November 13, 2020

Sharing Digital Kindness

At East of Ellie, we make it our mission to pursue every opportunity to be kind – even in the digital world.

2020 has brought more changes than we could have ever imagined, but as event planners, we are happy to adapt. If this year has taught us anything as an agency, it is that focusing on sharing kindness is what our world needs. We as an organization have been focused on this for years, but now in a digital world, how do we continue to deliver on our promise?

As we embrace the new normal of virtual and digital experiences, we have committed ourselves to figure out how we can show kindness to others in this new digital landscape. We had to push our creative boundaries as technology continues to play catch-up with all our grand ideas, but here are some very simple ways that we can all do to continue to share kindness in our digital events.

Support Local Causes

Gather your team, pour the wine, and host a one-of-a-kind virtual fundraiser with ONEHOPE. ONEHOPE gives you the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the cause of your choice all while tasting wine. Choose a cause, send the invites, and ONEHOPE will donate 10% of event purchases to your selected nonprofit.

Image by ONEHOPE

Be Sustainable

If you’re all about delivering the WOW to your attendees’ doors, use sustainable packaging. This Mushroom Packaging brings custom packaging designs to life all while putting the planet first. For branded items use a resource like Fairware, a promotional merchandise company that specializes in ethically sourced, sustainable promotional products.

Image by Mushroom Packaging

Give Back

Encourage incorporating a giving back aspect to your next digital event. There are amazing resources like Pledgeling that take the guesswork out and make it easy to incorporate giving back into any virtual or digital experience.

Image by Pledgeling

We could all use something to make us feel a little better this year – what better way to do so than sharing kindness with the world around us?

Want to incorporate kindness into your next digital event? Contact us today and let’s get planning!