July 31, 2015

Creative Ways to Incorporate Food into an Event

Without a doubt, two of the biggest components to planning an event include the food and decor.

Picking a menu and contemplating color schemes takes time, especially when you are coming to a decision with a team full of clients!  Food and decor are often related and play off of one another because a consistent theme throughout all aspects makes for a great event.  With a creative touch food can even act as the event decor.

Using food as decorations works because it is visually appealing, budget friendly, and different.  Most people attending your event do not expect to see sticks of rhubarb with flowers as a centerpiece, but when they do, they will be in awe!


Centerpieces are attention-grabbers; they are the focus of the table, so if you’re looking to bring a wow factor with your event decor, try making your centerpieces out of food.

lime centerp pineapple 2 rhubard

Photos by: weddingsalon.com, secondcitysoiree.com & knotsvilla.com

Citrus fruit is great if you are looking to add dimension to a centerpiece.  If you want something to stand alone and act as a vase, try taller vegetables like asparagus or rhubarb (the bright pink roots will make this piece POP) or fruits with a strong base like pineapple or melon.  All you have to do next is add some flowers and secure, and you’ve got a DIY masterpiece.

centerpiece candy candyland2 candyland 3

Photo: Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye.com

These centerpieces were designed for the Sugar Factory’s Ocean Drive grand opening event in Miami a few weeks ago.  Centerpieces incorporated the event’s Candyland theme, and each piece was unique- we don’t know how these guests didn’t rip off the candy because it looked so good.

Edible Decorations: Two Birds, One Stone

Not all the food decor has to stay put throughout the event- we know, it’s tough to see decorations crafted out of such yummy food, so why not display them until they are ready to be eaten? Take dessert for example, creative caterers can take any theme and transform the dessert to resemble it.  These treats can then be displayed, as temporary decorations, until guests are ready to eat them.


Photo: Brulee Catering

In this image, the theme was All-American, so Brulee Catering took dessert to a whole new level (yes- this picture is of dessert…we were fooled too).  From the pound cake “french fries,” to the chocolate-ganache cake topped with sliced kiwi “burgers,” these desserts were were crafted beautifully and acted as decorations until it was time to eat them.

nestle waters cake

We can’t forget about cake- one of the biggest edible decorations of all if your event calls for one. At our event for Nestle Waters North America, our mission was to WOW our client and guests with all things Perrier.  Our caterer crafted edible sugar Perrier bottles that were placed on the cake and it was the most attention grabbing decoration of the event (until it was devoured).

There are lots of ways to creatively incorporate food into your event decor, whether you have a theme or not.  This popular trend is making headlines in the industry, and event attendees will definitely be seeing a lot more of decorations crafted out of food in the future.

Loving this trend and want more inspiration on how to incorporate food into your event decor? Check out our Pinterest Board!

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