October 8, 2020

Introducing Our Fall 2020 Interns

We are so excited to announce that we have three amazing interns joining the team. Yes, you read that right…THREE.

Meet Judith, Megan, and Emily, our Fall 2020 interns, who are taking advantage of working from home and joining us remotely from all over the U.S. From event planning to marketing to design, these ladies are ready to make this Fall legendary.

Judith Soto

Junior Event Planner Intern

Judith is a Public Relations senior at the University of Oklahoma. She has led the programming of several campus events throughout her collegiate career, including a scholarship pageant and a high school leadership camp. She realized this side activity should become a forever thing when she started happily devoting all-nighters to getting the logistics down for an event but struggled to stay motivated to write a simple press release. Her most cherished experiences always involve event planning. It thrilled her to see her efforts come to life in a way an article never could.

These collected experiences led her to East of Ellie. She admires Team Ellie’s ability to problem solve and be creative on the fly and hopes to explore that side of herself more. She is eager to fully embrace East of Ellie’s challenge to expect the unexpected. 

Even outside event planning, Judith is always seeking adventure. She loves to explore new hobbies like roller-skating, calligraphy, and road-tripping. Despite the many adventures and achievements life has brought forth, she still considers her favorite to be being a big sister to her two younger brothers.

Fun Facts:

  1. She never says no to a road trip. She’s traveled to 22 states and hopes to hit all 50 by age 50.
  2.  She’s currently working on mastering roller-skating backward.
  3.  One of her favorite memories is skydiving on her birthday.

Megan Curivan

Social Media + Marketing Intern

Megan is currently an Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s student at Florida State University (FSU). After graduating from FSU in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, she realized she wasn’t ready to leave her favorite school and decided to continue her education. She is so happy she made this decision, but cannot wait to graduate this December and start her career.

Although the event planning world is new to her, she was immediately drawn to East of Ellie’s women-run agency. As a young woman preparing to enter the workforce, she wants to be in an upbeat environment and surrounded by empowering women like our own. 

Her passion for social media and marketing stems from her belief that we have been given a powerful platform that should be used toward our advantage and the greater good. She is so excited to learn about what goes into creating legendary events, while working to improve her social media and marketing skills.

Fun Facts:

  1. She just got a black lab puppy named Stella (who’s the CUTEST).
  2. Her dream is to visit all 62 U.S. National Parks.
  3. She’s a hot sauce fanatic and buffalo chicken pizza is her favorite food.

Emily Wilson

Graphic Design + Media Intern

Emily is currently a senior at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in Wisconsin, where she is majoring in Communication Design. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she is a city dweller but hopes to move out West after graduation. 

When Emily began college she was focused on illustration, but soon realized her passion for graphic design as she was driven by its immense impact on people and spaces. She is inspired by layout design, package design, and unique typefaces, and often focuses on sustainability or giving back with her work. When she is not designing and scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, she is most likely found cooking up an extravagant pasta dish or daydreaming about buying an Australian shepherd.  

Emily is really looking forward to working at East of Ellie and is excited for the opportunity to hop into the event world for the first time. Expressing her love for people through new experiences is one of the most fulfilling things–she can’t wait to be a part of the team! 

Fun Facts:

  1. Baking is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves decorating cake pops + making cookies. 
  2. She is obsessed with antique stores and is always looking for unique trinkets to add to her collection.
  3. Being a plant mom is one of her top priorities. She has succulents and cacti that have surprisingly survived through a few winters in Wisconsin.

Welcome to Team Ellie, ladies! Meet the rest of our award-winning team or check out what we’re up to on Instagram.