPrimeDay, #AmazonFail, #GoBackToSleep, and #PrimeDayFail.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.57.58 PM

We hope Amazon has a good sense of humor and found some comical value in many of the tweets.  We would be lying if we said we didn’t. As you can see we’ve included some of our favorites.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.41.39 PM

What did we learn?  How an event, whether in-person or online can have a huge impact on your brand.  But you know what they say – there is no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right.

Looking for a company that has the marketing expertise to take your event to the next level? Contact us today and let’s get planning!

Thanks to Fortune, CNN, and Tom’s Guide for compiling the tweets (photo credits).


The Power of Storytelling: How to Craft it through Event Planning

Most people think of storytelling as a personal way of communicating and something that doesn’t translate into the office. But in real time, businesses tell stories every day throughout their routine activities: whether that be innovation strategies or marketing tactics. Experiences, which are expressed as stories, can be a way of carefully developing your brand if you craft it right.

At East of Ellie, we plan and execute legendary events and have a strategic mission with each one.  Yes, we plan all types of events with widely different agendas, but we want to cultivate a memorable experience that positively creates brand loyalty and strengthens stakeholder relationships for both the client and ourselves as an agency. Our events are stories. They foster growth and continue adding value to our clients long after the event is over.


As an events company, we know that storytelling is essential within marketing in order to grow.

You need to present your company’s experiences and progress in a particular way so people can develop a level of trust with your brand.  Without credibility, you have no audience, no matter how impressive the story.  If you don’t present your company well, you won’t land another great client. As subject matter experts, we are always considering how something we do will affect our brand.  Whether that is taking on a new client or posting on social media, we want to maintain a reputation that we can be proud of; we want to be excited to tell our story, because once we have the chance, we know we will blow people away.

In order to properly leverage your company with storytelling, plan your event with these four tactics in mind.

Frame it for your audience

Put yourself in your guests shoes.  Envision what you would want at this event.  Consider your audience when brainstorming and presenting, the scope of content will change depending on the target audience.

Remember the Goal

With event planning, it’s easy to get caught up in little details because there is so much going on.  With the venue, decorations, catering, entertainment, and operations, sometimes we forget about the goal of the event. Try to stay focused on the goal throughout planning in order to make the best decisions on how to achieve it.

Understand the Environment

Use the environment to your advantage.  Embrace the venue, setting, and culture. Think outside of the box and be creative with themes and decor.

Think about the Emotions you are Trying to Evoke

What do you want people to walk away from the event saying? How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to do after the event?  Let’s consider an event to raise awareness about animal abuse.  Do you want people to leave feeling sad and angry? Or do you want people to leave feeling empowered and hopeful that they can make a difference so they will go donate or volunteer at a shelter?

Consider emotions.  Emotions lead to action.

If you craft your events strategically, your brand will develop because of your immense storytelling potential. It’s smart marketing and a valuable tool for innovation and growth. How will you tell your story? Contact us today and lets get planning.

5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Cause Marketing Strategy

Exposure. It describes what all small businesses, want, need, and should always be on the hunt to achieve. Depending on your industry, there are various strategies available to expose your brand to the public and prospective consumers.

Typically, small businesses turn to paid advertising and social media marketing to reach audiences, but there is another effective, and often overlooked, method to gain exposure and new customers — cause marketing.

Cause marketing is simply a mutually beneficial marketing partnership between a non-profit and a for-profit business. A successful cause marketing partnership works together to meet the objectives of a specific campaign that is typically awareness and metrics based. Typical partnerships include a donation of money or resources to help benefit the cause the non-profit advocates.

Since most small businesses are limited on funds they can donate to non-profits, there are easy ways to incorporate your product or services into donations. For example, including a percentage of proceeds from sales as a donation to a non-profit organization can increase your sales, drive awareness, and inform consumers that your core values are rooted in the betterment of society.

Here are five reasons cause marketing campaigns can improve the sales and reputation of your small business:

  1. Build Customer Loyalty

A 2012 Edelman Good Purpose study found that, “The power of purpose is driving consumer preference and loyalty in a world where trust in corporations is low and differentiation between brands is negligible.” Cause marketing can also supply you with an edge that consumers will prefer when choosing between you and a similar company that is not involved with non-profits. The survey also indicates that 53% of consumers believe “When quality and price are equal, social purpose ranks as most important factor in selecting a brand (Global).”

  1. Connect with Generation Y Consumers

An online study conducted by Cone Inc. and AMP Insights suggests “61% of 13 to 25 year-old’s feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world. 81% have volunteered in the past year; 69% consider a company’s social and environmental commitment when deciding where to shop, and 83% will trust a company more if it is socially [or] environmentally responsible.” The study also indicates that millennial’s are “the most socially conscious consumers to date.” So if your target market is Generation Y, developing a cause marketing campaign is absolutely essential to your company’s success.

  1. Create Emotional Connections with Consumers

It’s likely that consumers will want to know more about your partnership with a non-profit organization and why you have established one. This gives you a new reason to interact with consumers on a personal level. Building a relationship is essential to keep consumers coming back.

  1. Expand Reach by Partnering with Non-profits

Non-profits are more likely to market your product or service on their behalf. Since you are helping another organization, they will market your product and company in a very positive way as their appreciation. For example, the nonprofit organization Keep a Child Alive features all of its corporate sponsors in their “About Us” section. This gives anyone interested in the cause direct access to companies involved.

  1. Create Brand Advocates

Working with non-profits can create authentic brand advocates for your company. In addition to customer loyalty, your company’s advocates are more likely to spread your cause marketing efforts through word of mouth, which in turn creates reputable exposure for your business.

Keep in mind that all of these efforts mean nothing if they are not made known to your prospective and existing consumers. Make sure your cause marketing efforts are incorporated into your company’s overall marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness.

We specialize in events that showcase your companies cause marketing strategy and show consumers why you are among the best in your industry. Contact us today and let’s get planning.

Do Events fit into your Marketing Strategy?

East of Ellie Lily for Target

You may have heard about the Lilly for Target Launch that didn’t necessarily run as expected on multiple levels. Target’s website crashed in the early hours of the AM, lines formed outside of Target locations all around the country, resulting in the items selling out within minutes leaving thousands disappointed they were unable to get their hands on some preppy-patterned merchandise.

The hype for this launch had been building up for weeks with commercials, preview look-books featured on the homepage of, social media buzz, word of mouth all over the country, and of course, the Lilly For Target Launch Event. With the overwhelming outcome of the launch, it’s clear that Lilly For Target may not have needed all of this publicity for a successful introduction after all.

Lilly For Target has what other brands would die for, it completely speaks for itself. Two established brands coming together to offer quality fashionable clothing at affordable prices for an exclusive amount of time is a no-brainer recipe for success.

So, was the Lilly for Target Launch Event a smart move? Sure, budgeting may not have been too much of an issue for either company, but it serves as a model to other organizations that an event should be utilized as a long term marketing strategy, not part of something that is going to sell out within minutes and be done with.

At East of Ellie, we don’t believe in throwing an event just for the sake of throwing an event.

“Say whaaat? But you’re event planners!”

Yes, we sure love fabulous events, but ensuring that our clients have a smart, marketing based strategy for their event that is guaranteed to establish long term results is extremely important to us. We want our clients happy not only during the planning phases and on event day, but post-event as well, when their investment begins to see some reimbursement.

An example of a brand that absolutely kills this concept in the fashion industry, is Victoria’s Secret with The Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. An event that is truly one of a kind, runway turns consumer, with features of A-list entertainers, all while highlighting Victoria’s Secret’s new looks for the season. This event keeps VS relevant year after year, boosting long term results and maintaining a phenomenal brand image.

Though Lilly For Target was influential enough to stand alone without an event, we can’t forget about Target’s past events that we’re extremely effective (and we have total event envy of) such as Target + Feed, as one of many favorites.

Wondering how an event fits into your marketing plan? Contact us today and let’s get planning!

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