August 8, 2013

Creative Branding at Events

Seeing what’s going on in the event industry is as essential to an event planner as latest fashion trends are to a designer.

Through our searching of past events to gain inspiration, we’ve noticed a phenomenon of unanticipated branding- such as food trucks, rock climbing walls, pillows, and even foosball tables. Big name companies such as North Face, Gatorade, and Target are taking their creativity to a new level by going further than putting logos on just their products.

No matter what type of event a company is holding whether it is a new product launch, a cause marketing campaign event, or an anniversary celebration, companies can use creative branding at events to enhance the design and introduce a WOW factor.

Not only is this trend fun and conversational, branded pieces at your event are great for the actual marketing of the brand for the following reasons:

A Constant Reminder: When you introduce your logo into a table or chair that guests will be around at the event it repetitively reminds your guests of the brand and logo. The more a brand is exposed, the easier it will be for guests to remember and mention, recommend, or buy in the future.

Social media: When companies brand event elements in a tasteful way, it’s likely that guests will snap a picture of the unexpected décor. Most events promote social media with a common hashtag for the event to spread the conversation across mediums that involve pictures and tweets. Branding the unexpected at events will add valuable pictures to this hashtag group for many to see.

A Memorable asset of the Event: Depending on how creatively your company incorporates their branding, this could be a memorable asset that gets attention following the event. Not only can the buzz exist through social media, but word of mouth is even more powerful. For tips on how to leave a memorable item with guests, refer to our Useful Tips to Marketing Your Event with Tchotchkes blog post.

Examples we have found that reflect these marketing techniques:

This rock climbing wall branded with North Face labels is an awesome asset to the brand that loves outdoors. Rock Climbing walls are excellent photoopportunities. Guests will definitely take the chance to snapshot their friends struggling to the top. Once the photo is uploaded to Instagram, tweeted on Twitter, or posted on Facebook, all followers are going to see the North Face brand logo. Had this been a typical grey rock wall at a North Face event, it wouldn’t have gained any social media attention.

We loved this table that was branded with the Absolut Vodka label to make it out of the ordinary. It is also a way to promote the sales of Absolut. Because of its strategic placement on a table, every time a guest puts their drink down, they see the brand and are reminded of the product. The chances of their next drink being ordered with Absolut Vodka in it are much higher than if this table was a solid white color.

To see how other corporations used this creative marketing tool to enhance their event, check out our latest Pinterest Board for many more examples.

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