January 14, 2015

Golden Globes After-Parties

The 72nd annual Golden Globes was held Sunday, January 11th. The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom was revamped for the award show.

Not only was the ballroom decorated for celebrities but others hosted extravagant after-parties throughout the hotel turning lounges and rooftops into an event venue for the evening. Each party brought something different to the table that EOE fell in love with:

Warner Brothers and ‘In Style’ teamed up and used a multicolored deconstructed mirror chandelier as the dominant structure for the room. The mirror chandelier was an easy way to create one element that would make the room memorable.

Image by Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images via BizBash

HBO indoor-outdoor event filled the pool and adjoining restaurant space with décor inspired by an early 1930s musical movie. Topaz and gold was the event’s color palette -accented with cream-colored flowers. HBO’s event was engulfed with everything 30s; allowing guests to step back in time.

Image by Gabor Ekecs via BizBash

Weinstein Company and Netflix used a level dirt parking lot to set up their viewing and party room. Lounge furniture and fabric drapery added a simple yet relaxing vibe to an otherwise plain tent.

Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images via BizBash

Fox’s after-party utilized the blush tones and complemented them with greenery that covered the chandeliers, creating a romantic rustic look that has become popular in event décor.

Image by Line 8 Photography via BizBash

At the NBC after-party, 50-inch plasma screen televisions, as well as the main 20-foot high viewing wall, surrounded stars. NBC made sure celebrities were entertained everywhere they looked.

Each of these after-parties capitalized on different components to feature for their guests. Every event should have something unique and memorable that makes it stand out from other events. Follow our Pinterest Board for a closer look at Golden Globes after-parties.