August 27, 2015

5 Reasons We Love Industry Conferences

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in the events world about whether event planners are born or made. In our minds, this is a no brainer.

We believe event planners are born, no question about it. Being an event planner takes a certain type of personality, not a skill set. You have to be motivated, innovative, strong under pressure, and quick to think on your feet – all traits that are not learned.

Although we think event planners are born, there is always room to improve and learn more about the industry, which is why we think attending industry conferences and expos are a must:

1. Networking opportunities

At industry conferences, there are always opportunities to meet new people. Clients, friends, or future business partners- the networking opportunities are endless. Whether you are conversing over the lunch table or at a formalized networking session, take advantage of your chance to make a new connection. Our MeetingMatch App has also made this process a lot less awkward!

2. Promote your brand

Conferences give you the opportunity to promote your brand. You may be pitching your story while networking, handing out business cards, or speaking at one of the sessions about your experiences. Whatever it is, any publicity for your brand is great – spread the word!

3. Learning opportunities

The quickest way to learn about new techniques and trends in the industry is at conferences. Because the rooms are filled with influential industry professionals who are leading the workshops and sessions, you are bound to learn something new that will help better your career and offer your clients cutting-edge ideas.

4. Demo new technologies

Another perk to attending these conferences is that you can learn about new technology that is changing the industry, and usually, you can demo them in the expo. See what will make a difference in your daily life as a event planner firsthand at industry expos (not to mention all the free swag you get).

5. Share ideas with industry professionals

Whether you are sitting in on a social media optimization session or listening to a keynote speaker, there is usually the opportunity to share your ideas and get feedback from these influencers. It is like having your own personal mentor on the spot, who also happens to have a huge follower base and tons of industry experience.

Although event planners have a certain type of personality that is inherent, there is always room for improvement and potential to learn. Industry conferences and expos are a great way to do this, while having some fun!

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Photo Credit: MJR Creative Group