April 30, 2015

5 Steps to Making 2015 your Most Goal Oriented Year Yet

As entrepreneurs we have to remain goal-oriented to stay afloat. There is no senior level management creating strategic plans for our companies and tracking results.

Perhaps this reason alone was a huge push to become your own boss and create your own business strategy. It’s not to be forgotten that as entrepreneurs we have to fill every shoe from CEO to intern by ourselves, or with very little help. One of the hardest things about being a business owner is understanding and managing yourself on top of your other everyday tasks.  Without long term status reports written down, the overall growth you hope for within your company may fall to the back burner behind everyday tasks.

As of tomorrow, the year 2015 is a third of the way over. Yes, it’s shocking, we agree. It seems like yesterday we were just making our company goals to achieve in 2015. Instead of focusing on how one third of the year is over, we want to make the best of the two thirds that we do have.

See our 5 step process below on making the remainder of 2015 your most goal oriented year yet:


Yep, go ahead and pull out that notebook that you jotted down your company goals for 2015 that has been collecting cob webs since January. We know, it can be scary to review your hopes and dreams when many of them may have not been achieved just yet. There is a reason these goals were created in the first place, review their importance and utilize your time accordingly.  Make sure you review these goals at least every six months to see how you are tracking against your plan.


Still have the same goals in place but not getting very far on reaching them? Try exploring a detour from your original path and you just may reach your accomplishment approaching it in different way. Bright orange arrows are only put out by construction crews on roadways, as entrepreneurs we have to create our own signs to guide us to our destination.

Shifting Focus

A lot may have changed in your company in just 4 short months. Maybe certain goals have taken priority over others, and that’s okay!  Reevaluate what is most important to accomplish in your company by the end of this year.  Ensure that the shift in focus includes smaller goals as well, as they still attribute to the big picture.

Set new goals

Adding even more to the “to-do” list can be overwhelming, but as driven entrepreneurs, we can handle it. When one goal is reached, a new one should be added to take its place. There is no reason to wait until 2016 rolls around to incorporate new objectives to your list. Don’t stress about the deadline, adding a new focus to your mental radar will keep your priorities in check throughout the year to ensure success when it comes time to close 2015 and strut confidently into 2016.

Acknowledge Success

In our experience, this is by far the most satisfying part of being an entrepreneur. Laying everything out and recognizing what you have accomplished is extremely rewarding. This is the type of fuel we thrive off of when it feels like nothing is going in our favor. While basking in all of your goal achieving glory, discover what worked, and what didn’t work to achieve this feeling more often.

Not reaching your goals within your organizations marketing strategy? Contact us today to see if an event fits into your strategy.