June 12, 2020

Hosting At Home: Moroccan Night

Can you hear that? The sweet sounds of summer are calling your name. It’s the time of year to fully embrace the outdoors, enjoy the warm summer nights and take in the seemingly endless hours of daylight.

I think we can speak on everyone’s behalf to say we are ready for something new and fun to do while enjoying that summer sun. Wondering how to spice it up from your boring BBQ or lackluster lunch? Break the mold by embracing a different dining experience such as hosting a Moroccan-themed dinner. This could be without a doubt one of the coolest things you do all year. 

Check out our Pinterest board for all the inspiration and our pro-tips below!


The best part of this theme is all of the colors, textures, and coziness. Rules are meant to be broken and colorful patterns are here to make a statement. We love the look of multiple rugs layered in different angles to set the base of the dining area. Only own one rug? Kitchen mats, bath mats, even beach towels could be of considerable use. If you are limited in those materials, add throw blankets into the scene to create dimension and style.

Next comes your seating. Ideally the ‘poufs’ or large floor pillows that you can find in home stores work the best, but throw pillows, removable couch cushions, or even bed pillows with fun washable cases can all work to provide seating for you and your dinner guests. 



Are you noticing in these inspo photos, that uh, your dining table doesn’t drop it low like that? You’ll be pleased to find out you actually may already have the solution for this. Your living room coffee table and/or side tables depending on their height. Since there is so much textures and fabric already as part of the setting, we love the look of a wood, cement, or  glass finish that your existing coffee table could offer.

Another solution is utilizing a regular sized plastic folding table. Simply keep the legs folded in and lay the table on a flat surface, such as sturdy bins or boxes to keep it low to the ground. Finally, drape it with a neutral tablecloth and assemble your place settings on top.



You have heard us say it is all in the details. This is because the details are what brings the whole concept together and what will impress your guests the most. Bring life to your tablescape with bright florals. Mix them into various vases as small centerpieces across the table. But don’t stop there – scatter citrus fruit and greenery in between each arrangement to really make your guests immerse in the experience.

Set an intimate but cheerful mood by incorporating different height lanterns and candles. You will add ambiance and dimension to your table setting. Want take it to the next level? Colorful glassware and plates are our favorite way to bring even more life to our tablescape creations.



Whether it is your go-to authentic Moroccan restaurant or you’re trying something new – there is no better time to support your local restaurants and businesses than right now.

In our past hosting at home blog posts, we gave you recipes for cocktails and delicious desserts. For this dinner, we recommend supporting your local restaurants and having your food delivered. Being a good host means delegating the responsibilities where you see fit. So for this one, we have big dreams for you of less cooking and more conversations.


Struggling to find your summer hostess plans? Let us know what theme you’re eyeing and we’ll gather the inspiration and dish out the pro-tips.

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