April 16, 2014

EOE’s Favorite Marketing Activations at Coachella

One of the most popular music festivals of the year started this past week in the deserts of California.

We’re talking about Coachella, where thousands of young people come together for 2 weeks to celebrate music, show off their boho-style fashion, and have an overall great time. It’s no surprise that since there are thousands of people at this event festival that there are hundreds of Corporations right there with them setting up their own tents to market their brand. Inside these tents are activities and free products for the Coachella attendees. For brands that have a target demographic fitting the profile for the young people who go to Coachella, marketing at this event is absolutely genius. Here are EOE’s favorite marketing activations at Coachella.

Instagram Madness: Don’t worry about your target market that didn’t attend the festival – chances are, your logo will appear somewhere in the background of their friend’s Instagram picture. Currently under the hashtag #coachella, there are 865,000 images and counting. H&M has the right idea by incorporating a photo booth in their Coachella tent. Though they won’t directly upload to the photo app, who doesn’t love Instagraming their photo booth strips?

Events at an Event: That’s right, brands are hosting their own events at Coachella. Lacoste hosted a live pool party at a private estate near the festival, and yes, it included blow up alligators in the pool. To incorporate more branding, the event included a pop-up shopping area of Lacoste products with proceeds going to the Voice Project. An event, their product, and marketing of their cause marketing efforts? Well done, Lacoste. With Kendall Jenner in attendance sipping on her Lacoste branded coconut drink seen on her Instagram (also seen by millions of her followers), we’d say this was a huge success.

Haircuts and Alcohol: New Amsterdam took a completely out of the box approach when setting up their marketing station by incorporating an old-school style barber shop around their products. Guests could have their haircut or a shave for free. We’re not really following the connection to the brand but we appreciate its uniqueness and the fact that people are going to look and admire it. Some guys that have been camping out for a few days may definitely need a shave, let’s just hope the stylists haven’t had to many samples of New Amsterdam’s product before they get behind a razor!

We absolutely love seeing creative branding at events and believe it’s one of the best ways to get the most positive exposure for a brand. Coachella is more than a music concert, it’s a complete experience and these Corporations delivered on contributing to that for the attendees. To see more branding at Coachella see our Pinterest board here.

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