October 21, 2013

DIY Holiday Event – Get Ahead of the Madness

We all know that planning events isn’t for everyone – although in our experience there are few people that do not love a good party.

A DIY holiday event only add to the chaos of the holiday season.  At the end of the day, events are stressful to the everyday host.  Especially as the holidays draw closer and life becomes hectic and disorganized.

There are many solutions out there that can make planning your holiday events simple and effortless.  One of the biggest failures at any event is the last minute details that you just don’t have time for.

Here are a few easy tips to help you get ahead on your holiday party, stay stress free during your event, and make you look like the host of the year.

  1. Pick your theme:  this may seem relatively self explanatory but it can actually be one of the most time consuming activities if not considered before you head out to shop.  Consider your location.  Is this happening at your dining room or at a venue?  Is your theme traditional or a play on a holiday essential like a white Christmas tree?  One of the easiest ways to do this is using one of our favorite things – Pinterest.  Browse cool holiday styles, print out your favorite images, and hit the stores.  It will save you hours of time and the hassle of having to redo a design element later on.
  2. Pick a date, EARLY: everyone, and we mean everyone gets very busy around the holidays.  Between other events, work related gatherings, and even birthdays, the last 6 weeks of the year book early.  Plan a date early and talk to your guests about their other commitments.  This way you aren’t planning and paying for people who ultimately will not show up.  It’s also an easy time to get any allergies from your guests so you can plan your menu.
  3. Do last minute things in advance:  at the time, it may seem like you have hours and hours to do custom place cards and other event details.  Guess what, you don’t.  Enlist the help of family and friends and get this out of the way early.  It’s much easier to add or subtract instead of starting from scratch.
  4. Recruit:  lucky for all of us we are typically surrounded with people who are willing to help us while they attend our event.  Although it may seem rude as a host, it can be really helpful to have people pre-assigned to key tasks throughout the event.  Whether it’s clearing plates or taking jackets, it can alleviate some of that sudden chaos that ensues when all your guests arrive.  Plus it will actually allow you to enjoy your event, opposed to being in the kitchen in isolation.
  5. Be transparent in your invitation: many guests will bring items as a thank you gift to holiday events.  Bottles of wine, plates of cookies – we’ve all done it.  If you have a special dessert planned, but would love to cut down your red wine budget in advance let your guests know.  A simple note in your invitation can keep you from wasting plates and plates of unneeded food.

Here’s our DIY check list:


For more DIY holiday ideas check out our Pinterest board.

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