December 13, 2019


10 years in the business you would think that nothing would surprise us – but that’s not the case.  Yesterday was our birthday – HBD Ellie!

As we reflect on the past 10 years,  all we can think about are all the moments that made us and our clients smile along the way. We take so much pride in never saying no to our clients. If your request is humanly possible, we get it done – even if it takes staying up until 3 in the morning or walking a mile in the pouring rain in the streets of Dublin, while carrying two banner signs with no directions. As you can imagine, that state of mind and work ethic has created quite a few memorable moments for us over the years. 

It’s hard to pick our favorites from the last decade, but here are 10 that keep us laughing and humbly remind us that we can never truly say “we’ve seen it all.”

  1. Negotiating with the secret service to buy Peanut M&M’s for VP Joe Biden – who are they to get between a VP and his snack?
  2. Creating our own catchy tag-lines and capturing them on video inspired by Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives” for some pretty epic brands.
  3. Ending 2019 with a shiny, new gold trophy that represent something way bigger than our agency. Thank you, Stevie Awards.
  4. Driving one of the most famous make-up artists in the world, Laura Mercier, around the Paramount Studios backlot in a golf cart.
  5. Making EOE HQ into our own creative hub. Our office, our way. It’s the second home that inspires us on the daily.
  6. Using power washers and cleaning supplies as centerpieces at our warehouse event. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. 
  7. Taking over a venue that had absolutely nothing in it and transforming it to a dinner venue beyond our wildest event dreams.
  8. Chasing after a Golden Retriever to stop him from interrupting a CEO’s speech. Man’s best friend wanted to join the party and we can’t blame him.
  9. Creating a waterfront dining experience, without leaving Midtown Manhattan. With projection mapping, we brought the magic directly to them.
  10. That little time we helped Prince Harry hide from paparazzi cameras. We’ve got your back any time, Duke of Sussex!

We have stories for days and the memories are the reason why we love what we do. At the time, some of these may have been less than funny, but being in the business means you go with the flow.  We experience the things people never planned for and because of that we get to make epic lists like this as the memories of our careers. 

HBD Ellie, and thank you for the best life, and all of these incredible memories.  Here’s to many more years of doing exactly this. Bring it on.

New year, new memories – Leave it to us to make your 2020 events legendary. Let’s get planning!