June 18, 2013

EOE’s Take on an Andy Warhol Inspired Event!

We like to spend a little time each day looking for inspiration in all different types of places for future events.

When stumbling across Pinterest the other day, we found a picture of the new Warhol-inspired Perrier bottles. Immediately, a light bulb went off in our heads! We loved the way the typically ‘green and white’ Perrier bottles adopted a fresh look with the addition of bright coloring to their labels, inspired by Andy Warhol.  And in all seriousness, who wouldn’t want to have an Andy Warhol inspired party!

You may not realize this, but bright colors could be utilized as accents in your event’s color palette. Typically, bright colors are used in flower arrangements such as the arrangement pictured (right) to spice up a muted palette, but there are other ways to use flashy colors that will make your event stand out.

Check out these different tips and tricks to create your own Warhol inspired event!


Try using bright colors, like magenta, as the vessel (a fancy industry term for container). We found lots of vessels that fit the Warhol-inspired color theme.

Don’t forget that bright colors can be used as accents in napkins, ambient lighting, and even chair cushions. By pairing these pops of color with a more muted palette, you can create an overall feeling of playfulness that is not overwhelming and distracting from the actual event.


Our Andy Warhol inspiration continues with a quote written by the artist himself. “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.”

At EOE we spend months strategically making sure that each element of our events aligns precisely with the objective of the project we are working on. When it comes to our experience in the events world, we definitely back Mr. Warhol on his quote!


We hope the next time your planning an event, you don’t shy away from bright colors and embrace the liveliness of what color can do for your event! If you have any further ideas about how to embrace a Warhol-inspired palette, or are interested in being included in our future palettes, please don’t hesitate to email at socialmedia@eastofellie.com.

Click here to checkout our Pinterest board and become inspired to create your own Warhol themed event.

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