October 23, 2014

5 Social Media Strategies Everyone Needs to Know

Social media is an effective tool for events and marketing campaigns. But there are essential tactics that will guarantee a successful campaign.

EOE follows these 5 strategies and has seen their effectiveness;

Colour-social-media-icons-square1 Identify Social Channel. If you attempt to promote your event or campaign on a social medium that your intended audience isn’t using, you’re wasting time. Do some primary research to find which channel reaches your target market the best. An example is Facebook. Even though it is a major social media network, not all users are active, so it may not be your best option to promote your event.

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 Content Calendars.  You can’t post one time about an event or campaign if you want to be successful. Creating content calendars weekly or even monthly will help organize posts on all social media that you are using to promote your event to ensure exposure.

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Use Hashtags. A strong hashtag can help people discover your event. Hashtags are not limited to Twitter. They are an easy way for people to search for past tags and what is “trending.” If events create their own hashtags, attendees can promote the event as well when posting with your hashtag. See how to utilize hashtags at events through our past blog posts.

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Determine Top Influencers. At events, you will probably have key influencers. Follow their social media pages and interact. By engaging with them through sharing, retweeting, and supporting their ideas, they too will endorse your event. It’s social media etiquette to repay the favor.

Short and Sweet. Don’t overwhelm your followers with long-winded posts. Keep your posts to a minimum number that includes your hashtags or hyperlinks. Even though you have 150 characters on Twitter, you don’t have to use them all to gain the attention of your followers. Be catchy and fun to get information across effectively.

By following these 5 social media techniques, your events and campaigns will better engage attendees and followers and gain new fans. Need help developing your event’s social media campaign? Give us a call! Also, check out our latest info graph for a step-by-step social media guide!