November 8, 2018

Shiseido Americas Hosts FIT 3.0

When Ellie pulls off a great event, we like to shout it from the rooftops (literally!). This month is all about giving thanks to our clients, and this recurring event series falls into that category.

Today we are shinning a spotlight one of our favorite events from this year— Shiseido FIT 3.0. We’ve planned this event for three years in a row now, and we can proudly say this was the biggest and best FIT conference yet.

The Conference

We took Shiseido America’s Finance and IT team to the gorgeous blank space NYC venue, Hudson Mercantile. The venue’s industrial vibe created the perfect setting to highlight this year’s theme, building for the future. Of course, we let that message speak for itself with blueprint-inspired event graphics.

Side story about that blueprint collateral—when our name badges got delivered the evening before the event, we discovered tape marks stuck on the laminate. We didn’t have time for a reprint, so we got our hands dirty with some window cleaner and paper towels. Anything to ensure our event sparkles from every angle!

The open studio style space let us perfectly customize our event to “fit” the Shiseido brand (get it?)—we did a lot of furniture shopping to get this totally Shiseido vibe going. (If you don’t already know how Shiseido rolls, check out the Supply Chain Summit we planned for them earlier this year.)


You know us—we’re all about guest experience. So, after a morning full of presentations, everybody got to play at lunchtime. What better way to rally everyone around the brand than to showcase their AMAZING product line? The Finance and IT crowd doesn’t work much with all this fun stuff in their day-to-day, so this was a real treat!

Here’s a tip on event planning in NYC—space is tight. We had lunch on a separate floor from our presentations, and only two elevators to move almost 200 guests. It took a lot of crowd control, but we’re proud to say we got everyone to lunch without a hitch, and everyone back in their seats just in time for presentations round 2.

The After-Party:

Okay—we saved the best for last. At the end of the day we partied on the rooftop with a classy summer bbq complete with sliders, open bar, and lawn games. Now everyone can say they’ve played mini golf seven stories up in the air!

Our rooftop party almost didn’t happen as planned—during setup the day before, we got caught in a nasty thunderstorm. Of course, we had a rain plan all set to go, but we’re super thankful the sun came out just in time.

Speaking of sunshine, when we showed our client the rooftop setup the morning of the event, we all realized it was bright. Like, really bright. Bottom line is, we know how to find 200 matching sunglasses at the drop of a hat.

At EOE, it’s the details that make our events so special. We’re so thankful that we’ve watched this event grow over the last three years, and that with each year, we get to add a little extra F-U-N. If you need a team that thinks of the little things for your next event, send us a note at!