December 17, 2019

The Ultimate Event Planner Wishlist

Do you have an event planner in your life that you are still searching for the perfect gift for? #ThisIsTeamEllie is here to make your life easier.

No matter if the event planner in your life is a full-time planner or just the social event hero of your family + friends, it’s time to give back to those that make it all happen. Where to start? If you’re thinking about clothes, we’ve outlined the best our head to toe fashion guide for event planners. But if trekking to Macy’s this time of year gives you feelings of anxiety and visions of parking lot rage, we hear you. 

After a decade in the industry, we have learned that these items are the true heroes on event day.  These 10 essentials are perfect for the planning pro in your life. 


Hydration is key to survive long days. With sustainability efforts always on our mind, our favorite 2019 water bottle is the Que Bottle. Taking into account our on-the-go mentality + storage when traveling from city to city


Let’s face it your event planner needs all the apps. It never hurts to have an event playlist for some pump-up tunes or an empowering podcast to get them through the craziness. What better way to optimize their productivity than with an upgrade to the latest iPhone? We’ll have it in our favorite color, please.


Sometimes your iPhone camera just won’t do it for you. Every event planner needs a premium camera to take photos of their hard work finally coming together on event day. We capture our behind the scenes magic with the Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera. It is compact and our go-to for sharp images and videos.


Make your event planner’s site visits easier by taking the hassle out of measuring every inch of the space they will be activating a legendary event in. Replace the tape measure with the Bosch Blaze Pro 165’ Laser distance Measure. Don’t forget the AAA batteries required!


Our Apple Watches and Fitbits allow for us to stay up to date with texts, e-mails, Slack messages and phone calls while we’re running around checking-off items on our run sheet. Let’s not forget that the best part of every load-in is seeing your steps at the end of a hard days of work.


We never know who we’re going to meet and where we’re going to meet them. Make sure your event planner is always ready for a meet and greet with a personalized business card holder.


Optimizing productivity is our middle name. When it comes to our computers, the MacBook Air is our go-to. It is light, thin and durable. It can easily fit into a backpack – which is a travel must for us.


Let’s be real. Our to-do lists have to-do lists. Help your event planner stay organized and prioritize their to-do’s with a stylish journal. Moleskine has a rotating inventory of colors for a splash of fun.

9. PEN

A durable, sleek, luxe pen goes a long way. Don’t forget – you never know what you are going to be writing on come event day, so these Poppin pens are our go-tos. They are perfect for writing thank you notes, signing contracts, labeling a cardboard box, and even seed paper. We also love to add our client’s logos to these and make it a branded item.


We load all of our event plans and presentations for meetings onto our iPads to reduce the need to print. All of our documents change last minute anyways. 

So when shopping for the event planner of your life, whether they are an established business owner or throw the best DIY parties you’ve ever been to, be sure to hit the gifts that are most likely on their lists.

Working smarter, not harder has never been easier. Events are supposed to be fun, right? Need an event planner who already has their bags packed and ready to go? Give us a shout