May 22, 2014

Summer Tent Inspirations

With summer just around the corner, outdoor events are a must.

But, what about a backup plan? Adding a unique tent to an otherwise basic event can make all the difference. The use of tents can further indulge guests into the theme. Below are some of our favorite tent inspirations from BizBash to make your next outdoor event more memorable.


The Grand Marakesh from Raj Tents is a perfect example for a theme. Moroccan theme comes to life under this tent with silk drapes, area rugs and chandlers.  While sitting on plush cushions at low tables enjoy the splash of color around you.


This tent is great for an event that starts midday and ends later in the night. The Savannah Series Tents, by Sperry Fabric Architecture, allows for natural lighting during the day and indoor lighting that project further from the tent giving guests the chance to enjoy themselves even longer.


Not sure if the outdoor terrain is equip for a tent? The Flex Tent, from Flex Tent Company, can brave any landscape challenge. From wrapping around trees to dodging boulders, the flex tent can adjust to uneven surfaces and comes in different colors and designs to match any event theme.

To find more tents to incorporate into an outdoor event, see our Pinterest Board! Not sure of what tent to choose? Ask us, we can help choose one for an upcoming event.

Special thanks for BizBash for their great tent feature that inspired this post!

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