February 5, 2015

Promoting Facebook Events

Facebook is one of the most important social media. It’s a great place to promote major events and get your audience involved.

Creating events on Facebook are easy – but how do you make them stand out? EOE has found 3 easy steps to follow to promote your event the most effective way possible.

  1. Call to Action. Though attending an event is a call to action in itself, have ticket, registration and RSVP’s URLs available on your page. Also, make sure to capitalize all call to actions to make them standout.
  2. Be Specific. Be sure to specify time zones for your event because Facebook doesn’t show the time of your event. Also, if the event is taking place offline, give your Facebook users an address where to locate the venue. Even a map could help ensure guests make it to your event.
  3. Embellishments. Create two images that will engage your target audience and partygoers. These images are the first things that your attendees will see, so keep them interested. Make sure you allow for Q&A on your events page. It’s very important that users are able to verify unanswered questions and post of the event wall.

These three steps can help you successfully promote your event on Facebook. For those who enjoy visuals, check out our info graph for the three step break down.