February 21, 2014

Planning Your Own Fundraising Fashion Show

Coming up with creative fundraising ideas that get people excited for a nonprofit organization or cause can be difficult.

This season’s New York Fashion Week has inspired our event centered brains to create a ‘how-to’ on planning your own fundraising fashion show.

Step 1: The Clothes!

Figure out who can supply you the outfits for the night. Ask local boutiques to donate for your cause or use gently worn donated clothing from family and friends. Prepare a theme or overall look of the fashion show before accepting anything that wouldn’t fit in.

Step 2: Find Models/Behind the Scenes Crew

Ask friends and family if they would be willing to walk the runway at your event. If they are hesitant, remind them to focus on the big picture of this event, raising money for a cause. Outgoing models that will engage the crowd and keep the event lively are a plus! Don’t forget to recruit other volunteers to help with hair and makeup, lighting, a DJ, to keep the fundraiser going smoothly.

Step 3: The Venue

Talk to local venues about your idea for the event. Convincing venues to reduce their costs or even offer it for free for your fundraiser can make a huge difference towards the final profit.

Step 4: Promote the Event

Since you want to raise as much money is possible, promoting your event and your cause to as many people as possible is crucial. Utilize all social media sites; create an event on Facebook, Instagram behind the scenes pictures before the event, and get it trending locally on Twitter! You should also inform local newspapers and radio stations about your event and ask them to help you promote it.  A little PR can go a long way!

Step 5: Organize Extra Ways to Fundraise

Besides a cover charge, incorporate other ways to raise money throughout the event. Leave donation jars around the venue or sell raffle tickets for donated prizes. Allowing the clothing items to be auctioned off as part of the show can raise a ton of money!

Step 6: Execute and Enjoy the Show!

A fashion show is one of the most fun and exciting ways to fundraise. If you’ve done all of your planning, your event should run smoothly right down the runway!

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    July 2, 2015 at 4:52 pm

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