April 17, 2020

Signed, Sealed, Celebrations Delivered

As we enter yet another week of staying safe in place, we’re figuring out our new normal. At East of Ellie headquarters morale is high and we are keeping our heads even higher

It’s important now more than ever to stay connected to those we care about. We take pride in uplifting each other in the ways we can, safely. We care about kindness, and what better way to share kindness from afar than with a custom celebration delivered?

Luckily, we have been bringing the party to our clients and guests this way for years. In EOE style – these are not-yo-momma’s care packages. We hand select gift items that tie into an overall concept that is sure to make the receiver impressed with your creativity and thoughtfulness. 

Follow our step by step process to make your own East of Ellie approved gift box to send to whoever needs a smile right now!

Step 1

Create your Concept

Think outside the box here (no pun intended). Instead of a “Happy Birthday” box, aim it around celebration, your way. Know someone who needs to “get well soon”? Self-care and uplighting messaging should fill your box. No occasion at all? Even better – the concepts are endless. Use your creativity to really connect with that person and make them know you just get them. 

Step 2

Pick out the items

This is the fun part. What small gifts will they really just love? Our go-to sites are Anthropologie, Etsy, and uncommon goods for unique gifts. A fantastic resource is belle & blush and greetabl who willfully build the gift box for you if you’re not into completely DIYing yourself.

When selecting products, plan the assembly of your box. Keep in mind what size packaging you will use. Think through the details, will all the items fit? Always leave a little more room than you think you need! 

Step 3

Purchase items

A self-explanatory step, but don’t forget about all the elements you will need to assemble your gift box. Tape, string, tissue paper, the box itself, BTW have you seen your scissors lately? 

We’re details and timelines kind of people, so our advice when purchasing is to pay attention to dates. When will your items arrive? Do those dates align with when you want to get this box out? Don’t let one item hold up the gift for a few weeks if you don’t have to. Amazon is always our go-to on a tight timeline, but check the delivery dates on your Prime purchases as they vary these days.

Step 4

Assemble + Send

Time to wrap it all up with a big red bow (only if that matches your concept of course). Include a heartfelt message, and be sure to include your name- an often overlooked step.

Pro Tip: You cannot ship alcohol! Make sure you plan to hand delivery your box if there is alcohol in your party box. If hand delivering, please practice social distancing and disinfect appropriately!

We are dreamers, visual designers, and people pleasers to the core of our beings. Human experience is what we’re all about. While our favorite way is getting together to celebrate, we are doing what we can to still bring the fun. Right now, that’s all about packing up a party in a box and dropping it off or shipping it to the ones we adore.

What are you doing to stay connected during this time? How will you celebrate when it’s all over? If you’re looking to bring your internal teams together or plan the next industry conference – we’re here, and we’re ready to plan. Let’s chat!