December 15, 2020

Behind The Scenes: Digital Events

In 2020 our events are virtual. Our job is and has always been to embrace the only constant – change. We are here to help you take what you are seeing all day every day in programs like Zoom and switch it and reverse it to an experience that makes you say WOW.

We can tell you all about what we can do, but we would much rather show you a little taste of what we were up to at the end of October. Here is what we did and how we did it:


PROBLEM: How do we tell guests that this isn’t going to be another Zoom meeting without saying “this isn’t going to be another Zoom meeting?”

SOLUTION: We set the tone with a video invitation and a killer branded event website. From the start, our guests had a feeling that this will be special.


CHALLENGE: Our client wanted attendees to feel the personality of each of the speakers, just like in IRL events.

SOLUTION: We made our presenters digital for the day. We magically turned our presenters into on-brand avatars (bareMoji or BuxMoji) and gave each a little piece of their personality to ensure it felt as personal as possible. Fun fact: each guest got their own too. Shout out to Drawing Booth – our amazing partner on this.


CHALLENGE: We are known for doing cool stuff, but how cool could we make it feel in Zoom? 

SOLUTION: We brought Sexy Back. Literally, that was the theme song for one of our videos. We also fulfilled a personal dream of shooting an ASMR video with lip glosses (we should tell you the story of this video shoot one day). The oddly satisfying video was a countdown to the start of the show. Guests had something to watch while we gathered speakers on the back-end.


CHALLENGE: Key elements of the presentation needed to (understatement here we come) shine.

SOLUTION: Oh you need a video? And it needs to be high energy and grab the attention of… everyone? Say no more. Video has always been a showstopper at our events, and we are grateful that 2020 has shown how great video can be in meetings just like these. To generate engagement, we created personalized title slides for guest speakers that were brand-appropriate, relevant, brought a special element to the presentation, and dare we say, fun?


CHALLENGE: Guests love to ask questions in this group, and frankly, want to talk it out.

SOLUTION: We had guests come to the main screen as they raised their hands and wanted to engage with the presenters. It was like they were standing up in the audience all over again.

Whatever your event needs are, we’re here to bring them to life for you. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten who we are as an agency. If you are looking for creative ideas and solutions, we’ve got you covered. Need a simple meeting with someone to handle the presentations? Don’t worry we’re right here. Let’s connect!

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