October 27, 2015

5 Sophisticated Yet Spooky Halloween Cocktails

After years and years of attending halloween parties with the typical red colored punch served out of a pumpkin or overdone sugary apple ciders, we are ready to step up our halloween drinks to options that are a bit more sophisticated.

But don’t confuse sophisticated with boring or lacking Halloween spirit. Some of these drinks look too spooky to drink, but we promise they are tastier than they look. (Just arrange for someone else to fly your broomstick home.)

Bloody Orange Cocktail

Image by Sam Henderson, HGTV

The plastic syringe itself certainly sends a chill down our spine, but the raspberry “blood” really has us creeped out. Once we found out the delicious flavors that make up this refreshing cocktail we put our initial shock aside because this drink sounds delicious: Recipe via HGTV

The Black Beard


Image by Honestly Yum

This drink doesn’t need any jelly eyeballs, fake blood or spiders to make it one of the creepiest drinks we’ve EVER seen. And what makes this drink as black as midnight? No, it’s not food coloring… Recipe via Honestly Yum

Bloody Brain Shooter

Image by Steve Murello, HGTV

This one is freakishly realistic. What looks like the interior of a mason jar at a twisted surgeon’s office, is actually a drink you can concoct for your guests. There is no prop in this glass, it’s all liquor and a splash of grenadine. Find out the secret “brain” ingredient via Wonder How To

Candy Corn Cocktail


Image by POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts

We admit this cocktail is seriously lacking in the spooky department, but we love the sophisticated twist on the classic halloween staple; candy corn. With flavors of banana, peach and white rum, your guests are in for a treat. Find the recipe here via PopSugar.

Smoking Blackberry Margarita

Image by Wicked Spatula

What would Halloween be without some dry ice? This Vampire inspired dark blackberry cocktail sets the mood topped off with foggy flare. Finish with a black toothpick and blackberries for a deliciously creepy cocktail. Recipe via Wicked Spatula.

How do you upgrade your typical halloween gathering to be sophisticated? Let us know in the comments below. Looking for more cocktails to concoct? See our Pinterest Board!