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Behind The Scenes: Digital Events

In 2020 our events are virtual. Our job is and has always been to embrace the only constant – change. We are here to help you take what you are seeing all day every day in programs like Zoom and switch it and reverse it to an experience that makes you say WOW.

Shiseido Americas Hosts FIT 3.0

When Ellie pulls off a great event, we like to shout it from the rooftops (literally!). This month is all about giving thanks to our clients, and this recurring event series falls into that category.

bareMinerals and Buxom Host “Glamping Under the Stars”

East of Ellie’s latest event took us to the lush forest, where the roar of the campfire could be heard, and delicious cocktails we’re sipped out of camping style mugs. Can you guess where we were? We’ll give you a hint- it’s not what you think! More on our most recent adventure: