February 23, 2017

Survival Guide: Working on the Go

Since 2017 officially began, the East of Ellie team has flown across the country a handful of times as well as countless trips to NYC.


We love the excitement and travel, but keeping up with all of the workflow on the road ain’t always easy peasy. See our tips for how we stay on top of it all:


Save your iPhone’s juice with Low Battery Mode

When we’re running around with back to back meetings in different locations, we don’t have the luxury of sitting down to charge our devices. The best way to conserve your iPhone’s battery life is to venture into your Settings App and turn on “Low Battery Mode”. Unlike Airplane Mode which is another go-to to save battery power, Low Battery Mode still allows emails, calls and texts to come through and be sent out. Score!


Download Docs Before You Hit 30,000 Feet

What’s up with the wifi? In some flights, wifi can be spotty or not available at all. Don’t take any chances by missing out on hours of valuable work time; download whatever documents you need from online to your desktop. No matter what the wifi situation is on the plane, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle your tasks. Ready for takeoff!


Carry the Perfect Bag

Fast Company created a list of the perfect work-life balance bags for women. All of these bags are designed to be long lasting, and tech forward. Both very important to the East of Ellie team and fellow hustlers like you. Added bonus – by purchasing any one of these, you’ll be supporting a small biz/startup!


Opt for Public Transportation

Driving may seem like the fastest, and most financially sensible option in terms of traveling from appointment to appointment. You go directly from point A to point B when and how you want to. However, unforeseen factors like traffic and getting lost can have you frustrated, tired and worst of all, LATE. Our #1 reason to opt for public transportation when we’re on the go? You can get 100% more work done riding the train, bus, subway or camelback.

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