April 8, 2015

3 Reasons to Plan a Brunch Event

Maybe it’s the idea of the bottomless Bloody Mary’s, or perhaps the excuse to eat for 2 meals in one sitting, but people LOVE brunch.

Brunch is unlike any other meal and carries a fun, modern persona of its own. There is something so satisfying about sitting down and spending hours socializing with a Mimosa in hand an endless supply of buffet style, heartwarming food at your disposal.

Here is why event planners looking for a new style of soiree should look no further than a brunch style gathering for their next client:

1.) It saves money

Many venues will charge less for daytime use of their facilities, leaving more room in the budget to upgrade other areas of the event.  As Event Planners, we know even a little extra dough (no pun intended) can go a long way!

2.) Natural Light

Lighting is a huge mood setter for an event. All natural sunlight is a nice change up from the “nightclub style” lighting that other events need to customize a venue when it’s pitch black outside. Scientist have proven that sunlight can actually improve our moods and happiness levels. Happy guests = successful event!

3.) Creative Catering

The best part of brunch is, of course, the food and drink. Since dinner is traditionally more upscale, brunch supplies the opportunity to get creative with “build your own” food and drink bars. Guests are sure to love this style of serving, because they can make their food exactly how they like it.

Looking for venue, decor, or catering ideas for your own brunch event? Check out our Pinterest board here!

Photo Credit: Camille Styles