November 12, 2015

Standing the Test of Time: The Marketing Platform that Won’t Fade

Our society is accustomed to obsessing over the latest and greatest products, services, and technologies.  They are exciting, groundbreaking, unique, bigger and better than the previous version and can improve your life! Or so they say.

Image by Sonja Langford,

We’re not knocking advances in our world, it what keeps the globe spinning, and our lives exciting. But, many of these fads fade out because their foundation is not strong enough to uphold over time, or it is easily replaceable by the next big thing.

We’ve seen this over time with marketing and advertising for big businesses, climbing over one another to be the brand pioneers of the newest platform. But shortly after, the platform is saturated with so much content and any small-mid sized business struggles to compete and reach their audience.

So why is it that companies are forgetting what has been a tried and true method to gather their audience, relay their message, and make an impact that dates back, oh we don’t know, thousands of years? We’re talking events.

From the Olympics that date back to the 8th century B.C., to conferences held by community leaders, and millions in between, events have been around the longest and still continue to be one of the best ways to connect with your target audience, and project a message.

Making actual in-person connections are more valuable than ever because the digital versions of ourselves blend in among millions.  At the end of the day, any business transaction is humans servicing other humans, why connect any differently?

But the best aspect of events is that you don’t have to forget about all the fun platforms and technology that do exist out there. In fact, combining them in a way of cross-promotion is a recipe for marketing success. Leveraging your social channels before the event, utilizing technology and trends during the event, and following up with attendees after the event with that no longer “cold” call, are all ways to integrate the best sales, marketing, and advertising choices you can make for your brand in conjunction with your event.

There’s a reason events have survived the years – we dare you to try one out and see what they can do for your brand. Let’s get planning: