December 23, 2015

3 Tips for Black Tie Events

Between the holidays and New Years Eve, black tie events are notably popular during the holiday season.

EOE has learned a thing or two by now from planning formal events for clients. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind that will make your black tie event a success:

Dress Code

The design of invitations is the first glimpse guests receive into what type of event they are being invited to.  By having your invitations reflect formality and classic style, guests will have a better idea of what they are attending.  Invitations should never say “black tie optional” for a formal event. Instead of having guests feel over or under dressed, make sure you are clear on invitations about the dress code in addition to overall mood.

Formal Photos

When guests are dressed to the nines, give them a chance to capture the moment. Having a photo opportunity shows guests that you’re going the extra length to make their evening special. Have a professional staff of photographers and assistants who will hold personal items during the shoot. Also, allow for your guests to pick photos after the event, so they won’t have to worry about carrying a delicate photo all night.

Menu Choices

When choosing your menu for a black tie event, dishes need to look as attractive as the crowd. Three-course meals are the best options for formal events. The presentation of the meals is key because the plate appearance is part of the experience for guests. They should also be easy to eat with no chance of a mess on those designer dresses.

Black ties events can be difficult to plan because the details make a real difference. Looking for more guidance for your event? Give EOE a call, we’d be happy to help.