Category: Event Planning

Let’s Make Digital Events Legendary

Digital events are here to stay. So why wouldn’t we make them legendary? The answer is, we will. We know what you’re thinking – “a boring video call version of my favorite party? Count me out…” we said the same thing back in March.

A Company Outing for Every Brand

The sun is finally shining and everyone’s getting a little antsy. Who wants to be working when it’s so un-buh-lievably gorgeous outside? If you’re seeing beach photos on Instagram from the day your co-worker called out sick, it might be time to take everyone on a company outing.

Oh the Places You’ll Plan…

If you’re like us, your clients don’t prefer staying put. Event time usually means travel time, and planning events outside of the NYC Metro area has somewhat become our specialty.

Setting the Stage for Internal Meetings

As event planners, we love our clients and our clients love us.  One of the things we love the most is when our clients want something new, fresh, different, and best of all – unexpected.


The “Do it Yourself” (DIY) trend may seem like the best idea when planning an event, but is it always the right decision?

Tenting 101

Although we are indeed corporate event planners, we tend to plan most events in not-so conventional spaces.

You Know it’s Event Day When…

As event planners, let’s face it, we LIVE for event day.  There is this euphoric feeling of satisfaction (or horror) depending at what point of the event you are in.


In the city that never sleeps, we’ve searched high and low for great venues that give our clients the sense of New York City without submerging them in the hustle and bustle.