December 17, 2015

Innovative Ways To Keep The Fundraising Party Going

Any great event has something special to keep its guests entertained and involved. While browsing through BizBash magazine, we came across an article that highlights six fundraising events that have innovative and fresh ways to keep the party going.

However these event enhancers are not just your ordinary photo booth or slideshow, they are fundraisers that take place during the event that break the mold while raising more money for the host. We’ve picked our three favorite ideas and come up with a few of our own ideas that work for any large or small scale fundraising event!

3 Innovative Ways To Keep The Fundraising Party Going

Selling Balloons

“Charity: Water’s benefit in New York last December sold helium balloons for $5 a pop, which guests could release into a 28-foot-tall, 20-foot-wide net rigged to the ceiling. As the balloons filled the space it began to resemble a giant Jerry can, the charity’s symbol.”

Charity: Water did a really great job of making their event stand out from others. We think that incorporating your non-profit’s symbol or motto into your event is a great way to raise awareness while raising funds! A less costly version of this technique would be to turn your symbol into a paint by numbers and have your guests have the ability to paint a section of your symbol!

Personalized Metrocards used to donate anonymously

“At last year’s subway-themed Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York, guests received personalized cards resembling MetroCards that enabled them to donate funds ­anonymously throughout the night at their tables via IML devices, which were ­embedded into the centerpieces.”

We love how these cards really captured the subway theme of the party. A play on this technique could be hosting an “around the world” party with every table being a different country sponsoring a different non-profit, and having fun international-themed drinks such as beer from Germany, wine from Italy, vodka drinks from Russia! You could hand your partygoers a personalized passport and get “stamped” from the table and non-profit of their choice to donate to!

Carnival Style Games

“Massachusetts General Hospital’s annual Storybook Ball in Boston traditionally uses carnival-style games as a strategy to raise more money. Guests can purchase access to a V.I.P. area with games including Skee-Ball for $500.”

Out of BizBash’s featured fundraising ideas, this is our favorite technique! We love how this organization got the guests involved with carnival games they probably haven’t played with in years. For when it’s not a viable option for your company to rent out games like these, we suggest using games such as a dartboard with each circle being a different level on monetary donation, or having your guests buy into playing with a piñata to raise funds for your cause!

Do you feel inspired to add a fun fundraising element to your event? Let us know what you would do to engage your guests and help your organization raise more money!

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