December 12, 2014

Why We Loved the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria Secret fashion show is a highly anticipated event that happens annually on live TV.

Each year there are certain elements of the show that crowds have come to expect.  We are not just talking about the amazing models.  As an events team we go gaga over event ideas that make any annual event special.  Here is why we loved the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

1) Wings, wings and more wings:  The beginning of the show, and how it has run historically, is this grand march of models wearing Victoria Secrets infamous wings.  This year, 47 models all wore different styles of hand made wings throughout the show.  Why do we love this?  Wings is a key branding element of this fashion icon.  Using the wings on the VS Angels is just another reinforcement of how strong their branding really is.

2) Behind the Scenes: During the show there was a lot of previews and sneak peaks back stage.  It showed the fun and playful side of the event along with the stress and hustle that goes along with producing an event like this.

3) Celebrity:  Victoria Secret not only used celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande as performers in the show, they were also wearing their product.  Who doesn’t want to buy lingerie that you just saw Taylor Swift in?

4) The Digital Cat Walk:  Wow, wow and more wow.  This is an event planners dream.  Their digital floor was nothing short of amazing.  It allowed for show producers to flawlessly execute key decor changes while the models were mid walk.  It also cut down on serious costs for set design and timelines for production.  Kudos VS.

Check out our Pinterest board to see some of our favorite event elements and looks from the 2014 show.