Your guests deserve a relevant, immersive + on-brand experience regardless of their physical location. We design events that live virtually and deliver on creating a one-of-a-kind connection.

Here’s what to expect when you work with East of Ellie, an events co. on your next Virtual or Hybrid event. 

Depending on your platform of choice, we will draft (and design) calendar invites and emails to attendees to provide them with the information to access the event. 

We’ll ensure all the day-of presentations and videos are mapped out using our production cue sheet. We’ll gather all this information from you a week in advance of the event date. We are happy to share with you a sample of this document. Depending on if your event is pre-recorded, live, or a mix of both, we’ll consult you on deadlines and deliverables to ensure event success. 

Scheduled in advance, we will organize and produce a dry run during a rehearsal. This happens 24-48 hours prior to the event. This will help everyone be prepared and know what to expect come event day. We’ve created Virtual Speaker Guidelines for outlining best practice sharing and will be your speakers point of contact for event day. We find that group chats are the most effective way to share updates and ensure we remain on track for time.

Using your Zoom account or ours (or another platform of your choice), we will manage all the backend logistics. This includes setting up privacy settings, promoting speakers, and pinning/spotlighting attendees, presentations, and video throughout the event. We will also facilitate any needs for breakout rooms.

If budgets allow, we’ll organize virtual experiences that happen during your virtual event. This has ranged from cookie decorating kits to kinetic sand experience boxes. If in scope, we’ll come to you with ideas and budgets. 

Managing your budget is on our to-do list. We’ll continue to keep you updated on agency hours and any additional costs that are out of the original scope of our contract. These can also be tracked live in the change order spreadsheet within our master budget.

Managing the timelines, deliverables, approvals and overallevent execution is what we do best. If there is anything not mentioned or covered above, please reach out to us so we can ensure it’s included in the scope of your project.