October 14, 2015

Larger Than Life Branding At Events

Is less always more? These companies believe the opposite of the old saying when it comes to their branding at events.

With so many companies competing for engagement and exposure from attendees, their branding keeps getting creatively bigger and better, and it’s working. How could you possibly ignore a shoe box the size of a home, or a grocery cart that looks more like a monster truck? We sure couldn’t.

See our favorite ways brands went after exposure and engagement at events:


Giant blow up beach balls are nothing new to festival or concert settings, but this giant version does so much more than expose HP’s logo. To meet its “make memories last” initiative, “the ball had an integrated HD camera and it was able to take photos and videos, bringing a whole new perspective to the event while retaining the digital aspect through broadcasting photos in real-time onto the stage and via live stream, as well as uploading them onto social media for fans to connect and engage.”*


Tents are not revolutionary to the outdoor event space either, but molding a classic tent to match your brand and product is genius. Attendees won’t be able to resist finding out what’s in this giant shoebox, which is exactly what Adidas wants.


When Xbox’s consumers use their product, they are transported to worlds beyond their imagination. So to live up to what Xbox offers its consumers, they have to give their best shot at creating a stage that challenges reality.


The television hit, “Guy’s Grocery Games”, is an extreme version of grocery shopping, so taking their branding to the extreme as well was no surprise. This giant grocery cart resembled more of a monster truck with mini versions surrounding for engagement. Photo: Nadia Chaudhury/BizBash


And of course, we couldn’t forget about the event we’ve been working on all summer. At Consoles launch event the venue in Nob Hill, San Francisco provided the perfect opportunity to make a visual impact in a big way. These 9 ft panels took hours to assemble perfectly – but the impact was priceless.

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*Branding Magazine