December 10, 2015

10 Best Gifts for Event Planners

We’ve already specified that event planners are special types of humans. Our brain just works differently, we thrive on organization and pretty things.

So when choosing the perfect gift for the event planner of your life, whether they are an established business owner or throw the best DIY parties you’ve ever been to, be sure to hit the gifts that are most likely on their lists.

Here are the 10 Best Gifts for Event Planners:



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We love to keep behind the scenes footage of our events. It’s a great way to inexpensively document your team’s willingness to go above and beyond where all the magic happens. GoPro’s durability is one less thing you need to worry about while executing an event. Dropped it in some water? No problem, it’s probably a cool angle anyway.

Kate Spade Notebooks


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We are suckers for a great notebook and an even better pen. Kate Spade appeals to a classic and whimsical event style without breaking the bank. See more styles here.

Action Pads

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To do lists? no problem. Action pads are awesome for highlighting the actual to dos from a long list of things to do. For us, having our to-do list written down neatly is a gift in itself. AND it comes in different colors? Done. Get yours here.

Fancy Coffee Cup

Image by ZonkShop, Etsy

Most event planners are like us with their shenanigans and antics. This year one of our interns gave the CEO this great mug. It’s kind of perfect and very practical for the endless coffee we consume on the daily. There are tons of quirky, handmade options on Etsy.

Business Card Holder


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Event planners run into new potential clients and vendors in parking lots, grocery stores, or even at the gym. Having a fancy leather sleeve for your business cards lets you always feel prepared and organized, cause digging through a messy purse or overstuffed wallet to find a card is not a good look.

Snack Containers

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Trust us, those fancy little rubber snack containers are not just for boxed lunches and toddlers. As a planner you sometimes never know when you will get a chance for lunch, so these easy to conceal snack containers are perfect for that ‘in mid walk’ almond break.

Multifunctional Pen


Image by Kentaur, Amazon

Go ahead and laugh, but when you are making notes for 5 different clients in a span of an hour, having the option to color code can really save you some time and headache.  Check it out here.

BirchBox Subscription


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Event planners are constantly traveling, and need some sample sizes of our favorite beauty products to tag along. BirchBox has high quality beauty products including lipsticks, lotions, perfumes, hair products, and more. The best part? It’s delivered to your door every month, so there is no need for shopping for this great gift.

Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa


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This gift is probably great for ANYONE on your list that needs a little stress relief. But on event day, we can walk up to 12 miles throughout the day (we track on our Fitbit, which is on our Event Planner’s Head to Toe Fashion Guide for Event Day), so our feet need some serious relief. The low price for such a luxury surprised us! Buy here.



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Our cell phones are quickly becoming the dirtiest item we own. We are constantly touching it and putting it up to our cheek, but cannot afford to get sick from our everyday addiction. PhoneSoap sanitizes your phone with UV light, so it’s one less thing worry about. But a gift that only did one job would be a waste of our time, it also charges your phone while sanitizing. Win.

Need a few more gift ideas? Your event planner may be running low on supplies in their Emergency Supply Kit or need to add to their Wardrobe for Event Day. Click the links to see more!