February 9, 2016

Ellie Tells All, How to Cater to Your Valentine

Create a unique experience based on the personality of your Valentine


Any great event is personalized down to the last detail.  As event planners, it’s our job to completely tailor the experience to what our client (or their audience) would thoroughly enjoy. Planning for your Valentine’s Day is no different. 

Knowing the brand (or person) you’re planning for is key to throwing the most successful event possible.  In events, the experience is not a one size fits all. They need to be customized, and our favorite method to cracking a brand’s code and figuring out that experience is personifying the brand.  If this brand was human, what car would they drive?  Where is their local hangout on a Friday?  What’s their favorite food? Someone who will take a hot dog any time, any day, will not enjoy the same experience as someone who prefers duck confit.  

Humanizing something that can seem so overwhelming can really simplify all the moving pieces. When a company does branding right, you’ll find they naturally fit together.   So what does this have to do with Valentine’s Day? Planning your Valentine’s day experience, whether it be an action-filled date, anti-Valentine’s day bash or even a chic gal-entines celebration is taking the same idea we use for branding and applying it to our personal relationships.  Remember who you’re planning your Valentine’s Day with, and cater to their needs.  It sounds simple, but when done well it will take another February 14th to a fun-filled night they will never forget – and that’s what we strive for in our events! Here are some suggestions based on personalities for your special someone.

Image by Brooke Courtney Photography via Walk in Love

1. For the spontaneous– The spontaneous person will appreciate straying from the norm, like eating ice cream for breakfast, or taking the day off from work to do something you both love.  Clients and Valentine’s alike, if they are spontaneous it’s now on you to think out of the box.  They want something that lives up to all their past adventures!  

2. For the traditional– Much like a brand, your traditional Valentine will appreciate the flowers, chocolates and dinner you’ve planned.  Keep it romantic and classic.  The best events are ones that express the client’s message.  If your message to your Valentine is “I Love you” then show them that by creating a romantic date or gift.  A traditional brand OR Valentine appreciates sticking to the status quo.

3. For the Low Key– We’ve had a client in the past who wasn’t even a fan of the idea of an event for him.  Our client was Nestle Waters North America and the man of the hour was retiring and he wanted it to be low-key.  We met in the middle, and hosted the event in the backyard of his home in order to make him feel, well, at home.  An event for 250 is tough to keep “intimate” but by keeping it so personal to the retiree, he was able to enjoy his celebration in a way he felt comfortable.  Now, we’ve all heard the “I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day” and know its nothing but a trap.  Most likely, your Valentine does want to celebrate, but an extravagant gift or over the top date is just not necessary for them to enjoy the holiday.  Something personalized and thoughtful is all the low-key Valentine needs to be satisfied.

Just like East of Ellie caters each event to the needs of the client, we want you to cater to whoever you choose to spend Valentine’s day with. The details make all the difference. Happy Celebrating!