February 11, 2014

Throwing an Olympic Themed Event

We know – we all wanted a chance to travel to Sochi, Russia to catch the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Even though you aren’t able to experience the Olympics in person, you can still bring the spirit of the games to life by throwing an Olympic themed event.  Break out those snow suits because we are ready to help bring the winter Olympics to you.

1.   The Invitation

The tone of every great event is initially set with its invitation. The purpose of a well-designed invite lets your prospective guests know what kind of experience they’re in for when arriving to your event. There is no better way to send out an invitation to this event than one that resembles an actual ticket to the Olympic Games! If you’re skilled in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator you can easily create your own, otherwise you can find an editable, printable version here.

2.   Food that represents other Countries

Stop. We know you’re thinking; strawberries and blueberries for USA, Pizza for Italy, and a fancy platter with sliced French bread to represent France. While these food items are delicious and great for parties, we think you should kick it up a notch and create divine dishes that resemble each country’s flag using each country’s traditional food. See what we’re talking about here.

3.   Olympic Rings Drink

Upgrade your drinks by dropping red, green, yellow and blue Life Saver© into martini glasses and add sparkling water. The candies will sink to the bottom of the glass and will be a seen as a fun representation of the Olympic Rings. See it here.  Take it to the next level by adding Olympic-colored salt to the rim of the glass for another ring effect.

4.   Olympic Themed Activities

We are talking about the Olympic Games here, so no event would be appropriate without fun games or activities for your guests to engage in. Olympic trivia, ring toss, or even playing Wii Sports with your guests will keep them entertained during your event. Of course, don’t forget to hand out medals to the winners. We love these DIY candy bar medals.

Chances are your home or an indoor venue is much more comfortable for viewing and celebrating the Olympics rather than slope side in Sochi. Take advantage of this and bring the spirit of the Olympic Games into your own event. Go USA!

Check out our Pinterest board for more Olympic sized ideas!

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