BizBash Live returned to New York City this October, so the East of Ellie team took a quick trip to The Big Apple to check out new and exciting vendors!  The Javits Center was packed with innovative activations, vendors and exhibitions. The entire day was filled with inspiring new ideas and anticipation for the Event Style Awards, which East of Ellie was attending as a Finalist for our Joie de Vivre Dinner hosted by Laura Mercier.

Here are our top three favorites from that day:



Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 9.48.06 AM

While mingling with new vendors at BizBash Live, our very own Emily Chalk and Karen Marin were able to experience a new photo booth activation. The 360 degree photo booth made them feel like celebs at the BizBash Style Awards Red Carpet. Photo booths have become so popular that we love when they are set up in a less-traditional way to make our clients and event attendees feel like true VIPs.  We love finding new ways to offer that fun selfie moment and what better way to do so than with a fun photo shoot?



IMG_5661 2

First impressions are everything, amaze your guest by turning an entrance into an experience! We find that creating a memorable entrance is crucial because it really does set the tone for any event from the moment guests walk in. Customize and brand the effects to match your event concept with Luminescence.




Having a difficult time sourcing for an event giveaway? We loved this idea of live custom T-shirt printing as a guest experience and giveaway, it’s a fun and easy way to add an activation to your next event.  

Stay tuned, you just might see these activations incorporated into our 2018 events. At EOE, the smallest details excite us, because we know how impactful they really are. The details we put into our events make the design and concept come together effortlessly and we were thrilled that BizBash recognized that for our Tabletop Design!

Let EOE handle the details, bring your inspo’ to life and execute your next event! Connect with us today at

Cheer Up Buttercup: April Showers Bring May Flowers Event

May has arrived and it feels like spring is finally on its way! Even though the sunny days to come are going to be wonderful, we can’t forget about the countless rainy days the spring weather brings to New England. As you take out your rain boots, umbrellas, and rain jackets, we want you to celebrate and embrace this rainy weather in our favorite way – through an event! We’ve gathered our favorite tips on how to transform your event space into a unique April showers bring May flowers event!


The bigger the idea the better! We plan events for luxury brands, so obviously we looked to Jimmy Choo to show us how a flower wall in store can inspire a bright and colorful spring line launch event. With colors of the brand, or colors from the latest collection, you can create something spectacular.


Even if your brand is like Kate Spade– fun, bright, and classy, you can add a flower wall to your event like Kate did to her store front. It’s fitting, and inviting (with great picture opportunities for social media buzz!)


Cocktails are always a great way to get the good vibes rolling at a rainy day party, but how cool would it be to keep the May flowers theme going? Adding a little element of your theme to every aspect of the event can wow guests, and continue the bright color pop.


Have a high ceiling in your event space? Don’t let all the open space go to waste! These lighting fixtures captured us from the moment we laid eyes on them. With this type of decor you can keep a simple table (more space for food), or you can really go all out and add more flowers and really surprise your guests. With flowers above, think of other options for the centerpieces like teapots, or rainboots!


One of our favorite flowers are tulips. They give a traditional spring look, and add a classic feel. Sometimes simple is better than elaborate, so take your sweet spring time event, and add an element that is classic and unforgettable.


Celebrate the beauty of spring and all of its craziness using our tips for throwing the perfect April showers bring May flowers event! Want to take your elements of your brand and create a spring themed event but don’t know where to start? Contact us today and let’s get planning.

These Decorations Take the Cake: Ways to Incorporate Food into Your Event

Without a doubt, two of the biggest components to planning an event include food and decor.  These elements often go hand in hand because having consistent branding or a theme keeps guests interested and excited to see what else the event has in store for them. With a creative touch, food can even act as the event decor itself. Edible centerpieces or even a wall of food can catch the eye, and make the guests hungry for more.

Using food as decorations is visually appealing, budget friendly, and unique that is sure to blow your attendees away:


Centerpieces are attention-grabbers; they are the focus of the table, so if you’re looking to bring a wow factor with your event decor, try making your centerpieces out of food.



Photo: Ashley Batz

Give your guests with a sweet tooth a favor, and use chocolate coated marshmallows with different food colorings and designs.  The colored chocolate allows you to own your brand, and give your guests a whimsical feeling.

Another, all-in, option is making the centerpieces a place for hors d’oeuvres. These wooden cutting boards, and elaborate spread of cheeses, meats, and citrus fruits will keep your guests entertained, and increases their appetite.

EDIBLE DECORATIONS: These take the Cake



Photos: Cherish Cakes by Katherine Edwards, and Michele Bradley

We can’t forget about cake- one of the biggest edible decorations of all if your event calls for one.  We love cakes because of the creative edge a client can put into it. From a company anniversary, to a congratulations and promotion party, they cover all boundaries. At our event for Nestle Waters North America, our mission was to WOW our client and guests with all things Perrier.  Our caterer crafted edible sugar Perrier bottles that were placed on the cake and it was the most attention grabbing decoration of the event (until it was devoured).

A Wall of Food? Why not!

10195291979fffe2f3094807f5b2818d 8c90f88f776317458c36f55a1d0a78b5

Photos: Pinterest, Fresh Ideas

Having a wall full of delicious food could keep guests entertained liked a bar would. Placing salads on one wall, and dessert on another could give the room a pop of color, and a sweet scent. What’s better than food with a view?

There are lots of ways to creatively incorporate food into your event decor, whether you have a theme or not.  This popular trend is making headlines in the industry, and event attendees will definitely be seeing a lot more of decorations crafted out of food in the future.

Loving this trend and want more inspiration on how to incorporate food into your event decor? Check out our Pinterest Board!

Top Cities to Host Your Branded Event

Time and time again our clients ask us to wow them with a new venue or event concept that’s out of the box.  Of course, our main objective at EOE is to create legendary events customized to our client’s vision. No matter the size of your budget or audience, leaving your guests with a memorable impression is important  – so for fun at the EOE offices we host brainstorming sessions and dream up some pie in the sky style event locations and cities to keep in our secret vault. We are letting some of our secret location obsessions out of the bag just for you.  Here’s our list of our favorite cities that we want you to take a look at.

  1.    New York, New York– This may seem a little straightforward, but is it certainly one of the most underrated places to hold an event. New York City is designed with nooks and crannies that you never believe existed, like 501 Union and Tribeca Rooftop. These spaces are unique, and hidden among the concrete jungle, and they’re waiting for your event.885179_146678078832393_1087703752_o-1190x793


  1.  San Francisco, California-This leading, traditional, city of California has been the hub of social living for the past decade. The expanding population, and great appreciation for tourism is what makes this city perfect for hosting legendary events. Some of our favorites that we have found are the San Francisco Ferry Building and a Celebrity Cruise’s ship docked in San Francisco bay called the DreamBoat. The ship holds over 150,000 people, and custom creates your company’s logo for the pool on their party deck.


Source: Lori Paladino Photography

  1.  Chicago, Illinois– While we can all agree what waterfront venues are the go-to for “spectacular events” we’ve found some for you in the MidwestFrom the City Winery, to The River Roast. These venues are known for their traditional architecture, and gorgeous city views. Many headquarters for Fortune 500 companies are located in the Midwest, so why not plan an event close to home that will make your company the talk of the town?

city-winery River-Roast-Private-Events-07

  1.  Miami, Florida – If your company likes warm weather mixed in with their innovations then you should check out Miami as a possible city for your event. The Temple House is a mix of clean slate, with technology and possibilities. With a large blank space you can customize this venue to be as enthusiastic as your brand. And who doesn’t like warm weather?



Have you ever been to a venue that absolutely stunned you? We would love it add it to our list! See our Pinterest board for more examples of what our little event planner minds dream about at night.

Larger Than Life Branding At Events

Is less always more? These companies believe the opposite of the old saying when it comes to their branding at events. With so many companies competing for engagement and exposure from attendees, their branding keeps getting creatively bigger and better, and it’s working. How could you possibly ignore a shoe box the size of a home, or a grocery cart that looks more like a monster truck? We sure couldn’t.

See our favorite ways brands went after exposure and engagement at events:


Giant blow up beach balls are nothing new to festival or concert settings, but this giant version does so much more than expose HP’s logo. To meet its “make memories last” initiative, “the ball had an integrated HD camera and it was able to take photos and videos, bringing a whole new perspective to the event while retaining the digital aspect through broadcasting photos in real-time onto the stage and via live stream, as well as uploading them onto social media for fans to connect and engage.”*


Tents are not revolutionary to the outdoor event space either, but molding a classic tent to match your brand and product is genius. Attendees won’t be able to resist finding out what’s in this giant shoebox, which is exactly what Adidas wants.


When Xbox’s consumers use their product, they are transported to worlds beyond their imagination. So to live up to what Xbox offers its consumers, they have to give their best shot at creating a stage that challenges reality.


The television hit, “Guy’s Grocery Games”, is an extreme version of grocery shopping, so taking their branding to the extreme as well was no surprise. This giant grocery cart resembled more of a monster truck with mini versions surrounding for engagement. Photo: Nadia Chaudhury/BizBash


And of course, we couldn’t forget about the event we’ve been working on all summer. At Consoles launch event the venue in Nob Hill, San Francisco provided the perfect opportunity to make a visual impact in a big way. These 9 ft panels took hours to assemble perfectly – but the impact was priceless.

Inspired by these big name brands but still not sure how to execute so that it makes sense for you? Lets chat! Contact Us. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board here.

*Branding Magazine 



Out of the Box Centerpieces

At East of Ellie, one of our favorite aspects of event planning is just how creative we can get with event décor. Sometimes the best ideas come from the bending of the traditional rules of event planning.  It can be something as simple as swapping out a traditional floral arrangement for something a bit more unique. For themed events, centerpieces are a great way to subtly incorporate your event look and feel without replacing elegance or sophistication. Here are our favorite out of the box centerpieces to inspire your next event.

Worried about your centerpiece obstructing your table and guest’s ability to socialize? Take your design up a foot or 2 and have any light objects descend from the ceiling. Just make sure to go a little higher for events involving NBA players.


A great centerpiece concept for organizations involved in healthy eating, going green, or just asparagus lovers alike. The rich purples and vibrant green hues in this creative centerpiece are sure to draw eyes to its beauty.

Luau themed events can go from sophisticated to child birthday-like in the matter of seconds with bad décor choice. This centerpiece channels Hawaiian culture and has tropical written all over it without looking tacky or immature.


Looking to avoid floral all together? This arrangement of copper piping brings an industrial rustic feel to any event. The white candles and tiny floral addition are key to balancing out the masculinity of the décor.



Looking for more inspiration? Visit our Pinterest Board here. Still stumped on what to use for your event? Contact us today for our advice with no obligation.


3 Reasons to Plan a Brunch Event

Credit: Camille Styles

Maybe it’s the idea of the bottomless Bloody Mary’s, or perhaps the excuse to eat for 2 meals in one sitting, but people LOVE brunch. Brunch is unlike any other meal and carries a fun, modern persona of its own. There is something so satisfying about sitting down and spending hours socializing with a Mimosa in hand an endless supply of buffet style, heartwarming food at your disposal.

Here is why event planners looking for a new style of soiree should look no further than a brunch style gathering for their next client:


1.) It saves money

Many venues will charge less for daytime use of their facilities, leaving more room in the budget to upgrade other areas of the event.  As Event Planners, we know even a little extra dough (no pun intended) can go a long way!


2.) Natural Light

Lighting is a huge mood setter for an event. All natural sunlight is a nice change up from the “nightclub style” lighting that other events need to customize a venue when it’s pitch black outside. Scientist have proven that sunlight can actually improve our moods and happiness levels. Happy guests = successful event!


3.) Creative Catering

The best part of brunch is, of course, the food and drink. Since dinner is traditionally more upscale, brunch supplies the opportunity to get creative with “build your own” food and drink bars. Guests are sure to love this style of serving, because they can make their food exactly how they like it.


Looking for venue, decor, or catering ideas for your own brunch event? Check out our Pinterest board here!

Photo Credit: Camille Styles

How “The Sharing Economy” Benefits Event Planners

Seashell House Alternative to Hotel Rooms on Airbnb

You may have heard of the term “the sharing economy” in recent articles talking about the future of businesses and how resources are opening to consumers unlike ever before. Google defines this term as: “The sharing economy (sometimes referred to as the peer-to-peer, mesh, or collaborative economy; also collaborative consumption) is a socio-economic system built around the sharing of human and physical resources.”

To put it in more familiar terms, it’s the basis of Uber, AirBnB, and more companies that are changing the way we live everyday life by offering to share things or services already owned by others. And while many apps come and go in regards to popularity, Entrepreneur magazine deems the success of businesses engaging in the sharing economy “not a fad – it’s a new way of doing business”.

So, how will this new age of having access to every day needs in the palm of our hand benefit the lives of Event Planners? We’ve broken down the top apps and their features to see how they can make our lives a bit easier.

  1. AirBnB
Credit: Airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Event planners go above and beyond to ensure their guest experience is nothing short of amazing during the event, but why stop there? AirBnB offers unique places for your guests to stay while they are in town for your event. From castles, to island villas, to homes with the most unique architecture you’ve ever seen, and even a houseboat on the Seine River in Paris (yes, that is a real thing on AirBnB) the possibilities are endless. Guests and clients won’t be able to stop talking about the experience you’ve provided them. And of course, who says you can’t book your own personal accommodations in one of these amazing spaces?

  1. Uber

Credit: Uber

One of the best features that Uber has is the accessibility for people to be picked up in a moment’s notice. As event planners, we all know someone will need us ASAP at the venue site without warning. For clients and guests, Uber offers rides that match style with budget. For high profile clientele, there is a LUX option. For big groups, the SUV option is ideal. And for you, the event planner, UberBLACK will have you arriving in style without breaking your budget.

  1. TaskRabbit

    Credit: TaskRabbit

    Credit: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit connects you to people who have the skills necessary to get what you need done. While the tasks range from moving help to grocery shopping & delivery, they also offer event services such as bartending, décor installment, wait staff, entertainment, marketers, and more. Taskers are rated and reviewed after each task so you know what you’re getting before you commit.

  1. DogVacay
Credit: DogVacay

Credit: DogVacay

This one has a special place in our hearts. The official dog of East of Ellie, Oliver, needs a place to stay when the team is across the country executing an event. Since event planners have more flexible schedules, it is likely that many of us have furry friends that enjoy our company on a daily basis, but need loving homes when we travel. DogVacay allows owners to leave their dog with a host who will take care of the dog. It’s cheaper than a kennel and gives dogs a more comfortable place to stay. Don’t miss us too much, Ollie!

  1. Fon
Credit: Fon

Credit: Fon

WiFi can be the biggest struggle on the road for event planners. Constantly asking public spaces to share the password, paying hourly fees, or just scrolling through the list of networks that display the dreaded lock symbol, can put a damper on your productivity. Using Fon, members share a bit of their home WiFi, and in turn get free access at millions of other Fon hotspots worldwide. Sounds like a good deal to us.We’re all about anything that can make our lives easier before, during or after our events. Looking to ease your life while planning an event? We’re here for you. Contact us today and leave the planning to us.

Branding the Social Hub of your Event

At East of Ellie, our bars serve more than just cocktails. At many events the bar is usually considered the social hub where guests love to socialize and relax. This area serves as the comfort zone for guests as they arrive.  They can walk in, grab a drink, and chat with other guests as they do the same is typical event culture. As the event continues, the bar is almost always a place visited a few times by guests.

Branding your event’s message where guests are likely to be is a no-brainer, but it must be executed in a subtle/playful way to tie into the informality of a bar. In this casual atmosphere, companies are given the opportunity to kick it up a notch with their creativity in deciding how they are going to incorporate their event’s message – like in a company logo, or a key message.

Check out how East of Ellie and other companies have effectively branded the social hub of each event:

Branding Specialty Drinks


When our client Bulgari asked us to honor their Vice President of Marketing and Sales in a big way we decided that naming a bar and the drinks after her was the best way to execute during an internal event. In relation to your event it’s a fun way to involve guests since, lets be honest, they must order the specialty drink by name! Going forward they can always reference their delicious drink or fun memory with that creative drink name.

Tying into the Functionality of the Bar

 Image: Bloomberg News

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took the opportunity to show off their logo right in the middle of an ice luge. Instead of using the ice luge as a traditional shot transportation into someone’s mouth, the event kept it classy and instead, guests received their drink from the bartenders pour. Well done, CES!

Colorful Branded Decor

Nestle Waters Event

Nestle Waters Event

For the CEO of Nestle Waters Retirement Party, our event’s message was to display the brands he had built over his years of service. East of Ellie accentuated the private pool house with pops of color and Perrier inspired decor that mirrored their recent launch of their partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation.

A Subtle 3D Logo

Liz Banfield Photography

Liz Banfield Photography

Adding your logo to the front of the bar may seem like an obvious move, but by executing it in a way that blends with décor is a fun yet effective way to go about branding. This logo was incorporated without sacrificing an ultra luxe atmosphere that guests are sure to enjoy.

Looking to create your own branded social hub? Let us bring your target audience together for an experience they won’t forget. Contact us here.


Super Bowl Halftime an Event In It’s Self

She’s well known for her wild child spirit, crazy costumes and epic concerts. Ms. Katy Perry will be taking on one of the biggest stages in the U.S. this Sunday, the Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show. Rumors have been spreading about what to expect, but let’s face it; Katy always leaves us in awe! Like others, EOE is making some predictions about how Katy Perry will truly make Halftime an event in its self.



The Costumes. Katy is known for a unique look and she is always changing, literally. If you have ever witnessed a Katy concert, or have watched the Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me, you have witnessed the number of different costume changes she goes through to help create a new world whenever she steps on stage. Through costumes, Katy Perry can turn this 12-minute halftime into a production. Now the real question is, will Ms. Perry be sporting her football jersey from the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards?



The Songs and Guests. Katy is one of the few artists who has had multiple songs from a single album hit the number one spot on music charts. That being said, Katy Perry’s song choice for Halftime will direct her entire performance. Also, rumors are spreading all over the web that Lenny Kravitz will be joining Katy for a “surprise song”. Guests have been brought to the Super Bowl stage before. The question at hand, will Kravitz and Perry have chemistry that will add another notable element to her show?


The Stage. Though the Super Bowl is a major event for millions of Americans, the Halftime show has become just as talked about if not more so than the game. Stars, like Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Madonna, Aerosmith, Tom Petty and Michael Jackson have created unforgettable performances that left millions talking about for weeks. Singers get the chance to create their own performance. The fact that not only are these stars performing for those in the stadium but also for fans watching at home, the stage and the stakes of their performance are higher than ever.


Stay tuned this weekend for Katy Perry’s Halftime event. For past Super Bowl Halftime shows and more of Katy Perry check out our Pinterest Board and make your own predictions of what to expect this Sunday night.

Golden Globes After-Parties

The 72nd annual Golden Globes was held Sunday, January 11th. The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom was revamped for the award show. Not only was the ballroom decorated for celebrities but others hosted extravagant after-parties throughout the hotel turning lounges and rooftops into an event venue for the evening. Each party brought something different to the table that EOE fell in love with:


Wf5361a81c88419b996a3d59860d157f1arner Brothers and ‘In Style’ teamed up and used a multicolored deconstructed mirror chandelier as the dominant structure for the room. The mirror chandelier was an easy way to create one element that would make the room memorable.



HBO indoor-outdoor event filled the pool and adjoining restaurant space with décor inspired by an early 1930s musical movie. Topaz and gold was the events color palette -accented with cream-colored flowers. HBO’s event was engulfed with everything 30s; allowing guests to step back in time.



Weinstein Company and Netflix used a level dirt parking lot to set up their viewing and party room. Lounge furniture and fabric drapery added a simple yet relaxing vibe to an otherwise plain tent.




Fox’s after party utilized the blush tones and complemented them with greenery that covered the chandeliers, creating a romantic rustic look that has become popular in event décor.


At the NBC after94fe7606639e4aac1f662e08ac7d5524 party, 50-inch plasma screen televisions as well as the main 20-foot high viewing wall surrounded stars. NBC made sure celebrities were entertained everywhere they looked.




Each of these after-parties capitalized on different components to feature for their guests. Every event should have something unique and memorable that makes it standout from other events. Follow our Pinterest Board for a closer look at Golden Globes after parties.

Pantone Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

For years, Pantone reveals their color of the year. Last year’s Radiant Orchid was an attention grabbing purple hue. Pantone announced Marsala as the color choice for 2015. The Marsala color is “hearty, yet stylish and universally appealing.” Marsala is a warm earthy shade that embodies sophistication.

Each year people make purchasing decisions with the Pantone color in mind even if they realize it or not. Marsala is already a huge statement in fashion, home décor and other design elements. At EOE we too are looking for ways to incorporate Marsala in our upcoming events. Here are our ideas for how to feature this year’s color, Marsala.

Décor is key to any successful event, but it’s not as simple as you may think. There are three different perspectives guests notice as soon as they enter an event.

  1. What’s around you- Adding red lights is a simple but effective event statement. It creates a rich and romantic tone to the entire venue wrapping your event goers in color.
  2. What’s above you- If red light seems extreme and you’re looking for simple hints of Marsala, drapery is a successful way to draw guests’ eyes upward.
  3. What’s in front of you- Enhancing all your décor with features of color is the best way to highlight this year’s Pantone color. For example, floral arrangements with red roses and complimentary flowers, like bright purple hydrangeas, pop the deep earthy tone of the roses.

Food and drink are another element where color can be emphasized. Fun red cocktails and dishes are the easy yet effective ways to show off color. Here’s some Marsala inspired foods and beverages that is easy to add to any menu. Dress code is another major element in events. Marsala is a hue that adds class and sophistication to any outfit.

Add your own twist with this color. Marsala is a wine red tone. Why not throw a wine tasting party with only red wines? Ever heard of wine painting? Give it a try at your next party and see who has the best Marsala painting in the group.

For more ideas to inspire your 2015 Pantone check our Pinterest board. Special thanks to Pantone for their details on the 2015 color of the year.

Why We Loved the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria Secret fashion show is a highly anticipated event that happens annually on live TV.  Each year there are certain elements of the show that crowds have come to expect.  We are not just talking about the amazing models.  As an events team we go gaga over event ideas that make any annual event special.  Here is why we loved the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

1) Wings, wings and more wings:  The beginning of the show, and how it has run historically, is this grand march of models wearing Victoria Secrets infamous wings.  This year, 47 models all wore different styles of hand made wings throughout the show.  Why do we love this?  Wings is a key branding element of this fashion icon.  Using the wings on the VS Angels is just another reinforcement of how strong their branding really is.

2) Behind the Scenes: During the show there was a lot of previews and sneak peaks back stage.  It showed the fun and playful side of the event along with the stress and hustle that goes along with producing an event like this.

3) Celebrity:  Victoria Secret not only used celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande as performers in the show, they were also wearing their product.  Who doesn’t want to buy lingerie that you just saw Taylor Swift in?

4) The Digital Cat Walk:  Wow, wow and more wow.  This is an event planners dream.  Their digital floor was nothing short of amazing.  It allowed for show producers to flawlessly execute key decor changes while the models were mid walk.  It also cut down on serious costs for set design and timelines for production.  Kudos VS.

Check out our Pinterest board to see some of our favorite event elements and looks from the 2014 show.

3 Tips for Black Tie Events

Black tie events are popular during the holiday season. EOE has learned a few things from planning our own formal events for clients. Don’t be lost when planning your event this season. Here are 3 tips that will make your black tie event a success.


Black-Tie-Attire Dress Code. Invitations should never say “black tie optional” for a formal event. Instead of having guests feel over and under dressed, make sure you are clear on invitations about the dress code. You wouldn’t want guests to feel uncomfortable the entire night because of their outfit choice.


Formal Photos. When guests are dressed to the nines, give them a chance to capture the moment. Having a photo opportunity shows guests that you’re going the extra length to make their evening special. Have a professional staff of photographers and assistants who will hold personal items during the shoot. Also allow for your guests to pick photos after the event, so they won’t have to worry about carrying a delicate photo all night.


IMG_4241 Menu Choices. When choosing your menu for a black tie event, dishes need to look attractive. Three-course meals are the best options for formal events. The presentation of the meals is key because the plate appearance is part of the experience for guests. They should also be easy to eat with no chance of a mess.


Black ties events can be difficult to plan because the details make a real difference. Looking for more guidance for your event? Give EOE a call, we’d be happy to help.

Seven 4th of July Party Theme Ideas

Like every red blooded American, EOE is looking forward to the greatest holiday, the 4th of July! But trying to hold an event on this day can be tough for anyone when you compete with a firework show. Here are 7 4th of July party theme must-haves we think will make your guest dive into a patriotic filled day:

  1. Invitations549e09dbedf70fffe7756eda90870e27: It all starts with the presentation. Decorate your invites USA styled too, with the stars and stripes.
  2. Red, White and Blue Food 5c28c77c80052c7b4cc37a057058411d: Having food for all types of people is a must, but some think it’s hard to keep the patriotic theme alive while dealing with dietary restrictions. It’s actually easy; make a fruit salad with strawberries, bananas and blueberries or red, white and blue cupcakes! See our Pinterest for more food ideas.
  3. Decorations f83d4bb311526cbe624fbf6de84c3d21: It’s easy to raise the flag on this grade day, but why not add more to your party. Add some teacup candles in some painted mason jars, or paint pots our 3 go to colors. Place some smaller flags around your house, too.
  4. The Yard 8c31e3422e6d19154dbd65df2a7fbfd3: Besides decorating tables, add some stars to your yard by cutting an outline of a star from cardboard. Use a sifter and some flour to cover your lawn in a patriotic way.
  5. Entrance 2d2a11d6a8cfec092e36579cf5ff6ee5: Always make sure your front door looks welcoming and like a party is going to take place. Make a flag wreath or wooden accent star so arriving guests know they’re at the right place!
  6. Activities for Everyone98942714033f036e332c79d090bffd0b : Make sure you can keep your guest entertained before the grand finale. Games like corn hole or even an old fashioned three-legged race to keep your party lively and upbeat.
  7. Cocktails 00f1cf992c7f3fadae3704ef6c669db2: For the adults, beverages are a must. Make some white wine sangria or even a layered drink with red, white and blue.


After you’ve enjoyed your flawless July 4th themed event, make sure there’s a place close by to watch a fireworks show, because lets face it, that’s the best closing to a 4th of July party! For DIY help and some great ideas for July 4th, see our Pinterest board!


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