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5 Tips: How to Network at Events

There are so many reasons why we love events.  They can be a great place to meet new people and build your network. EOE sees this happen all the time at our events and have picked up on some essential tips. Here are our 5 tips for how to network at an event.

Standing near the registration table: After signing in, take the time to make small talk with those just arriving. Something as simple as “it looks like a good turn out,” can trigger a conversation with people as they arrive.

Circle and scan: Before diving into the full blown event, circle the room and study name-tags of the guests to find the people and/or companies you definitely want to make contact with while you’re there.  Do what you can to research before the event to give yourself an advantage.

Look for loners: One-on-one networking is the most effect type of networking. It’s hard to join groups unless invited. Meeting someone when they are by themselves gives you the opportunity to start a conversation and enter a group later on.

Sit between people you don’t know: If it’s a sit-down event, sit next someone you don’t know. It gives you the chance to form a new relationship. Plan who you want to sit next to, but wait to the last possible chance so you can continue to make new contacts in the meantime.

Eat before you go It’s better to eat before the event. It gives you the opportunity to really focus and make a connection with the people you talk to instead of focusing on the food in front of you. If you do eat there, have something small and easy to eat.

Events are a great place to network and can make events more enjoyable for everyone involved.  With these 5 tips networking has never been easier! Check out our info graphic to see a play-by-play.

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