March 2, 2020

EOE Survival Guide: Event Day Outfit

As an event planner, some of your longest days are going to be spent on-site. Let’s make sure you look good and feel good while hosting legendary events.

Let’s be real – leading up to event day, your days and nights will be totally consumed with last-minute updates and tweaks. At this point in the game, your to-do list seems to be never-ending and the last thing on your mind is packing your event planner outfit. In our years of experience, a proper event day outfit is a big contributor to your overall #GirlBoss attitude. If your outfit is not on-point it can become a new (and unnecessary) thing to stress about. We’re here to take-off some of that stress and make your life easier with our event day style guide.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty our #1 tip is to plan your outfit way in advance. This allows the proper time for making sure your go-to items are clean, shopping for new staple pieces and packing.


Trust me, we don’t wear all black just because it’s slimming or because we’re super chic. To us, black is everything-proof (sweat-proof, spill-proof, event-proof) all while allowing to do the heavy lifting on-site. As the behind the scenes magic you will find yourself in unpredictable scenarios. By planning your outfit for that, you will always look professional and put together even by the end of a crazy day.


Have you ever been caught in pouring rain right when you have to run off to pick-up the event signage + graphics or stuck standing in the direct passageway of the A/C vent all morning during registration? We have. There’s no way to predict some of these scenarios so we advise you to dress in layers! 

Let’s start at the top. For a good base layer, check out this Puff-Sleeve Blouse that we snagged off of the Banana Republic or this NYDJ ¾ Sleeve Blouse. Both are blouses are the perfect style to put underneath this simple Ribbed Cover-Up Sweater from White House Black Market. They look great together or separate, so you will have no issues taking off the sweater at any moment. 


Not all black dress pants are created equal. A lot of women’s dress pants tend to lack real pockets as default or are extremely uncomfortable. But when you’re on-site, that just won’t work. You’re going to need a pant that gives a little and has a spot for you to tuck away your phone (+ everything else you pick up along the way).

Paperbag pants are in right now and we are here. for. it. We are really liking these Paperbag Ankle Pants from Express because of the super high waist and lightweight fabric – giving us some room to breathe while we are on the go.

We also love these Skinny Pants from Gap Factory because of the stretchy fabric. They’re a clean, simple pant and honestly a closet staple. Did we mention they have four functional pockets? Score!


Let’s not forget those event load-in days are a serious workout. Recently, our team took about 18,582 steps, walked about 8.71 miles total, and was on our feet for about 16 hours straight (yikes) while loading in. So if you’re not in the right pair of shoes, you could be putting yourself out of commission for your event the next day with blisters, bleeding or swollen feet. 

For intense load-ins, we recommend wearing sneakers. The Ultraboost 20 by Adidas is the ultimate comfort sneaker. The all-black look keeps them discrete and easy to blend in with the rest of your outfit. For less intense load-ins, we’re really loving these Madison Slip-On Sneakers by Dr. Scholl’s. They’re the perfect way to keep your feet happy but still feel stylish while on the job.

There’s a good chance that sneakers aren’t going to hit the mark on the event day. In that case, for a guaranteed no-blister look, the Madewell Remi Mule will keep you comfortable but chic while you’re running around on site. If you’re a girl that loves a good loafer, this Carlina Loafer is a classic style and a wardrobe staple for an event planner.


The greatest news to hit the event industry is fanny packs coming back in style. The Lorimer Fanny Pack from State Bags is perfect for event planners. It has the space and pockets for all your on-the-go needs. If you can’t manage to shove that bottle of aspirin that you know someone on-site is going to ask you for into your pants pocket, throw it in a fanny pack.

And of course, for all the other supplies you might need on event day, The Daypack from Away will keep your laptop, clipboard, notebooks, chargers and all other essentials secure in style. It’s a must-have!


While this isn’t a necessity for event day, it’s something that we love and use at EOE. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch with each other during the hustle and bustle of the day. Not to mention, we like to keep track of our steps and distance covered to keep track of all the work we did.  Competitors to the core, we even have a competition in the office for who walks the most steps on event day (Emily usually comes out on top).

And of course, we wouldn’t be EOE without a little touch of yellow. This Apple Watch band in Elegant Leather by i-ccessories is a perfect way to make a subtle statement and brighten up your look. Rock your brand colors proudly! 

After a decade in the industry, we have clearly learned what works and what doesn’t when we are on-site. We hope that with our guide you are now able to put your packing list on auto-pilot, set and forget it, and check it off of your never-ending to-do list.

Keep up with our on-site looks on our Instagram for more BTS footage! Need an event planner who already has their outfits picked out, bags packed and ready to go? Give us a shout.