November 16, 2020

EOE Survival Guide: Staying Motivated

It’s that time of year again. The busy season is winding down as the holiday season is quickly approaching, and it feels nearly impossible to stay motivated.

Let’s be honest – some days we’re just tired of adulting and want to hide from all our responsibilities. After all, it’s 2020 and the struggle is real. That’s why we’re here to share some tips on how #ThisIsTeamEllie stays motivated. As event planners, we have to always be on top of our game, wear all the hats, and always think one step ahead. We can’t let a lack of motivation get in our way. This has pushed each of us to find ways to stay driven and overcome even the worst of struggles.

Whether you can’t stop dreaming about all the mash potatoes you’re going to eat next week, stressing about what to get your family members for the holidays, or cramming in work before the new year. We have some tips to help you get back on top of your A-game.

Embrace the stress

You may be thinking this is easier said than done, but hear us out. We always try to embrace the stress of the busy season by acknowledging it as an opportunity to grow and recognizing that it is only temporary. In other words, changing our mindset changes everything. We remember why we love event planning, and the process becomes enjoyable and thrilling.

EOE’s event logistics expert, Anjelika shared, “The feeling of accomplishment always motivates me to remain focused and be goal-oriented.”

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Take some me-time

When we’re feeling unmotivated, it’s important to take time for ourselves to recharge our batteries. Sometimes, we need to take a step back from our work and do something that makes us feel good.

Whether it’s meditating, going to the gym, or picking up a good read, our graphic design guru Michelene said, “Being able to do this helps me feel better, which inspires me to want to do better at work.”

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Look for inspiration

Let’s face it, no event is ever the same. During this time we like connecting with other pros in the events industry, seeing the innovative activations our partners have put on this year, and finding inspiration to make future events even better.

Karen, our marketing and event visual execution expert shared, “This keeps me dreaming of what our future events can look like and the new unique guest experiences we can execute with the Ellie touch.”

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Focus on the positives

As crazy as it can be, at EOE we stay motivated by doing what we love and loving what we do every day. Therefore, when we’re feeling stressed, it’s helpful to focus on all the things we GET to do.

Our Queen E, Emily, is the – well, queen of this. She explained, “During this time, our dream team gets to execute projects for our clients all while working together to improve our agency and, most importantly, giving back to our community.”

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Surround yourself with people who inspire you

Above all, we stay motivated with the support of each legendary woman on Team Ellie. We all want to do the best we can and we know that our team will always be there to motivate each of us. When one of us is motivated, we all are.

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