August 13, 2018


We’ve started making a list of things we thought we would never do. At the top?  Google all the words you can use for sneakers around the world.

Why you ask? Because in June East of Ellie’s latest event for bareMinerals had us lacing up our “trainers,” skipping rope and picnicking on park benches.

A park? In London? As always there is a catch. We did it all indoors AND, on the historic River Thames in the amazing city of London. Hi Prince Harry – we’ve missed you <3

It’s no secret that we’re kind of obsessed with bringing the outdoors in. We had so much fun taking bareMinerals Glamping Under the Stars in New York City that we just couldn’t resist a little more sunshine and green. Keep reading to see how we transformed bareMinerals’ London conference into a gorgeous indoor park!

The Concept

The purpose of this conference was to celebrate the global launch of bareMinerals’ new Full Of Free Of campaign. Attendees came from all over the world to learn, collaborate, and enjoy a fun, relaxing day alongside the conference’s educational presentations and workshops.

When we were first briefed on this event we were asked to ensure all guests could wear their sneakers. Knowing this group as well as we do that was at first a bit perplexing. Sneakers don’t usually fall into their dress code – but hey – we love a challenge…

On go the brainstorming caps. What would you do in sneakers?  Ride bikes – not a great way to present to guests… Camping? Been there done that…  What about take a walk – IN THE PARK.

Introducing bareMinerals London Park experience.  

We love bareMinerals and everything they stand for.  Full Of the Good Stuff, Free Of the Bad Stuff. We nodded to our destination by evoking a classic English garden with a sleek, modern, oh-so-bareMinerals flair. Welcome to “Full of Fresh Air, Free of the Norm.

The Execution

Our venue, The Lower River Room at The Mermaid London was bright and airy with gorgeous dark hardwood floors and panoramic windows overlooking the Thames – perfect for grassy carpets, topiaries and lots of white decor.

Seated at authentic wooden picnic tables and white park benches, we gave guests the true park experience with themed gifts displayed in wicker picnic baskets. Branded jump ropes, sunglasses, and Full of/Free of madlibs and word scrambles tucked into their notebooks — making sure we were Full Of Fun and Free Of Another Boring Meeting. See what we did there?

How about some art in the park? We brought in a live digital muralist to illustrate our guests very own Full of/Free of statements before their eyes. It was a perfect way to give guests an extra special experience with bareMineral’s new campaign. The result? A fancy graffiti wall mural that turned everyone’s personal statements into a work of art. Cool huh?

We had all the good stuff too. A garden photobooth wall, fresh popcorn and park inspired snacks, we even had live trees. Another “never thought I would do” added to list with that one.  

You never know what we have up our sleeves when our clients ask us to come to the table with creative ideas. What’s next for EOE and bareMinerals? We’ve got some plans in mind, but you’ll have to wait and see!

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