February 1, 2014

How EOE does the Super Bowl

Though a Super Bowl party with lots of chips and dip sounds right up our alley, at East of Ellie we prefer a party with actual NFL players.

You must be wondering; how can we pull this off? Okay, maybe we don’t see them on Super Bowl Sunday, but when NFL players get involved with philanthropy, East of Ellie is always ready to plan their event.

This past April, we were proud to host a private event on behalf of the Board of Directors of the MDG Awards Committee and The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide) run by the former 5 year NFL veteran, Jack Brewer, to celebrate the official launch of the Millennium Development Goals Athletes and Artists Committee (MDGAAC). This event recognized the work of former and current NFL athletes Akin Ayodele, Lance Johnstone, Corey Chavous, E.J. Henderson, Ronnie Cameron, Sidney Rice, Kenderick Allen and Darrell Reid.

It’s not uncommon to see NFL athletes using their wealth and celebrity to contribute to the betterment of society, and our events can keep philanthropic efforts fun and social while giving the athletes the positive exposure they deserve. We have a feeling this won’t be the last time we run into current or former NFL athletes choosing to make a change in the world.

See photos from our NFL studded event here.

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