December 2, 2015

Branding the Social Hub of your Event

At East of Ellie, our bars serve more than just cocktails. At many events the bar is usually considered the social hub where guests love to socialize and relax.

This area serves as the comfort zone for guests as they arrive.  They can walk in, grab a drink, and chat with other guests as they do the same is typical event culture. As the event continues, the bar is almost always a place visited a few times by guests.

Branding your event’s message where guests are likely to be is a no-brainer, but it must be executed in a subtle/playful way to tie into the informality of a bar. Especially if you are planning an internal holiday party, guests don’t want to be bombarded with the branding they see everyday. In this casual atmosphere, companies are given the opportunity to kick it up a notch with their creativity in deciding how they are going to incorporate their event’s message – like in a company logo, or a key message.

Check out how East of Ellie and other companies have effectively branded the social hub of each event:

Branding Specialty Drinks

When our client Bulgari asked us to honor their Vice President of Marketing and Sales in a big way we decided that naming a bar and the drinks after her was the best way to execute during an internal event. In relation to your event it’s a fun way to involve guests since, lets be honest, they must order the specialty drink by name! Going forward they can always reference their delicious drink or fun memory with that creative drink name.

Tying into the Functionality of the Bar

Image: Bloomberg News

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took the opportunity to show off their logo right in the middle of an ice luge. Instead of using the ice luge as a traditional shot transportation into someone’s mouth, the event kept it classy and instead, guests received their drink from the bartenders pour. Well done, CES!

Colorful Branded Decor

Nestle Waters Event

For the CEO of Nestle Waters Retirement Party, our event’s message was to display the brands he had built over his years of service. East of Ellie accentuated the private pool house with pops of color and Perrier inspired decor that mirrored their recent launch of their partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation.

A Subtle 3D Logo

Liz Banfield Photography

Adding your logo to the front of the bar may seem like an obvious move, but by executing it in a way that blends with décor is a fun yet effective way to go about branding. This logo was incorporated without sacrificing an ultra luxe atmosphere that guests are sure to enjoy.

Looking to create your own branded social hub? Let us bring your target audience together for an experience they won’t forget. Contact us here.