August 6, 2018


The beauty and cosmetics company, Shiseido Americas, hosted its first ever Supply Chain Summit at the Marriott East Side in New York City. There, top executives met to discuss vision, strategy, and a road-map for the future of the company’s Supply Chain. Find out how we gave the event it’s signature style!


If you are reading this you know how East of Ellie rolls. We are totally into the Shiseido brand because they are sleek, modern and easily recognized for its bold, bright red and white logo. They are the definition of classy.

Our job? Integrate Shiseido’s striking, contemporary style into an engaging two-day corporate summit that would allow the many moving parts of Shiseido’s supply chain to meet, learn, and collaborate as one team.  Challenge accepted.



This gets our little event planner hearts pumping. Shiseido’s Supply Chain logo is a triangle that connects the company’s main goals. So, we went bold with a design featuring the classic “Shiseido red” and gave it a little edge to reflect that angular logo using eye-catching and distinct shapes to create depth.

Of course we used this design for all the usual meeting-y stuff — table numbers, powerpoint slides and what not. But we were really excited to put these designs on a fun, interactive selfie wall, and a custom Snapchat filter (because why NOT?). No boring conference here.


So, want to hear a funny story?  We built this amazing backdrop that was missing a logo about 18 hours before the event was ready to kick off.  We got it fixed no problemo – but, with one problem out the door, another one comes right in to take its place. It’s the event-planner circle-of-life.

Now, we had to figure out how to support the TV that was supposed to be mounted to this thing. Let’s just say we may or may not have been cutting holes in a very expensive piece of fabric at 1:00am the day of the event. We couldn’t let some logistical hurdles fizzle our fire. Afterall, one of the most important aspects of any summit is the stage. It is (literally) the platform through which guests experience the event.

Here you can see our basic concept:

Despite all the craziness, the real-life thing was even better! We filled out the space with a few more screens and added a big black couch to make it a little homier. Behind the stage were elegantly displayed Shiseido products – gorgeous decor totally personalized to the Shiseido brand, plus, a great reminder of what the people in this room have done!


If you know East of Ellie, you know guest experience is kind of our thing. We love performing logistical gymnastics and making corporate conferences work and feel just as they’re supposed to, but making sure our guests enjoy themselves is our bread and butter. This time around we filled our days with a guest speakers, fun interactive (and custom) team building exercises and an interactive app that allowed guests to interact with every facet of the event.

Success! We had a blast with our late nights and weekends texting away with our clients. When we say full service, we mean it.

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