October 8, 2015

DIY Oktoberfest

It’s too early for a Halloween party, but are you craving to celebrate the new fall season? Hosting your own Oktoberfest is the answer.

Celebrating this glorious holiday doesn’t mean flying to Germany for a proper celebration (although it is on our bucket list). For now, we will settle for a fun DIY festival with your friends and family, they will be happy to save on the airline ticket. Auf gäds!


Our mouths are watering just thinking about all the delicious possibilities when it comes to comforting Oktoberfest themed foods. From fresh pretzels to bratwursts, there are an endless amount of appetizing eats to pair with all of the beer drinking. Presentation is key! These foods can get messy, so a proper display will keep guests organized yet ready to chow down.

Image by Celebration Shoppe


Florals at Oktoberfest? Definitely not your first thought when planning your own version – but these creative displays had us thinking there is always a way to incorporate florals for some extra flare at any event.

Image by 1800flowers.com


Your DIY Oktoberfest would not be official without some friendly competition. In addition to whatever drinking games you choose to kick the keg, have scorecards for tastings, or host a stein holding competition! Guests extend their arm out in front of them holding the stein filled with beer for as long as possible. See which of your friends or family can really “hold their beer.”

Image by Nashville Oktoberfest Facebook

Photo Fun

Just because the men wouldn’t wear braided wigs, a bustier or a skirt, doesn’t mean they can fully get away with it. Create a photo booth with fun props for guests with bubbles of german terms, mustaches, and more. Create a witty hashtag for guests to tag so all your photos end up in the same virtual pile to laugh about later!

Image by Partycity.com

As professional party people, anytime there is a reason to celebrate, we fully approve and encourage you to create a DIY version to host. Need more Oktoberfest ideas? See our Pinterest Board here! Prost!