Behind the Scenes at bareMinerals’ Global Conference

Nothing like a white canvas venue takeover to make our little event planner hearts happy. We did it for Shiseido last summer for their FIT 3.0 conference, and we did it again for our friends at bareMinerals for their annual Global Conference. The catch? We had exactly nineteen days to execute – with eight of those days on site at another event series in another state + time zone.

Chaos seems to suit us, so we weren’t about to take a knee on this one-of-a-kind branded experience for bareMinerals, celebrating 25 years of their Original Foundation. This week we’re taking you on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of our latest event activation. Come on in!

Guest Arrival

We branded the outside of our venue, Studio 525 in New York City, with bareMinerals and their sister brand BUXOM’s logos, so that everyone who entered had no doubt in their minds that they were in the right place — plus a little window frosting to keep everything a private affair.

This time around, we surprised guests right from the get-go with a very special interactive photo moment with a literal wall of champagne. Each guest could strike a pose against a wall of fresh greenery that perfectly fit with bareMinerals clean beauty mission before grabbing a glass of bubbly to kick off the event.

We’re a sucker for guest experiences, and we always go the extra mile to pull off statement pieces like this. This entire 8 by 8 foot set-up, which was custom fit to the alcove in the event space, required 80 champagne flutes — specially sourced to fit into the display — and 4 wooden panels holding 20 glasses each, stained to match the tables in the dining room. Not only that, but in order to hold the glasses, which matched the rest of the evening’s glassware, we had to get specialty holes drilled into the panels. P.S.  Faux isn’t in our vocabulary. Even though the wall was a hedge style filler, all the greenery cascading over the full space of this champagne wall – floor to ceiling, was real – and smelled amazing.

Dinner By the Water

A waterfront dinner is 100% on-point for a natural beauty brand like bareMinerals, but how did we bring a serene, ocean view into the city that never sleeps? We lit up a 40’ long by 16’ high wall and laced two images together using projection mapping. How is that for making waves?

Part of the magic of a white canvas venue is getting to pick out every single detail by hand. Last time we set the table for bareMinerals, we captured the sky with blue glassware. This time, we completed our seaside experience with blue table chargers, rippled glass salad plates and iridescent dinner plates that resembled a seashell. Of course, we had to do our rental sourcing as a bit of a speed-run, but it was worth it to be able to hand pick our entire table setting, from every fork and linen to our custom vases.

If you haven’t heard of bareMinerals’ Full of/Free of campaign, you should check out the launch event we did for them last summer in London. We love finding new ways to implement this fun phrase into our details. In the case of this event, we brought in these beautiful flower vases all over the venue. Inside, we placed white flowers with a little touch of blush — an appropriate nod to BUXOM.

The final touch to our dinner by the water was personalized name cards, written in calligraphy on delicate seed paper. We’ll ‘dig’ into the 411 on the seed paper below.

The Photo Op Room

Guest experiences galore! Just off to the side of the dining room, we set up a space that housed all the fun. The bareMinerals Power of Good logo overlooked the room, adorned with a sparse arrangement of fresh greenery spilling over their vases. Furnished with cloud-inspired soft seating, this space celebrated bareMinerals by allowing guests to interact with the brand one-on-one.

Guests pinned up well-wishes to their teams and to the company on the same seed paper we used for the table name cards. To demonstrate the Power of Good, each of the seed cards were planted back into the ground by Grow NYC after the event.

Next, guests could pose for another photo-op with a special photo booth that created printed photos as well as “boomerangs” for posting on social media. The best part about it? The photo booth allowed guests to choose from either the bareMinerals or BUXOM branding on the image, so everyone in attendance was able to rep’ their team. Oh and did we mention some digital confetti?

To finish off with something sweet, attendees could munch on ombre macaroons that showcased the many shades of bareMinerals Original Foundation, which was on display throughout the room. Displayed on a branded pedestal, a gorgeous birthday cake with a container of bareMinerals’ original foundation perching effortlessly on top doubled as a focal point of the room.


If you remember our bareMinerals Global event from last year, you know what a challenge it was to combine bareMinerals simple, natural elegance with BUXOM’s bold style. They are two powerhouse brands with their own unique voices, but on events like these when they join together, it is up to us at Team Ellie to find some common ground.

First, we gave BUXOM the space to be themselves with a statement wall decal in their best selling shade — Dolly. The wall behind the bar was decorated with lip-shaped mirrors meant to bring the BUXOM brand to life without outshining their host. Our specialty cocktail, Dolly’s Berry Bellini, added another splash of pink to the evening, with a silver sugar-covered rim as a reminder of bareMinerals Silver Anniversary. All the drinks were served on custom BUXOM napkins, which were also served during passed hors d’oeuvres to create a cohesive cocktail hour.

Whether attendees were dining by the water or having fun during cocktail hour, with every corner they turned, our guests were greeted with an on brand experience that breathed new life into a beloved brand. We loved helping you celebrate, bareMinerals!

Need a team with the experience to execute world-class affairs in record time without skipping a beat? Let us help you make waves at your next event.

Event Photography by Jenna Boscom Photography.


East of Ellie team has flown across the country many, many times, partaken in the occasional international excursion (we miss you London) and caught countless trains to NYC. You may have seen on our insta that we were recently in California — we won’t spoil the surprise, but we’re headed back soon for our next event. We love the hussle, but keeping up with workflow on the road ain’t always easy peasy. We’ve got some tips for how we stay on top of it all:


This may sound silly, but can you type on your cell phone while pulling your roller suitcase and carrying your travel tote? We can. Want to know why? Because we thought about it first. We brought the right luggage knowing we would need to literally walk and type our way through the airport. Do yourself a favor and make sure your bags can basically move themselves so you can do that one handed typy thing we are all guilty of while you walk towards the airport exit.


When we’re running around with back to back meetings in different locations, we don’t have the luxury of sitting down to charge our devices. When “Low Battery Mode” just won’t cut it, we recommend slipping a portable charger in your travel bag for a little extra juice. (Bonus tip – if your team is on the go like you, branded portable chargers make great event guest giveaways.)


What’s up with the wifi? In some flights, wifi can be spotty or not available at all. Don’t take any chances by missing out on hours of valuable work time; download whatever documents you need from online to your desktop. No matter what the wifi situation is on the plane, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle your tasks. Ready for takeoff!


Where’s the nearest CVS? How far from the airport to the hotel? Can you walk from this meeting to the next or do you need to call an Uber? When you’re in an unfamiliar place, it can give you added stress and cause a bigger time-suck if you’re constantly figuring out directions. Before you leave, make a list of the places you know you’re going, and anything you might possibly need while you’re there — convenience stores, Starbucks, subway stations — and map it out. Know where everything is and how you’re going to get there, and you’ll be navigating the streets like a local.


Driving may seem like the fastest, and most financially sensible option in terms of traveling from appointment to appointment. You go directly from point A to point B when and how you want to. However, unforeseen factors like traffic and getting lost can have you frustrated, tired and worst of all, LATE. But our #1 reason to opt for public transportation when we’re on the go? You can get 100% more work done riding the train, bus, subway or camelback.


If you are like us, your company is nice enough to fly you here and there. But the catch is, you need to keep those receipts handy for those pesky expense reports. Keep a little zipper bag in your wallet and easily slip those loose pieces of paper in whenever you make a purchase, and avoid the anxiety-filled scavenger hunt later on. You’ll be glad you did and it keeps your focus knowing that all those expenses are taken care of.  


Jet Blue is nice enough to give you some chips and seltzer, but man, on these long trips to the airport and across the country, not having proper nourishment is just another way to exhaust yourself before the all nighters have even begun. Pack real food in your travel bag (our very own CK recommends a peanut butter chocolate chip GoMacro bar) and take a break and a bite when you need to. Then, keep on slugging away on those documents thanks to that magical internet in the sky.


Many people often tout tech for being a huge time waster. We’ve all been down the Instagram rabbit hole, but Ellie’s here to tell you that if you use it right, your phone can be a major productivity boost.  For any pro on the go, there are a few mobile app must haves:

Apple Wallet

With this guy, you can store all your cards in one place, and pay for whatever you need without ever digging through your purse for that plastic.

Google Suite

Google Suite lets you access your docs, spreadsheets and presentations from any device, frome phone, laptop to tablet, as well as easily collaborate with your co-workers. If your laptop battery dies, you can keep on keeping on knowing that you can still access anything you need right from your phone.


“Siri, remind me to …” Siri can be a lifesaver when you’re keeping track of multiple clients or meetings at once, which is especially useful when you take this show on the road.

Need an event team that can have your back on the go? Come chat with us!

Meet our Spring 2019 Intern

Just as soon as East of Ellie says bon voyage to our globe-trotting Winter Intern, we’ve got a new intern to hang with this spring. Meet Lauren Goodrich, our latest (and greatest) Junior Event Planner.

Lauren’s very first experience in the event world was helping her mom plan themed birthday parties every year.  Fast forward and now Lauren is a senior at the University of New Hampshire, where she’s majoring in Recreation Management & Policy: Program & Event Management with a concentration in Hospitality Marketing.

Her first look into the professional events world came from a practicum at a parks and recreation department near her university where she collaborated in marketing local events, helped with setup and breakdown, and designed some creative aspects – giving her just the right experience to really embrace her internship with EOE.

Ellie isn’t her first trip down event planner lane. This past summer, she interned with Greenwich Tent Company, where she designed content to post on company’s social media platforms and website as well as organized and secured town permits for events.

Fun Facts:

Studied abroad in Edinburgh Scotland, where she met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (sound familiar?)

Has a sweet spot for baking sweet treats. Did someone say cupcakes?

Prefers fall & winter over summer — sweater weather & bean boots all the way

Is a pro at thrift shop treasure hunting.

Need an event team that can make your life easier? Give us a shout.

bareMinerals Hosts Capture The Sky Dinner

If you haven’t caught a whiff of bareMinerals’ latest marketing campaign, let’s just say it’s all about water flowin’ and wind ablowin’. So, our latest event with bareMinerals had everyone walking on air. This week we are bringing you the behind the scenes scoop from our latest event with bareMinerals, Capture the Sky.


If you haven’t noticed from our past events we are a sucker for a good logo. This time was tricky, because our venue had some paintings on the walls that could not be taken down. So, as a last minute fix, we had the bare logo cut into a glass plate (otherwise known as a gobo) to project onto the wall. Nothing like a company name in lights to save the day! Our guests were so impressed, the CEO himself said he wants bareMinerals logo gobos incorporated into all bareMinerals stores. (If you see these guys pop up down the line, you can thank us.)

The Setting

We hosted this event at the beautiful Landmarc Tribeca, home of renowned chef Marc Murphy – since, ya know, we don’t take our catering lightly. The venue itself featured a white brick wall to give the space a light, cloudy atmosphere, and edison bulbs dangling from the ceiling to provide a starry overhead. To bring in the blue, we focused on the tablescape with blue drinking glasses, and hand-done watercolor painted menus.

The Decor


You’ve seen these glasses before on instagram and our holiday stress survival guide – easy to see we are kind of obsessed with them. The blue glassware tied the whole theme together, giving the space the perfect splash of color so our guests would know it’s all blue skies ahead. But it almost didn’t come to be! We had the glasses scheduled to arrive at 4:00pm so they’d be all set for a 7 o’clock dinner, but they weren’t delivered until 6:45. A little last minute table-setting isn’t something #TeamEllie couldn’t fix!

It certainly wasn’t the only rental delivery crisis we were dealing with that night. Our white linen table runners were delivered wrinkled — we had an iron, but no ironing board, and no steamer. Bottom line is, we were standing on chairs, holding up linens, and using our iron as a steamer to make sure everything was prim and proper for guest arrival. And we have photos to prove it.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Buxom! We celebrated their sister brand with these fun and oh-so-sassy sugar-lipped cocktails.

Capture the Sky was the perfect way for our guests to unwind after a busy day of meetings, and a home run for the bareMinerals brand. When we close our eyes, we’re still seeing blue!

Need a team that can turn your brand into event gold (or maybe blue)? Send us a note.

Meet Our Winter 2018 Intern

Big things are happening at EOE. Not only is our newest addition killing it as our queen of all things Graphic Design, but we’ve just taken on an intern for the winter months. Meet Anjelika Servetas, our new Junior Event Planner.

Anjelika is a junior at the College of Charleston. She is double majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. During her sophomore year, she interned with Intrigue Design & Events, assisting with the planning and designing of events and day-of coordination. Here, she fell in love with event planning, from logistics to the creative side, and everything in-between.

When at school, Anjelika teaches a freshman course in the hospitality program, where she works to bring in industry professionals so her students can network and learn all about the event world. Anjelika is incredibly excited and thankful to be working with East of Ellie over her winter break before she embarks on her study abroad trip to Spain!

Fun Facts:

1. Dreams of moving to Hawaii

2. Aspires to become fluent in Spanish

3. Obsessed with travel – hopes to fill her passport one day!

4. Is scuba certified and plans on receiving more advanced certifications in the future

Sounds like she’s really going places – welcome to #TeamEllie, Anjelika! If you want to know more about her, check out her Linkedin Profile.

Do you need an event team that loves to travel? Send us a note, we’d love to chat.

The More the Merrier: Team Ellie Welcomes Our New Associate Director of Event Creative

Team Ellie just keeps getting bigger! As we rounded out 2018 with another event series for bareMinerals, we brought on our full-time Graphic Designer, Michelene Scarchilli to take on all things event collateral. She joined #TeamEllie when we needed her most, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without her. Here’s the lowdown on #TeamEllie’s latest addition:

Michelene graduated from Sacred Heart University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing. Although she’s been designing for years in other industries, she never truly felt at home until she began designing for events. Now, she wouldn’t want it any other way, and neither would we!

Here are some fun facts on Michelene:

1. If you think her first name sounds Italian, think again – it’s actually Irish (and pronounced Mickle-een)

2. Despite this, she fit right in when living in Rome for 4 months two years ago

3. Michelene has been designing since the 10th grade, when she took a class to fulfill an arts requirement. The rest is history.

4. She’s extremely clumsy – she walks into walls, tables & chairs all the time – especially at work

5. She knows literally every word to the movie The Benchwarmers

Now, when she’s not designing artwork for the many, many events we have coming up in 2019 (stay tuned), she’s writing all over the walls in our conference room, and working on a brand new website + brand refresh for EOE. You may see some new EOE colors entering the mix sometime soon – but we won’t spoil it yet.

Welcome to the Team MM! If you need someone to make your event collateral shine, let us know.

(We’re not done growing yet – #TeamEllie is on the hunt for an admin, too)

Ellie Gives Thanks

A few weeks ago, Emily asked us each to give three things that we’re thankful for. No explanation, no context, just a – hey – give me your first honest answer.  

The responses – although emotionally overwhelming – really put into context what it means to work with or for #TeamEllie. At East of Ellie, we give thanks on the daily that we get to create one-of-a-kind experiences and put the spotlight on some killer brands. When Ellie was just a twinkle in our #GirlBoss’s eye, we never dreamed we would be putting on events like we do. If you haven’t been paying attention to our instagram or Linkedin feed, we’ve been thinking a lot about all the things we’re thankful for – here are some of our favorites:

1. Freedom To Be Creative

From coming up with one of a kind event themes – like bareMinerals’ indoor park – to producing amazing event video content, and building fun guest experiences, we love that we get to flex our creative muscles on the reg.

2. Ellie Office Culture

At EOE, brainstorming sessions consist of floor to ceiling mood boards, writings on the walls, pink Starbursts and the occasional meme reference. We are so thankful that going to work doesn’t mean running the rat race. (If you want to join in on the fun, we’re looking for an intern, by the way.)

3. The Only Thing Constant in Our World is Change

From NYC to LA you will always find #TeamEllie on the move. It’s no secret that we event planners wear a million hats. Our job descriptions are tough to sum up, but we thrive in the daily craziness – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

4. Never Bored

Sometimes, we go glamping on weekdays, other times, we’re taking the train to our clients’ NYC offices to show them how we’re making their next event magical. We’ve got too much going on to be bored in the boardroom!

5. Daily Inspiration

Our office is filled with event swag, awards and publications, and photos from past events blown up so big, it’s like we never left. It’s a daily reminder of what we’ve accomplished so far, and keeps our eyes on the prize of topping our last event. That’s the great thing about working with so many repeat clients – your next event has got to outdo your last one. It gives us that special spark!

6. Our Fellow Party People

You’d think that after 3 days of clocking in 15+ hours, we’d be sick of each other – but somehow you can still find us laughing with each other, swapping memes, emojis, and Starbucks orders. At East of Ellie, the people you work with are more than just co-workers, they’re family. For us, life just wouldn’t be the same without #TeamEllie!

7. Greatest Clients + Greatest Brands

Truth is, nothing on this list would have come to be if it weren’t for our clients. We work for some pretty amazing brands that trust us to get things done, and give us the freedom to play and make their events extra special. THANK YOU!

Need a team that is ready for anything your next event might throw your way? You’ll be thankful you talked to Ellie – send us a note!

Holi(YAY) Stress Relief


Oh boy, here come the holidays. Though it is a joyous season of giving gifts and giving thanks, it can also bring a whole heap of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Even for some of the most organized people in this universe – like event planners (wink wink) – the holidays can get overwhelming. Here’s a few tips and tricks from us party people at EOE on how to achieve a stress-free(ish) holiday.


We’re currently recovering from a very busy event planning season and even some world travelin’ – so when it’s time to take a break from work, we take it. Take advantage of that half day of work the day before the feast and get a plan in place. If you can, take the full day off before a big holiday and give yourself time to focus. One of the biggest causes of stress is when you feel you are getting pulled in multiple directions. For your sanity, sit down and organize. You’ll thank yourself for this when you realize you actually have time to sleep before the big day.


The word “no” doesn’t really show up in our vocabulary. So for us, this is a big statement. But sometimes, the easiest way to avoid extra stress around the holidays is to simply say “no.” “No” to allowing Aunt Susan’s Great Dane to come over, “no” to offering three turkeys cooked three ways, and certainly “NO” to that glass of Merlot on the new white living room couch. Know your limits and keep in mind that the word “no” is not only an option, but necessary.


As professional event planners we rely on the help of others – audio visual experts, A+ florists, gourmet caterers – you get the idea. Without them we wouldn’t be able to pull off events like ours. And despite what Pinterest makes us believe, we are not all wizards with a glue gun. Even if you’re a party planner of one this holiday season, you can still get some help with your table decor! Grab a potted plant from your grocery store or maybe some cute place mats from our friends at Amazon Prime (or Etsy if you are ahead of yourself with time) and leave the floral arranging to the professionals.


A classic EOE best practice is to make checklists when we have a lot on our plate. It keeps us focused and leaves us with a sense of accomplishment when we complete a task. Can we all agree that nothing is better than crossing things off of your to-do list? You can also use post it notes – but if you are one of us, your whole house will be covered in them, which is a little counter-productive.


As the old saying goes – but my, my, is it true – the devil is in the details. So, organize all the details you can in advance – fold napkins, place your centerpiece on the table or vacuum the spare room two days before guests arrive. It’s all this last minute stuff that will get you every time. It’s never too early to start setting up!


Be thoughtful in your decisions to avoid extra work on your holiday. Simple checkpoints like not using your expensive china on the kids table will keep you from a big headache when you are in the middle of your day-of holiday tasks.


At the end of the day, your family and friends will appreciate the wonderful effort you put into making each holiday feel magical. Not all superheros wear capes. Do the best you can, and if your day is filled with love and warm food, you did your job, host! At the end of the holiday when everyone has been fed and the last dish is getting cleaned remember that you cannot control everything and although you may have done things differently there is no event that goes 100% as planned. TRUST US. Take all the things you learn and apply them to the next one.  

If you need to treat your workplace family to a holiday dinner to say “thanks,” let us know

Shiseido Americas Hosts FIT 3.0

When Ellie pulls off a great event, we like to shout it from the rooftops (literally!). And since this month EOE is all about giving thanks for the clients, opportunities and bomb parties that got us where we are today, we thought we’d spotlight one of our favorite events from this year—Shiseido FIT 3.0. We’ve planned this event for three years in a row now, and we can proudly say this was the biggest and best FIT conference yet.

The Conference

We took Shiseido America’s Finance and IT team to the gorgeous blank space NYC venue, Hudson Mercantile. The venue’s industrial vibe created the perfect setting to highlight this year’s theme, building for the future. Of course, we let that message speak for itself with blueprint-inspired event graphics.

Side story about that blueprint collateral—when our name badges got delivered the evening before the event, we discovered tape marks stuck on the laminate. We didn’t have time for a reprint, so we got our hands dirty with some window cleaner and paper towels. Anything to ensure our event sparkles from every angle!

The open studio style space let us perfectly customize our event to “fit” the Shiseido brand (get it?)—we did a lot of furniture shopping to get this totally Shiseido vibe going. (If you don’t already know how Shiseido rolls, check out the Supply Chain Summit we planned for them earlier this year.)


You know us—we’re all about guest experience. So, after a morning full of presentations, everybody got to play at lunchtime. What better way to rally everyone around the brand than to showcase their AMAZING product line? The Finance and IT crowd doesn’t work much with all this fun stuff in their day-to-day, so this was a real treat!

Here’s a tip on event planning in NYC—space is tight. We had lunch on a separate floor from our presentations, and only two elevators to move almost 200 guests. It took a lot of crowd control, but we’re proud to say we got everyone to lunch without a hitch, and everyone back in their seats just in time for presentations round 2.

The After-Party:

Okay—we saved the best for last. At the end of the day we partied on the rooftop with a classy summer bbq complete with sliders, open bar, and lawn games. Now everyone can say they’ve played mini golf seven stories up in the air!

Our rooftop party almost didn’t happen as planned—during setup the day before, we got caught in a nasty thunderstorm. Of course, we had a rain plan all set to go, but we’re super thankful the sun came out just in time.

Speaking of sunshine, when we showed our client the rooftop setup the morning of the event, we all realized it was bright. Like, really bright. Bottom line is, we know how to find 200 matching sunglasses at the drop of a hat.

At EOE, it’s the details that make our events so special. We’re so thankful that we’ve watched this event grow over the last three years, and that with each year, we get to add a little extra F-U-N. If you need a team that thinks of the little things for your next event, send us a note at!

Halloween As Told By Event Planners

Happy Plan-a-ween! You think Frankenstein is scary? Nothing is more frightening than not having a plan in place. Here at EOE even the best planned event days have their fair share of horror stories. Are you scared your pocus punch isn’t going to be goolish enough? Do you have these amazing last minute ideas but have no idea how to pull them off? You came to the right place! Keep reading to learn all about how us Ellie event planners execute in a pinch.



First thing’s first, what are we planning here? A quick get together with friends after work? A haunted house extravaganza with all the bells and whistles? Outline what you are planning to accomplish before you get started and get lost in the beauty that is Pinterest or our favorite- Amazon Prime! It’s easy to go overboard. Trust us.

Know Whether You’ll Be Having Goblins and Ghouls or Vampires and Werewolves.

If you are just going to dress up and serve red wine because, ya know, it’s Halloween, that might not be enough to wow your guests. Understand WHO is attending and what you want their EXPERIENCE to be. If you are looking to scare some people, dressing the dog in a bat costume might not cut it!

Don’t Assume The Guest Has Their Own Crystal Ball

As fun as guessing games are, guests are horrible at it. So, if it’s a costume party, make sure your e-vite says so. If you are having a contest for the scariest monster, make sure your guests know. Nothing worse than being the only one dressed up while everyone else is in their sweatpants (which could be just as scary)

A Little Bit of Last Minute Magic

There’s something about Halloween that feels like just about everyone waits until the very last minute to prepare for. Lucky for us last minute requests are our middle name. They are so common in the events world that we have mastered (almost) every loophole. Let us introduce you to our favorite duo, Pinterest and Amazon Prime. One provides the inspiration the other makes it come to life in two quick days via some magical broomstick. Does it get better than this?


How to Give Your Night some Witchcraft and Wizardry

If you are anything like us, your wardrobe is a variation of a few shades of black. The issue is, not everyone is going to want to dress up in a costume or any article of clothing that isn’t orange or black.  If you know that at this party cat ears just aren’t going to cut it – what can you do?

  1. Buy fun props for people to put on. After a few creepy cocktails, your guests may be more willing to throw on that blonde wig.

  2. Make your costumes approachable. I never met a person who would say no to a solid pair of shutter shades. Maybe a wand? Red plastic lips? Do easy things that people can easily take on and off but will allow them to still feel adult
    while acting a little silly.

  3. Give out awards. One of our favorite things in event planning is a good ole competition. You would be amazed what a custom plastic engraved trophy or unlimited bragging rights will make people do. Create a runway, get score cards, and make it worth the guests while to compete with each other.

  4. After years and years of attending halloween parties, the typical red colored punch served out of a pumpkin or overdone sugary apple ciders, we are ready to step up our halloween drinks to options that are a bit more sophisticated. Some of these drinks look too spooky to drink, but we promise they are tastier than they look. (Just arrange for someone else to fly your broomstick home) Check them out here.

  5. Avoid any #partyfouls by taking 10 minutes to create your own music playlist instead of relying on a premade one. Nothing kills the vibe of a poppin’ dance floor like the Kidz Bop version of Monster Mash. Don’t get us wrong, traditional halloween songs are still great, just make sure you have consistency and songs that are upbeat to keep the party “alive”.

  6. Lighting is everything. At our events, this means overhead bistro lights and votive candles to set the scene for dinner, or ensuring a presenter is well lit on stage with a specialty installed spotlights. But for your Halloween bash, don’t let this #protip squeeze by you. If your event is lit correctly with shadow-y uplighting, mysterious glows of purple and green, and flickering yellow flames (faux please. Let’s not go there) This will set the tone of your event without having to buy so many props or decor. Simple but thoughtful lighting is the perfect way to keep it sophisticated and spooky.

Don’t let your next event scare you.  Need party people who know how to monster mash?  Drop us a note at



Event planners wear a lot of hats. We’ve talked before about what we actually do, but event planners often take on duties that seem like they have absolutely nothing to do with events. Here are 10 unexpected jobs that get rolled up into any event planner’s job description:

1. Research Specialist

Sometimes, we find an event inspiration picture online, show it to our client, and they just have to have it. They don’t want something similar, they want that one. Exactly. Needless to say, we have to go beyond a simple google search to find what we’re looking for. Event planners may spend days searching for a chair rental that once only existed in a rendering, or a decor idea they found on Pinterest.
We don’t even want to tell you how long it took to find the wood chips we used as name cards for our event with bareMinerals – but we found them, ‘cuz that’s the way we roll.

2. Film Director

Nothing makes an event look more professional than live video introducing the event, or embedded in a PowerPoint presentation. At EOE, we don’t just do event design and floral arrangements. We put ourselves in the director’s chair to make our events look stellar with high quality video production.

3. Private Eye

It’s 5 minutes till showtime, and your special guest speaker, whom you paid thousands of dollars in advance is 30 minutes away from the venue, on a stroll through the park. This is the stuff of nightmares, people. And it once happened to us. At EOE, we know how to throw together an impromptu emergency search party every now and then.

4. Professional Wrestler

Occasionally, someone tries to crash an event. We get it – we throw some pretty bomb parties. We usually aren’t wearing capes and spandex, but we like to think our wrestler name would be “The Human Shield.” Ain’t nobody getting past registration with us on duty.

5. Delivery Driver

We bring a lot of stuff to and from events. Like, a lot. Sometimes the only way to know for sure everything’s at the right place at the right time is to drive it there yourself.

6. Travel Agent

You want an event in San Diego? How about Washington D.C.? How about NYC? The point is, we go a lot of places for our clients. Travel means planes, trains & automobiles, hotel blocks, synchronized watches, etc. No matter where in the world your next event is taking you, we’ve already got a plan.

7. Mortician

(It’s not what you think, we promise.)

Just because our event is over doesn’t mean we’re off the clock! After event-day, we get together with our clients to discuss how everything went down. We lovingly refer to these event wrap-up meetings as “post-mortems.” At East of Ellie, we’re constantly trying to get better and better. We look at what worked like a charm, what curve-balls we had to work around, and everything in between. We get the chance to work with our clients again and again, so we try to learn from the way our guests responded to the event. That way, we can get working on new ideas and strategies to make the next one even better.

8. Gym Teacher

Corporate events aren’t all about presentations and meetings. We also throw some pretty epic team building events. Does that occasionally mean renting out gyms and blowing up giant sumo wrestling rings to give our clients the adult field day of their dreams? You bet.

9. DJ

Events need music. Everything’s gotta be on-vibe and on-brand, and heaven forbid that one song our client hates shows up on shuffle. We don’t set the mood with an auto-generated playlist – no way!


Okay, we kind-of suck at card tricks. But, the things we can do with a fast-approaching deadline will amaze you. Just call us The Great Ellie-ni because we’re constantly pulling legendary events out of thin air.

Need an event planning team that does it all? Give us a call!


Here at EOE we’ve started making a list of things we thought we would never do. At the top?  Google all the words you can use for sneakers around the world. Why you ask? Because in June East of Ellie’s latest event for bareMinerals had us lacing up our “trainers,” skipping rope and picnicking on park benches.

A park? In London? As always there is a catch. We did it all indoors AND, on the historic River Thames in the amazing city of London. Hi Prince Harry – we’ve missed you <3

It’s no secret that we’re kind of obsessed with bringing the outdoors in. We had so much fun taking bareMinerals Glamping Under the Stars in New York City that we just couldn’t resist a little more sunshine and green. Keep reading to see how we transformed bareMinerals’ London conference into a gorgeous indoor park!

The Concept

The purpose of this conference was to celebrate the global launch of bareMinerals’ new Full Of Free Of campaign. Attendees came from all over the world to learn, collaborate, and enjoy a fun, relaxing day alongside the conference’s educational presentations and workshops.

When we were first briefed on this event we were asked to ensure all guests could wear their sneakers. Knowing this group as well as we do that was at first a bit perplexing. Sneakers don’t usually fall into their dress code – but hey – we love a challenge…

On go the brainstorming caps. What would you do in sneakers?  Ride bikes – not a great way to present to guests… Camping? Been there done that…  What about take a walk – IN THE PARK.

Introducing bareMinerals London Park experience.  

We love bareMinerals and everything they stand for.  Full Of the Good Stuff, Free Of the Bad Stuff. We nodded to our destination by evoking a classic English garden with a sleek, modern, oh-so-bareMinerals flair. Welcome to “Full of Fresh Air, Free of the Norm.

The Execution

Our venue, The Lower River Room at The Mermaid London was bright and airy with gorgeous dark hardwood floors and panoramic windows overlooking the Thames – perfect for grassy carpets, topiaries and lots of white decor.

Seated at authentic wooden picnic tables and white park benches, we gave guests the true park experience with themed gifts displayed in wicker picnic baskets. Branded jump ropes, sunglasses, and Full of/Free of madlibs and word scrambles tucked into their notebooks — making sure we were Full Of Fun and Free Of Another Boring Meeting. See what we did there?

How about some art in the park? We brought in a live digital muralist to illustrate our guests very own Full of/Free of statements before their eyes. It was a perfect way to give guests an extra special experience with bareMineral’s new campaign. The result? A fancy graffiti wall mural that turned everyone’s personal statements into a work of art. Cool huh?

We had all the good stuff too. A garden photobooth wall, fresh popcorn and park inspired snacks, we even had live trees. Another “never thought I would do” added to list with that one.  

You never know what we have up our sleeves when our clients ask us to come to the table with creative ideas. What’s next for EOE and bareMinerals? We’ve got some plans in mind, but you’ll have to wait and see!

Do you need a team that can dream up stunning event concepts like this? Leave us a note:


The beauty and cosmetics company, Shiseido Americas, hosted its first ever Supply Chain Summit at the Marriott East Side in New York City. There, top executives met to discuss vision, strategy, and a road-map for the future of the company’s supply chain. Find out how we gave the event it’s signature style!


If you are reading this you know how East of Ellie rolls. We are totally into the Shiseido brand because they are sleek, modern and easily recognized for its bold, bright red and white logo. They are the definition of classy.

Our job? Integrate Shiseido’s striking, contemporary style into an engaging two-day corporate summit that would allow the many moving parts of Shiseido’s supply chain to meet, learn, and collaborate as one team.  Challenge accepted.



This gets our little event planner hearts pumping. Shiseido’s Supply Chain logo is a triangle that connects the company’s main goals. So, we went bold with a design featuring the classic “Shiseido red” and gave it a little edge to reflect that angular logo using eye-catching and distinct shapes to create depth.

Of course we used this design for all the usual meeting-y stuff — table numbers, powerpoint slides and what not. But we were really excited to put these designs on a fun, interactive selfie wall, and a custom Snapchat filter (because why NOT?). No boring conference here.


So, want to hear a funny story?  We built this amazing backdrop that was missing a logo about 18 hours before the event was ready to kick off.  We got it fixed no problemo – but, with one problem out the door, another one comes right in to take its place. It’s the event-planner circle-of-life.

Now, we had to figure out how to support the TV that was supposed to be mounted to this thing. Let’s just say we may or may not have been cutting holes in a very expensive piece of fabric at 1:00am the day of the event. We couldn’t let some logistical hurdles fizzle our fire. Afterall, one of the most important aspects of any summit is the stage. It is (literally) the platform through which guests experience the event.

Here you can see our basic concept:

Despite all the craziness, the real-life thing was even better! We filled out the space with a few more screens and added a big black couch to make it a little homier. Behind the stage were elegantly displayed Shiseido products – gorgeous decor totally personalized to the Shiseido brand, plus, a great reminder of what the people in this room have done!


If you know East of Ellie, you know guest experience is kind of our thing. We love performing logistical gymnastics and making corporate conferences work and feel just as they’re supposed to, but making sure our guests enjoy themselves is our bread and butter. This time around we filled our days with a guest speakers, fun interactive (and custom) team building exercises and an interactive app that allowed guests to interact with every facet of the event.

Success! We had a blast with our late nights and weekends texting away with our clients. When we say full service, we mean it.

Want a group of event planners who know the importance of getting it right? We are here to make your event dreams come true! Send us a note:

Meet our 2018 Summer Interns

This may just be our biggest summer ever here at EOE! Not only have our team members Karen and Cindy been killing it since their big promotions, but we have not one, not two, but THREE amazing new interns joining the team this summer. Our team is bigger and better than ever, and we really need it, because Ellie’s got a lot on her calendar this summer — you’re gonna want to stay tuned.

In the meantime, let’s meet these new party people:


Kiana Ahmadi

Junior Event Planner

Kiana is a senior at Pace University in Westchester. She’s an Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications Major with a minor in Special Events Marketing. She started in the event planning business when she was only 16, when she worked at Star Factory in Stratford & Trumbull CT hosting children’s birthday parties. This is where her love for event planning was born! During her junior year of college she worked at Westchester Magazine as a Marketing Intern, assisting in the planning and execution of all events. She gained hands on experience by contacting vendors, promoting events, and attending/working on site at the events.

She is beyond excited to work at EOE this summer! She hopes to gain more hands on experience, channel her inner creativity, and learn more about what goes into planning legendary events.

Fun Facts:

  • She is 100% Persian! Her parents both came here from Iran when they were teenagers — she’s a first generation American!
  • Fitness & food — two of her greatest passions
  • She is obsessed with purses
  • She’s California Dreamin’ of living in Cali one day

Want to know more about Kiana? Check out her LinkedIn Profile!


Siobhan McGorty

Junior Event Planner

Siobhan is a senior at the University of Alabama. She’s majoring in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Events/Meetings Management. She previously worked at Amy Champagne Events, a wedding planning company, as a summer intern. There she worked the day of weddings by assisting in preparation, helping with the bride, transportation, and pretty much anything else that was needed to be done! She also holds a position in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, as Senior/Alumnae Relations chair in which she plans senior week activities as well as various events for our alumnae to come back and visit! She cannot wait to learn about all that goes on behind the scenes with planning legendary events for EOE!

Fun Facts

  • She spends most of her time at the beach
  • She’s an aspiring globetrotter — her most recent destinations? Ireland and Italy
  • Her teams: the NY Jets and Alabama football —  Roll Tide!
  • She’s 100% Irish — if you’re wondering, yes, her name is Gaelic

Want to know more about Siobhan? Check out her LinkedIn Profile!


Nicole Andreson

Marketing & Events Associate

Nicole is a senior at Roger Williams University. She stared out as an English/Education Double major, and quickly realized that was not her destiny. Now she’s a Creative Writing Major with a double minor in Arts Management and Graphic Design Communications and loving every minute of it!

Nicole has been an Events Coordinator for the RWU Creative Writing Department for the last 2 years, and this is where she fell in love with events — from brainstorming fun and cool event ideas to keeping on top of the chaos in the time leading up to the day-of. This past spring, she was helping to coordinate events for the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and is hungry for more! Interning with East of Ellie this summer was an obvious next step for her.

She’s excited to show the world what we’ve been up to on EOE’s social media (if you aren’t following us on Instagram @eastofellie, Twitter @EASTOFELLIE, and Facebook you’re probably missing out) and use her creativity and management skills to take on the many events and marketing challenges East of Ellie has in store for her.

Fun Facts:

  • She is the Screenwriting, Events & PR Chair for the RWU Film Production Collaborative  — a fancy-sounding job that mostly consists of making everyone sit still long enough for an instagram pic
  • Her phone is filled up mostly with pictures of her two cats
  • In her freetime, you can find her at a game night with her friends, getting them all to agree on dinner plans
  • Online shopping is her greatest weakness

Want to know more about Nicole? Check out her LinkedIn Profile!

Big dreams for event planning bliss?  Send us a note, we’d love to chat.

Up – up + away. See who’s on the move at EOE.

Em here.  I haven’t been on the Ellie blog in a while, but today I am honored and excited that I get to come back and share with you all some pretty fabulous news.

Back in December of 2009 I sat on my couch in my Prospect Street apartment in Stamford Connecticut and purchased Who knew that almost 9 years later I would be sitting here in my office surrounded by pictures of Prince Harry, former VP Joe Biden, my amazing clients and some epic brands.  In that same timeframe I have seen East of Ellie continue to grow with the addition of Cindy Kapp in June of 2015 and of Karen Marin in January of 2017.

Our lives would not be the same without each other.  I can genuinely say that I have a team I adore and I hope everyone can hear me, because in reading terms, I am doing my best to shout it from the rooftops.  If you are looking for two individuals who support, coach and mentor each other and others, you do not need to look any further. They have both grown tremendously since I first met them – both as interns – and now my colleagues.

When I went out on Maternity leave these two planners stepped up their game and made us all proud.  Having outgrown their current roles both Cindy + Karen have been promoted to new, more fitting titles that truly reflect what they actually do everyday.  There is really no list that could include everything, but this at least scratches the surface.  Please join me in congratulating them both on their recent promotions.


Cindy Kapp:  

Planner,  Event Logistics + Execution

The summer social intern turned event planner extraordinaire.  Cindy has taken on greater responsibilities and will be managing key vendors and responsible for a greater amount of details on event day.  If you are a caterer, floral designer, audio visual expert or a Spotify playlist, you are in great hands with CK.



Karen Marin:

Junior Planner, Event Management + Procurement.

Karen came into this role when we were knee deep in one of our largest events in history.  She did so flawlessly and without hesitation. Karen joined us when we needed some serious administrative help (and for me a personal babysitter) but these days you will see she is a humongous part in our event execution.  She is truly the glue that holds this group together. Karen, Sharon, Sharon Sharon. Whatever her real name is we couldn’t live without her.

Drop us a line!

We want to hear from you!