December 14, 2018

Team Ellie Welcomes Our New Associate Director of Event Creative

Team Ellie just keeps getting bigger! As we rounded out 2018 with another event series for bareMinerals, we brought on our …

full-time Graphic Designer, Michelene Scarchilli to take on all things event collateral.

She joined #TeamEllie when we needed her most, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without her. Here’s the lowdown on #TeamEllie’s latest addition:

Michelene graduated from Sacred Heart University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing. Although she’s been designing for years in other industries, she never truly felt at home until she began designing for events. Now, she wouldn’t want it any other way, and neither would we!

Here are some fun facts on Michelene:

1. If you think her first name sounds Italian, think again – it’s actually Irish (and pronounced Mickle-een)

2. Despite this, she fit right in when living in Rome for 4 months two years ago

3. Michelene has been designing since the 10th grade, when she took a class to fulfill an arts requirement. The rest is history.

4. She’s extremely clumsy – she walks into walls, tables & chairs all the time – especially at work

5. She knows literally every word to the movie The Benchwarmers

Now, when she’s not designing artwork for the many, many events we have coming up in 2019 (stay tuned), she’s writing all over the walls in our conference room, and working on a brand new website + brand refresh for EOE. You may see some new EOE colors entering the mix sometime soon – but we won’t spoil it yet.

Welcome to the Team MM! If you need someone to make your event collateral shine, let us know.

(We’re not done growing yet – #TeamEllie is on the hunt for an admin, too)