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Using Hashtags for Events

Hashtags have grown in popularity with the evolution of Twitter. By using these tagging methods, people are able to easily search for past tags and create trends. Using hashtags for events are crucial to media campaigns and major brands have recognized that. Here are some of our favorite campaigns from BizBash that took Hashtags to a new level.

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The Colgate’s Optic White partnered with the beauty station used for the Golden Globes this year. By placing decals on mirrors, with the hashtag #brilliantsmile , celebrities took photos of themselves and promoted Optic White with the hashtag.

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Backdrops call attention at large events! The producers of USA Network’s fashion presentation used a 60-foot-long video wall to promote the television show, Suits, new season with #suitstyle. Not only did this promote the show but it also created media conversations about men’s fashion.


Tide was one of the largest sponsors of the Coachella Music Festival this year. Tide decorated mirrors with flower decals, their logo and the hashtag #tideplus , encouraging guests to take a “selfie”. By combining the two latest trends, hashtags and selfies, Tide created a widespread social media campaign.

Just having a hashtag isn’t the most important thing it’s placement! Key locations at events will make the hashtag, as well as the brand or company, a top of mind propriety for guests.  Some of the best places to draw attention to an official hashtag according to BizBash are:

1. The Wall- by placing a hashtag on the way, it’s a call to action. It’s a simple and noticeable!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.38.17 AM2. Video Screens- like #suitstyle , video screens can display the posts where the hashtags are used. This is becoming a common tendency at events.

3. Make the Staff Wear It- adding the hashtag to shirts that workers wear, guests will be sure to see and use the hashtag themselves.

4. Mark It on Tickets- Handing out colorful wristbands or pamphlets encourage guests to upload photos with the hashtag.

Making a hashtag is the easy part, but in order to make it a trending tag, placement matters! It should be anywhere and everywhere to promote your event, brand or company. Hashtags can translate into measurable exposure, helping adjust into larger long-term strategies. Using hashtags for events are key to a successful media campaign! For more of our favorite hashtagged events and placement, visit our Pinterest board.



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