September 18, 2013

Why iOS7 is Great for Event Planners

Yesterday marked the birth of the revolutionized IPhone that Apple consumers have been waiting for.

IOS 7 offers an amazing new, sleek and modern design that is much more visually appealing for users. Everyone will have their own reasons why they love the new software update, but what benefits does it have for event planners?

Event planners have been focusing on incorporating technology and social media into their events more recently than ever.

  1. The Software is faster – an event can take a turn for the worse in as little as one second. As a reputable event planner, you should know about immediately about an issue before it becomes a problem for guests. When your team is out of site informing you of an update at the event, nobody has time for phone freezes.
  2. Air Drop – Air drop is an amazing feature that Mac computers already possess. This allows you to wirelessly share files easily and quickly. When you have multiple event planners working on one project, this will be extremely helpful for sharing documents, pictures, notes and more.
  3. Calendar – Apple’s calendar app has been improved to a simpler more straight forward design. When it comes to dates and times, there is no room for error in the events world!
  4. Functional Layers – IOS 7 now has functional layers that allow you to run multiple apps and establish organization while these applications are running. These layers are translucent so they are perfect for visual event planners.

We can’t wait to test out communicating with IOS 7 between our planners at our event this weekend. And don’t worry, we’ll all be getting matching yellow iPhones.

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