January 16, 2014

The Best Products that will Improve the Events World in 2014

The annual Consumer Electronics Show took place last week in Las Vegas, where it showcased over 152,000 new products from around the world.

New technologies featuring cars, gadgets for the home, and wearable technologies were all featured on display for consumers to experience first hand. Though it seems there was an infinite amount of new products, we found the best products that will improve the events world in 2014. From assisting the lives of event planners to enhancing actual events, these products that glance into the future are sure to amaze even the most tech savvy.
  1. The Pebble Steel – The original Pebble Smartwatch was introduced at the 2013 CES, but this new version brings style to the event planner. While you’re running around your event, having a Smartwatch on your wrist is crucial to seeing important messages and notifications about your event. You also won’t need to worry about it dying before or during your event, the Pebble Steel runs for 5-7 days!
  2. Samsung 105-inch and 85-in Curved Ultra HD TVs – This new curved TV will be an attention grabber at any event. Since guests will be interested in checking out the new product, that means they will also be staring at whatever is on this astonishing screen. Choose your content wisely because it is guaranteed to be well-exposed.
  3. Toshiba Chromebook – For any event agency that uses Google Drive to keep their files updated and organized, this brand new Chromebook offers 100 GB of free Google Drive storage and Chrome OS.
  4. PhotoFast i-FlashDrive – This flash drive easily swaps your files between your phone and computer for easy access at all times. In a wifi emergency of no internet connection during a crucial time, this product is the only way to ensure you can successfully transfer files to and from your devices.

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